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  1. At the moment the cheapest inside for before Christmas is about £1250 on Britannia 6/7 Dec and a little dearer £1275 for Azura mid November. Both insides. You need to keep looking say end of October beginning of November. Although people will be paying balances about now.
  2. P&O now have them made of paper and wood. We used them on Britannia last month.
  3. Now found the site in question. An interesting point although she is doing 14 night Western Med cruises they are not all the same but more interestingly they do not all stop in Gibraltar. Which does assume we will not be in the EU by then. No Arcadia or Aurora yet. I suspect they will be the more interesting ones.
  4. Bit slow there Jean we booked a back to back on Iona when the cruises came out. They have gone up since then. Grabbed a suite, they all went very quickly. 🙂
  5. This 15% off I bet you can’t get your club discount on top. Have to make sure you use your OBC.
  6. As I mentioned above these cruises are the same as those of Iona after New Year in 2021 and indeed the back to back we did on Ventura earlier this year. The lack of diversity of cruises just shows the lack of available destinations from the U.K. in the winter. It is no coincidence that nearly all cruise lines leave Europe in the winter and move to the Caribbean or do longer cruises, World, Round S. America etc. The problem is, however the pool of people who can afford the time and cost of these longer cruises is well served now and shows no evidence of growing.
  7. What a great idea. At the moment we are having a ship a day nearly visiting the Tyne and Marella use it for turnarounds as have Fred, and C&M. 10 min taxi ride. 😎
  8. Sorry not Wigan the pier is not long enough. Perhaps they should call it near continent. BTW those itineraries are very like Iona’s for 20/21
  9. We now use the Southampton Harbour Hotel. Excellent hotel with superb staff. Great hotel if you want to treat yourself. They offer a stay and park deal which includes transfers by Mercedes. Very close to many restaurants and pubs.
  10. Which is what I was eluding to in my previous posts. The infrastructure is not in place for any change to take place. If it was then cruise ships would have been forced to use them before now.
  11. If I can get there by 10 anyone should be able to. 😎
  12. I fully agree that most local TA’s are not cruise experts by any means. I have a number of times been into shops to find out how much they knew. I do not use local TA’s. I used to use a local one many years ago but she had the backing of a cruise department she could refer to.
  13. This type of informating often does not filter down in big organisations. I can imagin the conversation in the ents office. Why are there no flage Dont know It will probably be H&S Ok So its blamed on H&S.
  14. We like the stern as well but often sleep through the arrival in port. Once we are both sleeping it takes a lot to wake us. 😎
  15. Only its not true, see my post.
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