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  1. Not only the size of ship but also the type of cruise. However having been on Ventura recently for 24 nights, 2 cruises I did not see many people not in formal wear on either cruise. Our table was close to the entrance so I could see people coming and going. I shall report back from Britannia in July.
  2. It sounds like a cash flow problem, like it’s stopped flowing. The very good summer of 18 added to political uncertainty/incompetence have resulted in fewer people booking land holidays early.
  3. And in many cases it is the teenagers who dictate the dress code for those events. I worked in inner city Gateshead and all the year 11 students were in DJ’s with the girls all in prom frocks. All organised by themselves so ant idea that formal dress is outdated is way off the mark.
  4. Yes Hilton Park Lane. Stopped me owing into the bar on the 17 or might have been 27th floor.
  5. I think this has been brought up a number of time possibly for the last 20+ years. Trainers are not exactly a new item of clothing. I have been turned away from a number of establishments when I was walking but only able to walk in certain trainers. Not sure you are going to change anything yet.
  6. When I check my wife’s middle name is always added at the time of booking.
  7. I take it that you know the ship is being built now and therefore there will be a lack of knowledge about cabins and locations. The images you can see are only computer generated and may or may not be accurate. We are still a year away from the first sailings when of course much more will be revealed. The representation of the full suite is very much like those on Britannia and if you do an internet search you can see plenty photos of Britannia.
  8. Disabled children and adults are exempt. You should see what I wear/have to wear.
  9. No cut back just a shocking website.
  10. Nothing has changed except for a Cr*p website. Full of mistakes.
  11. I don’t think it is as high as that certainty not for P&O. A few years ago the company said it wanted more control over prices and so cut tee TA discount to 5%. Resulting in no discount at all from TA to punter. Before this time you could regularly get 10% or 11% off the price. This happened about 10/12 years ago. Now most TA’s will give 3%/4%/5% on top of any discount from P&O. My reading of the situation is that the TA commission is in the region of 10% so after giving discount of 5% or less they have between 5% and 7%/8% as their cut. After sounding out a couple of friends in the industry I don’t think I am far wrong.
  12. That’s the way I felt as well I do like face to face however I found that my local TA did not have the knowledge and the understanding of booking cruises to get the best deal. I now book with an Internet/phone TA but I have my own contact. I have followed him from his original TA. So I still have that personal touch.
  13. Thinking about this and there is no way they are going to reduce the qualification a they have too many at the top end as it is. If there were any movement I would be the other way. Perhaps to 5000 points.
  14. Have you done a Princess cruise? If so log into your Princess account and you will find your P&O history. The only part of the P&O site I use is the CP. if you have a cruise booked it will tell you on there which loyalty level you are at. I don't think i ever looked on the old site to find the information so I would have no idea about the new one. Remember I have been on line 15/16 years and have used many versions of the P&O website. It was not good then and worse now. So I don’t use it.
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