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  1. Tom, on most cruises we have been on the people self disembarking usually can get off by 7.30 if not 7.00. All you have to do is register the fact that you will be self disembarking. Cos, you’re gannin yem to the Toon, like.
  2. Sorry Andrew but that is an insult towards ‘Pits’ it’s much worse than that.
  3. It started about 5 years ago and those with registered mobility problems were asked to go to a lounge to do the step test. I can pass it but now I look at the sea state and do my own risk assessment. I am getting to the stage that staying on board is looking good.
  4. Or to stop arguments with people who demand they get the price shown in the brochure.
  5. On Oceana the suite menu is the same as on all the other ships only the dining area is part of the MDR, out of the way. The advantage is that you can have anything off the standard menu as well. You have 2 dedicated waiters to look after you.
  6. I am sure Britain has a family suite. The one on Ventura has a separate bedroom not sure about Britannia but it is certainly a sleeps 4. Might be worth looking at.
  7. Prices will only come down if enough people do not book the cruise. Simple economics show that a market will find its own level. BTW.I have just priced up an Aurora cruise leaving on the same day as our first cruise in 2001. IE for August 21, twenty years on. Same cabin type. 01 the price was £183.00 pppn. The 21 price is £162.75 pppn. So in twenty years the price has gone down £20.25.
  8. I think you are all masochists. Stop using the P&O website and go to a cruise TA who will sort it for you, get you prices, take a pre-booking and book what you want when the booking process starts. And then give you a better price than P&O. Cut out all this nonsense. You know it makes sense. BTW my three cruises were pre booked by 11.00. Happy Cruising Dai
  9. Perhaps I am not explaining it well enough. If the contingency plan says there should be enough hotels to cover problems like this. Well I cannot see that that is true as he ports I have mentioned before could not deal with 500 passengers let alone 1000 in hotel rooms. As with all cases like this there are many different experiences of the same event. Some dealt with it themselves in a different way. As others have said I have never experienced or heard of a similar circumstance in my 18 years of cruising. I use a mobility scooter and have tendered on a number of occasions including Monaco twice. I suspect I may think twice or thrice before I tendered again. In my next 12 cruises here is only one tender port so missing it will be only a minor inconvenience.
  10. Did he say that was the plan for this port or all ports for if the latter it does not hold water.
  11. That does not get over the fact that there can not be any contingency plans which cover all ports. You cannot just dismiss that fact.
  12. Kirkwall, Stornaway, Isafyordur, and there are many others.
  13. I am not sure why people were not directed up to the old town which is easily reached by lifts in the car park about 10 minutes from the landing dock. I agree with the situation facing them those who left the queue and found a bar/restaurant were better off.
  14. Well it cannot be step one for all tender ports. It’s impossible Geiranger for example has one small hotel. Kirkwall has not got the hotels either.
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