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  1. A cash and carry perhaps? We are going to make a few scones and some yorkshire puddings.
  2. Interestingly the information I have seen is that there is no shortage of flour at all. There is a shortage of retail type bags and the machines to fill them. Apparently a large amount of flour is used by bakers etc. And comes in very large bags, 10/20 kg or more. Consequently there is now a shortage in the shops. Happy to say we had delivered today of flour 1 large plain and 1 large S/R. Happy Days Gan Canny Dai Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. We look forward to the Thursday “clap” as we get to see and wave at our neighbours. I went shopping or the first time in 2 weeks yesterday. I go on my giant scooter, not my cruising scooter. It was well organised with spacing on the pavement, baskets and trolleys being sanitised before going into the shop. There was loo rolls, pasta, eggs, and everything I wanted. No All Bran though, perhaps the loo roll hoarders had bought it all up. It all seemed very civilised, home - shop - home inside 50 mins. Gan Canny Dai Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Only RCI has the same up to 60 day wait on refunds as well. According to the UTube source. The information came from the US. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. I don’t think ver said it was right that P&O were doing as all other cruise line. But you consistently put P&O down for their actions. Hardly fair.
  6. Sorry to jump in but that is not true the majority of cruise lines are saying refunds are now between 60 and 90 days. There is a Utube video on the subject from a Canadian TA. Most of the conditions which are no in place are all the same. A FCC or money back I 6 days one line is saying no money back but if you don’t use the FCC you get your money back at the end of the booking period eg end of 2021. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Correct. It is the pensioners who will have the money to carry on cruising. Unless their income relies on the stock market and then even they would have difficulty. Clearly the cruise companies and the ports they visit would like to recommence sooner than later. It may happen by the middle of September. That would be 6 month after the start of this. A timeframe often quoted.
  8. Sounds like speculation to me. Some pessimist will have posted that cruises will never restart this year and others will have taken it as being fact. The fact is no one knows. I suspect it could be some time before it is fully up and running. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Well look on the bright side you will certainly be regular for a few month. 😎
  10. I have not looked at this page for a few days but suddenly it all becomes more real. It seems to bring it far nearer when t affects people you know even on a remote basis as we do on hear. My sympathies to Avril for your loss made worse by being isolated. Also to Pete and all good wishes for the full recovery of your partner. May we all stay safe for the next few trying months. And after that may we all get back to cruising and normality. Gan Canny Dai
  11. They have to give you your money back eventually it would make far more sense to put it against a cruise you have already booked or indeed one after March 22.
  12. I am thinking world wide not just in the U.K. However the regulations you mention may or may not be in force going forward.
  13. Well that could well be the case as CLIA seem to be giving advice on how to proceed. However I would like to think that the cruise industry will survive as I would like to cruise again some time.
  14. It is industry standard if they have all either agreed to do the same thing or ha followed each other. Eg Royal Caribbean is almost exactly the same as P&O
  15. No it called industry standard. Or possibly survival mode. Why do you expect any cruise company to second guess when they can restart. No one knows. The industry has deeded to cancel a month at a time so when it is safe they can start up again with some bookings intact.
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