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  1. I am sure we will meet on a cruise sometime.
  2. We will think of you, now if you leave some credit behind the bar we will have a drink to you.
  3. Right on. Have you started packing yet. We are about to start. 😎
  4. Just reading reports that all the medication, the cruisers still on board, need has arrived. Apparently there is quite a lot.
  5. I meant that the start of the booking period was after the change so that in the brochure states that they would not be docking in Amsterdam.
  6. Er Bonny Lad, I use Spotify on all my devices and Shazam as well. Only ever listen to a radio in the car. For cruising I have a whole library of songs to listen to.
  7. I suspect that if you booked after the change and the port was advertised as Ijmuiden then you would pay if on a saver.
  8. The letter says 20% off any cruise booked before Dec 2021. Sothere will be two new cruise releases before that date.
  9. At least 3 posts by my count.
  10. Thos has already been offered a few hours ago
  11. OK just announced on the ship 50% refund on cruise fare + out of pocket expenses. See if people would stop jumping in with both feet before all the facts are known. Wish I had booked this cruise now. 50% off and 4 extra days..... magic.
  12. The next cruise leaving on Friday has been cancelled. 20% of a future cruise and a full refund.
  13. No there are 4 entrances so that’s 8 sinks.
  14. Which is the same as Britannia as they are the same ship.
  15. Not wise to jump in and criticise until the full compensation is known. P&O now seem to give a £25 OBC as a first payment and then adjust the amount when the full extent of the problem is known. But you are not the only one.
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