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  1. An interesting assumption of yours. The passengers got on the ship less than two weeks ago, the incubation period is up to two weeks. There was a few days when they mixed before the quarantine. Therefore those people showing symptoms now most probably contracted the virus before the quarantine came into place. If that is the case then keeping people in their own space on the ship has not spread the virus at all as it had already been spread. Now if it could be proved that the incubation period was much shorter than two weeks you may be correct.
  2. Slightly better direction, with a tail wind.
  3. Although looking at the forecast for the EC and Atlantic into the bay I would not be surprised if there is not a delay. Where is she off to.
  4. I think I read yesterday, somewhere, that departure would be 22.00.
  5. Andy, it is my understanding that you cannot get married on a British registered ship. So not on Iona or Britannia. All the rest of the fleet are registered in the Bermuda who do allow marriages at sea. Dai
  6. The difference is down to the difference between US and UK consumer law. In the US the cruise line has to refund by law, in the U.K. they don’t.
  7. Just joining in to say I have 8 booked. Non of which are in the Far East. As P&O are so risk adverse I will continue with all of them with degree of assurance they will not sail if there is a problem
  8. daiB


    Most definitely a short cruise problem. In places like the glass house there is such a short time for people to try out the venue. 4/5 days instead of 14 or in our case 35. As I said you cannot just employ extra staff.
  9. daiB


    I did chat to a number of crew about short cruises like yours and i was told that there was no difference in staffing. The difference was in the demands of cruisers, wanting to experience all that was on offer i a short time. Of course unlike a hotel which can bring in extra staff to cover busy periods, a cruise ship has to cope with the same number. On our cruise there seemed to be a surplus of staff on many occasions.
  10. daiB


    As far as I can see all the ships have these helpful ‘Can I Help’ crew members. Is it the tea/coffee waiters. Which other ships don’t have?
  11. Well Marella have peed me off and I have not cruised with them yet. I have a 7 night, taster booked and then they go back to all fly cruising. Well thank you. 10 minute taxi ride looked ideal. Their loss considering the number of times we cruise.
  12. daiB


    Sorry John you are about 9 month out of date. These people do exist and have helped me for our last 6 cruises.
  13. daiB


    Have I missed something when I have been cruising?? No trays? Is this because they are all on Ventura. Well they were on Thursday morning. Is this another non story?
  14. Both abailable on Ventura now.
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