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  1. daiB

    Wondering About Oriana

    No she is fine. We were on her in Oct and had a great cruise. Little different to the other cruises we have enjoyed on her. However expect the prices for her cruises to be on the high side. Remember she has only one deck of balconies.far fewer than the newer ships.
  2. Always going to have a problem when so many people cruise on a regular basis.
  3. daiB

    P&O Calendar

    Hi Bal, yes we have one, eventually. They have had a major distribution problem or the firm they use had. I don’t think they know who has had one or not. I rang customer service and choose the complaints option. Spoke to a nice lady who had one sent out.
  4. daiB

    Dress Code - yes again!!

    Its up to you, there are some very nice formal ties or there are plenty of bow ties.
  5. Not at all, many gents will wear a tie.
  6. daiB

    drinks package on Azura

    Billy, this trial finished early in September and at the moment there are no plans to do anything similar. A few rumours but no definites as of yet.
  7. daiB

    Advice please - such a late embarkation time

    The boarding times are done by deck order. But not ABCDE or even EDCBA. And they are different for each ship. Getting there at 13.00 should cause no problems and you may be lucky and get on soon.
  8. daiB

    Ventura speciality dining

    Β£29 comes to mind. I have seen a bottle of wine given but only for very early meal times. Usually very early in the cruise.
  9. daiB

    Ventura larger balcony cabins

    Mine are all booked. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
  10. daiB

    Ventura larger balcony cabins

    Just found the actual dimensions. A standard balcony is 212 sq. ft. A C deck standard balcony is 257 sq. ft. The larger balcony is 9ft x 9ft. Of which 5ft is covered. A D deck cabin is 323 sq. ft. All of the above figures are cabin + balcony.
  11. daiB

    Ventura larger balcony cabins

    A deck at the stern is under the Epicurean restaurant and so tends to be quiet. However we always go for The D deck corner suites if we are having one.
  12. daiB

    Ventura larger balcony cabins

    The Suites on R deck have a balcony which is overhung and some of them suffer from noise from the open deck above. The stern suites have a varity of balcony sizes but all a good size. We tend to go for the corner ones. The cabins are all very similar in layout.
  13. daiB

    Ventura larger balcony cabins

    Sorry that is wrong the D deck cabins with the balcony are longer than the C deck cabins + balcony. Overall they are longer by th depthof the D deck balconies.
  14. daiB

    Ventura larger balcony cabins

    Well yes........ D deck balconies are about the same as A & B. Even though they are bigger cabins (mini-suites on Princess). C deck balcony cabins have the double depth balconies.