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  1. Well right at this very moment we should be at the airport waiting to board our flight to SJU for a 2 night stay before our 7 night Summit cruise with our daughter and her family 😩 Our X PCC confirmed cancelation and my refund request on March 24th and said everything would be refunded within 3 weeks. Two days ago after one short message to X, I received a call back almost immediately from a rep in Kansas City MO who says she works "hand in hand" with Lisa Lutoff-Perlo and that my refunds should be received within 10 days to 2 weeks. She explained the process to me and it's basically what we've all heard before, call me naïve but I had faith in what she said. This morning I received notice that our shore excursions refunds had been processed. I have to say I was very impressed with the handling of my query and the quick response from Celebrity. Everyone sit tight, we'll start seeing our refunds shortly. 🙂 I want to add I'm just Elite and cruise only about twice a year these so days I don't think there was any special consideration given there.
  2. We were booked on the Radiance in October and only found out here on CC that the ship was a no-go a couple of days ago. I called Carnival and since they had not yet officially cancelled that sailing, the rep David canceled my booking and told me they waived all fees and I would get a full refund. I asked for a confirmation email and the rep said they go out automatically and that he had no way of doing it himself. Hmmm.. Two days later I received an email from Carnival telling me they're sorry that I canceled my cruise and they would only charge me $150.00 pp. penalty. Whaat?!! I called again and their rep Linda told me there were notes in my cancellation that shows all penalties and fees waived and she still could not tell me when I would get my refund nor could she mail out a confirmation of THEIR cancellation. But she did give me an email address to request a copy of my cancellation with the waiving of penalties. If they had just canceled the sailing as soon as they knew it was not going instead of being deceitful I wouldn't have to deal with this mess. What get's me even more is I just made final payment and put more money down on my daughter's cabin a few days before, when they already KNEW that ship was not sailing, but did not tell me and still took my money. If I don't see a refund within 3 weeks I'm disputing it with my credit card company. Which I'm already doing for the Celebrity cruise that was supposed to leave on in 12 days. If anyone needs the email address as mentioned above it is: PenaltyVerification@Carnival.com
  3. In response to some of the above. Where did I say anyone was wrong? Those were not my words but there it is even though that's not what I said. I'm well aware that this is a pandemic. I never said business as usual. You don't know my "thoughts". But if you're going to bring up WHO and the scientists (which I did not) there are those within those communities that differ on their information, opinions and predictions as well. The facts are changing by the minute. China says they haven't had a new native case in 3 days, take that for what you will. "Facts" are sometimes not even facts but they're put out there regardless. So all I'm saying is take a breath and don't panic. Use common sense. Of course wash your hands and all of that, I'm just worried that we're being worked up into a lather over something that will pass in the not too distant future and in the meantime our economy will be ruined. My daughter's company is a family run business that's been around since 1939. They could go under, so this is hitting close to home for me and for millions of people like my daughter who is not worried about cruising but about losing her job and taking care of her family. Again, just trying to spread some optimism. It seems to be needed badly right here on this thread. Have a great day and stay well.
  4. It's not set in stone that we are not "allowed" to travel internationally as of right now. And saying all cruises will be cancelled is just your opinion not fact, not all of them leave from international ports. Maybe we should wait for official announcements from the State Dept. before posting "info" from "sources" at various News outlets that have been known to get their stories wrong. It's rumors and conjectures like this that cause panic. We don't need that right now.
  5. Ok folks thanks for your posts. I just checked again and they're back up for both of our bookings. It's anyone's guess what will happen, just wish they'd let us know soon one way or the other. I'm sure X is doing the best they can under these unprecedented circumstances. Good luck to all!
  6. I know this is probably moot since our sailing most likely will be cancelled but just checked my daughter's booking to take a peek at her moveup bid and now the bid is gone and there's no moveup offer. The moveup offer was missing from our booking as well although I didn't place a bid on our cabin. Our sailing is April 25th on the Summit. I have a feeling they've stopped all moveup offers until they get back to some semblance of normal operations. Just curious if this happened to anyone else.
  7. This policy of waiving change fees only for tickets purchased after March 1st makes perfect sense with the current state of the airline industry and it's drive to squeeze every dime out of their customers. It seems the airlines only want to encourage people to purchase tickets now, which is understandable, but they're not really showing compassion for those of us that had no idea this would happen and bought our tickets months ago and so we're are the ones that are being penalized. Seems the opposite of this policy, waiving fees for tickets purchased before this virus spread around the globe would show greater concern for their customers. So folks this is a great time to purchase tickets for your upcoming holiday travel when this thing will probably be history. But for those of us that planned ahead and don't want to risk getting sick now, get out your wallets.
  8. This happened to me with our booking last September on the Constellation. A few weeks before departure I pulled up the cruise planner and it had mine and another party of 2 from Brazil's booking too. I called X and they removed it right away but the rep had no explanation. It's a little disturbing that anyone's information could appear in someone else's booking. Not good at all.
  9. We've been cruising with our now 35 year old daughter since she was 6 years old mostly on , RCCL and NCL and a few others. She was in year round schools which had 3 breaks throughout the year plus holidays, so we would plan our trips around her breaks which was usually when other kids in traditional schools were not on breaks. It worked out great and she was able to see the world without missing any school. I don't think we would have been able to travel as much as we did if she was in a school with a traditional calendar.
  10. Acckk!! This is the first I'm hearing about them turning the FV's into Sunset Suites. What a shame, we love those cabins especially the corner FV. Anyone know when they'll convert those on the Summit? We'll be in a corner FV in April. With their suite prices these days being so high this could be our last time enjoying that corner FV. I refuse to pay $8,000 or more for a 7 day cruise just to be in the same cabin, different name with a few more perks. I mean Luminae is great and Michaels and all is nice but I could have 4 cruises in that same cabin for the price of 1 suite. What a shame. 😞
  11. Glad to hear you had those loungers after all, I thought that was a bit strange when I didn't see them. And I'm sure the cabin was luxurious both before and after the refurb, don't doubt that at all.😄 The pics I saw of the balcony must not have done it justice.
  12. We were fortunate enough to stay in a sky suite about 3 years ago on the Eclipse and spent so much time on the veranda on the loungers and at the large dining table for breakfast and some lunches. What a disappointment to see what junk they have out there now on the Summit. Will be in a corner FV on the Summit in April and it looks like the aft FV and aft balconies have more comfortable furniture than the suites! Doesn't make sense to me, unless I'm missing something. Looking at a few pics of the PH veranda I didn't see any loungers but I did see some wooden blocks and a chair for 2. 😏 My theory is they've made the cabins and verandas less comfortable to stay and have room service in so that the passengers get out and about and spend more money. Just MHO😉
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