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  1. My wife and I took a private tour to Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and Positano and the tour ended up in Sorrento and had a guide. This was on a celebrity cruise and I'm hoping someone out there might know the name or can suggest some private tours. It was a great tour.
  2. Yes it's worth the money. One of the best days I've had in a while was at a Cabana a couple years ago. Go for it.
  3. I just got off the Independence of the seas and we were shocked to see people coming to dinner wearing shorts and mentioned this to our waiter and she just rolled her eyes and said.... the times are changing. I guess they are and if you cruise mid level expense cruise lines this is what you can expect. If you don't want to see shorts in the dinning room at dinner time then try silver seas or azamara but eventually they will change too. I remember when people flying used to wear suits, ties or dress shirt with ties but that went away too. casual is the mantra of society now. My opinion.
  4. I booked this cruise because I assumed that kids would be in school but maybe the kids sail for free offer was just enough reason for parents to pull their kids out of school so they can run around and annoy a lot of people. Don't get me wrong I like kids in fact I used to be one but when the parents just let them run around and my brother in law witnessed a group of kids lurking in the corridor on deck 8 and 3 of them started kicking the cabin door. being a former seal d for the navy he wasn't going to let them get away with that. he separated the 3 future felons and had a talk with them. I thought we were on a Disney cruise ship instead of RCCL.
  5. We sailed on the September 22, 2018 sailing of the Freedom of the Seas out of San Juan and i have a word of warning to future cruisers on the FOS. RCCL had a special on this ship that allowed kids to sail free and half off the 2nd person there was a tremendous amount of children on my cruise and I assume it will be that way for the near future. There are announcements that are made in English and Spanish as well as one or two shows are all in Spanish. This is because there is a very large representation on board by the Spanish population and the announcements can be very long. When we played bingo the instructions or rules were made in both languages and it took at least 5 minutes or more. the crew member who said the bingo instruction and rules left after he finished saying them and during the games the Spanish speaking guest had additional question or even called bingo when they didn't have it and there was no one there from the crew who could speck Spanish. The muster drill with all of the instructions was also made in Spanish and this muster drill was the longest I've ever been too. All of this was very frustrating and if you are like me and you don't like several hundred kids running around the ship making a lot of noise and getting in the elevators and pushing all the button I suggest you consider another cruise and certainly don't embark out of San Juan. San Juan is a place you should consider avoiding.
  6. 4 days to go until we cruise on the FOS 85 more days until we cruise on the IOS 102 until we cruise on the AOS
  7. You would think that this would be a simple task for someone on the cruise directors staff and I realize that everyone makes mistakes but wouldn't it be wonderful if RCCL assigned a crew member the responsibility of handling this seemingly easy task and even have someone back up this person to assure there are no mistakes. You win some you lose some. Thanks for replying. Tyler
  8. Yes on one hand i would have loved to see the face on the one person who attended the M & M. Tyler
  9. That's my back up plan in case I don't get a solid date and time from the emails i sent out to the cruise director for the FOS. Thank you for your suggestion. Tyler
  10. The cruise directors staff on the September 8, 2018 sailing of the Freedom of the Seas totally screwed up the Meet & Mingle get together by not notifying any of the registered members what day and time the party was. No letters were placed in their cabins informing them about the M & M and the M & M apparently was held on a port day at 4:30 pm and only one person showed up and that's because that person inquired about the M & M and a crew member informed the guest of the date and time. Apparently this one guest was the only person who showed up at the M & M. Other registered guest for the M & M asked a crew member at the front desk when this get together was going to take place and the answer from the RCCL personnel was, you missed it because it was held the day before. There are a number of guest on this sailing who are quite upset and my family is scheduled to sail on the FOS on September 22, 2018 and there is a large number of people who are registered for the elusive Meet & Mingle and I hope that whoever was responsible for screwing up the M & M for the September 8, 2018 gets their act together and informs the guest who are registered for future M & M's on the FOS in a timely and professional manner.
  11. try buying a door stop at home depot.
  12. We have a reservation for the FOS on 9-22-18 and have a grand family suite. All four people are under one reservation and i went online with RCCL and into our reservation and i was going to book the deluxe drink package for myself but it won't let me. All four people must have the same package. Is there a way to get around this or can i get it once were on board. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. i won the slot tournament on the GOS sailing on 5-24-18 and i won a free cruise on the IOS on 12-10-18. Has anyone else in recent history won a free cruise winning the slot tournament and played other players who also won their slot tournament. I would like to know approx. how many other winners were there in the slot tournament and what was the format for winning the grand prize. In other words was there 300 other winners and how many slot rounds were there before the winner was decided. The winner of the one i'm going to wins 50K. Also was there cash prizes for coming in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. i would appreciate it any information you could provide me with. Tyler
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