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  1. I find the same thing happen. You have to log in to the HAL site to get correct pricing
  2. I selected a user name year ago that was cute at the time, but I was wondering if it can be changed (aside from starting a new profile)
  3. Thanks for your reply. We booked directly with HAL, not with an agent. It might be worth a shot to see if out HAL cruise consultant will do anything.
  4. We booked a cruise abut 5 weeks before sailing and paid in full. We got a good price, but I have noticed that the price has dropped again (we are 9 days out). Will HAL honour the price drop or is it just a matter of booking at the right time?
  5. If it’s not a problem with you and your spouse one of you could sleep in the top bunk, have a child on the pullout and a child/adult in the main bed. Although, I do wonder why a child wouldn’t sleep I’m in the pull down bunk. Usually kids fight over who gets to sleep there
  6. My HAL rep called today just to see if we needed anything so I mentioned the price difference etc.... she said that she would check into things and call back. She called back and said that HAL sent out an email today about paid upgrades (it finally came in a few hours later) and the paid upgrade from an inside to Verandah (VQ to VF) was $844 CDN pp, Obstructed was $779 CDN pp and Oceanview is $454 CDN pp. We'd love a verandah, but not sure that the $1688.00 CDN is worth is. We will wait and see what we are assigned and hope for the best. Either way we will be away from the snow soon
  7. We booked back in September for an inside guarantee room for an upcoming cruise (Feb 13, 11 days). When we booked there was a significant price difference between an inside guarantee and the ocean view or veranda. We paid $3600 for 2 people for an inside and at the time an oceanview was $5600 and a veranda was $6700 (a difference of $2000 and $3100 per room respectively). The room prices have dropped and are now $3510 for inside, $3900 for inside and $4400 for veranda. Is it too late to call our rep and pay the difference for an outside or veranda room or is it best to wait to see what we are assigned on our guarantee?
  8. Ahhh! that makes more sense! Thank you 🙂
  9. I believe that 3 Star Mariners receive a 25% discount off of a wine package (bottle package in the MDR); however the HAL website doesn't seem "clear". I don't see that is says that there is a 25% discount on wine packages. Am I missing something? It appears to only read that the discount is on specialty restaurants, specialty coffee, beverages in Explorations cafe and mini-bar. All 1 and 2-Star Mariner Amenities PLUS: Unlock significant savings and a host of exclusive benefits as a 3-Star Mariner. When you reach 75 Cruise Day credits, you'll receive: A 25% discount on specialty restaurant surcharges and on specialty coffees in all dining venues*, beverages in the Explorations Café* and all mini-bar purchases* (restaurant packages do not apply to discount and wine packages discounts exclude wine cards, Cellar Master packages, individual bottles, wine-by-the-glass and beverage gift cards) Mariner Welcome Onboard Reception Discounts on select treatments from the Greenhouse Spa & Salon Advance information on new itineraries**
  10. I am Canadian and never chose to go to Cuba. The Cuba portrayed in the travel guides is a lot different than when you arrive in a cruise Port. We were on the first HAL cruise that was permitted to Cuba. We had a totally different itinerary before HAL changed it. We had two ports in Cuba-Havana and Cienfuegos. I did not like Cienfuegos at all. At that time it was really about trying to find something to do in the port-maybe it's changed since Dec 2017... I don't know. We did a tour in Havana with a pre-booked company. We had a driver as well as a guide and it was just the four of us and it was outstanding. I would highly recommend.
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