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  1. Thank you , Deb, for the great news.You must be so relieved. Let’s hope they return home soon.
  2. Deb, please give us an update on how your parents are doing when you have a chance. We’re all praying for their recovery.
  3. After all you and your folks have been through, I’m so sorry to hear they are positive for the virus and hospitalized. I’m praying for their speedy recovery and that you stay well.
  4. I’m so happy they are off the ships and heading home or hopefully to a safe place. I’m sure they will never forget this cruise. Thanks to the hosts who let us watch the arrival of the ships in Florida and for allowing those of us who love Hal a place to be together. Thank you John for your always knowledgeable comments. Praying for all the people who were onboard and their families that all will be well.
  5. so sorry to hear this. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  6. Did anyone see the two men in suits salute the captain when Zandam first docked?
  7. so happy to see them coming in Finally got on Florida news web cam.
  8. so happy to see them coming in Finally got on web cam from Florida news.
  9. so happy to see them coming in Finely got on web cam from Florida news.
  10. So frustrating. One of the cams has 20,000 people and I can't get on.
  11. I'm on the web cam watching along with over 1000 people. I'm so happy they will all get care now.
  12. This site says these Zuidy and Roterdaam are scheduled, not confirmed.
  13. Someone a while back suggested the ship go to NYC because they had good resources. Evidently they don’t realize that the city is overloaded and overwhelmed with so many cases now. Thankfully, they have a wonderful governor, but it’s not the place for the Zandam. Florida should take them in .
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