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  1. I just saw this video where this lady lives on the cruise ship, which I think is fascinating. But during times like this, do you think the cruise line is forced to disembark residents of the cruise ship?
  2. What is the year, the ship (any cruise line) and itinerary? What is making this cruise memorable / favorite?
  3. Never knew there was a extra glassed in area on the Monarch (Sovereign). I wonder how much the ship scrapping yard paid for each ship.
  4. The sad emotional part in the video is that at the 1:27 mark the captain /officer says "She's strong, she's going up, she's ok". Kind of brought a tear to my eye knowing her fate. I feel like the Monarch and Soverign had many more years to give. This is very unfortunate indeed.
  5. Yes you are right..wrong port it was La Spezia! Lol! In Naples we did Pompeii via public transport.
  6. I've always been in a way, not a cheap but a frugal cruiser. I'm one to look for great deals but never splurge on anything above a balcony, even if it only cost $100-200 more per person. Im in the crowd that says, "well you're never in your room anyway, so why pay more to upgrade?" When it comes to doing specialty dining, I'm in the crowd that says "Whats the point, I can get this type of meal back home, why pay more? Ive already paid for food in the dining room. Or no Ben and Jerrys, we can get free ice cream up at the pool deck" When it comes to using the spa services and amenities, Im in the crowd that says "Wow these prices are overpriced and I can get a massage cheaper at home" When it comes to excursions, I'm in the crowd that says "sheesh I'm not paying these inflated prices for shore excursions! I'm not taking a private tour, I will just use the public transport and explore on my own" *Lesson learned, on our last attempt to do Cinque Terre on our own from Naples, it was a mess and almost missed the ship because of the inconsistent times of trains and crowded trains". 😳 You catch my drift. Well this pandemic has changed my frugal mind. When you realize these days when something like a vacation seems so out of reach, you appreciate things more. Life is short and we should pamper ourselves especially when on vacation (within your budget of course). Have you been a "frugal cruiser" like myself or have always been the type that says "I'm on vacation, spend the money"? Do you think your spending habits will change once you are able to travel again?
  7. Surprising a beloved and popular ship in the RCL fleet is up for sale. I guess anything below 100,000 GT is at risk of being sold.
  8. Seeing the midnight buffet in the dining room on the Navigator of the Seas. The whole set up was beautifully displayed. Ice sculptures and chocolate fountains and a ton of food! Miss those days with the special touches that used to be part of the cruise experience.
  9. I would definitely do a 7 night trip to Coco Cay and Labadee. 👍
  10. Thanks for correction on my first paragraph. Do you have thoughts on the topic/question?
  11. As Carnival announced it will be retiring most of their Fantasy class ships last week, speculation comes if RCL will follow suit and retire some of the older ships in its fleet as well. RCL has already sold and transferred some of the older class ships like the Sovereign and Vision class ships to its sister companies. It seems like Pullmatur may be seizing operations. The Monarch and Sovereign are currently disembarking valuable equipment and art off the ship. Sad if their run has come to an end and will be scrapped due to this pandemic. Monarch of the Seas being my first cruise, kind of hits a soft spot to see it end this way. The vision and radiance class have not been scheduled to be Amplified as like the larger ships in the fleet. Do you think the Empress, Majesty, the rest of the Vision and Radiance Class will still sail under the RCL flag? Or will RCL follow Carnivals suit and start selling their older ships? I think the Radiance class should survive since RCL still needs mid sized ships to fit in to the smaller ports. Thoughts?
  12. Here are some photos of the crew being transferred from ship to ship in Coco Cay. Navigator just dropped off Filipino crew members on the dock and waiting for Liberty to pick them up. The Vision is ported and will pick up the crew members from St Vincent and St Lucia. What a sight to see. Hope everyone can get home soon and safe.
  13. Due to the current situation and cruise lines struggling financially, do you think we will ever see Icon of the Seas?
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