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  1. I actually think the DreamWorks aqua show they did on the Allure and Splish splash on the Oasis was much more entertaining than the theatrical "artsy" production shows in the Aqua theater
  2. I really thought the Odyssey would replace the Anthem in Bayonne, but I guess not. Strange they would put a "cold weather" ship out of Florida.
  3. Bye bye Perfect Day. Always wondered why RCL invested so much on a small island prone to hurricanes.
  4. Now with the news of cruise ships no longer being able to visit Cuba, what do you think will happen to Empress and Majesty of the Seas?The Voyager class ships are now doing the shorter routes that these ships used to do. Do you think they will be sold? A lot of money has gone in to Empress to bring her back...wonder what RCL will decide
  5. Does anyone know when the Freedom will be headed for drydock? I know it's some time in 2020. We have a cruise planned in May 2020 and hoping the revitalization will be done by then. I'm guessing they will add the same features as they did with the Indy plus more.
  6. Maybe there will be a ultimate Main Dining Room Package where I can order as many entrees as I want as long as I pay the upcharge!! Doesn't matter if I eat the entree or not. As long as I pay the upcharge, it's all good! I wonder if I order a entree for a person at my table who doesn't have the package, will the waiter be noticing like a hawk to see if this happens?!! What if I'm just having my table mate taste what I ordered? lol! But all jokes aside... is there a 15% gratuity on top of the $10 upcharge?? If so, you can surely bet the waiters would love this! No more extra lobster tails for the table!! (Shaking my head)
  7. From the article it says to reduce food waste as a reason for the upcharge... what a ridiculous explanation. Is there a person that inspects every plate as the waiter tosses it in the garbage? Also what if I don’t like a dish that I ordered? Will I have to pay $10 for a new entree because my original order will add to the food waste pile? Just a ridiculous move HAL
  8. Now that Oasis is heading soon into dry dock for its amplified revitalization and upgrades, will this also mean a change for the broadway show? The last time the ship went in to dry dock they swapped Hairspray for Cats. The Allure switched the show From Chicago to Mama Mia. Will they change the show again? I am hoping they do since we have a cruise booked on the Oasis after the revitalization and didn’t care for Cats on our last sailing. I hope they don’t put a show they already have in the fleet like they did with Grease on two ships What show would you want to see or think will be a good addition to Oasis?Personally I would love to see Wicked but that’s probably very unlikely. I think Gloria Estefan’s “On your feet” Broadway show would be a great show since it is very upbeat, great dancing and fun to watch.
  9. So we recently went on a Disney vacation and stayed at one of the Disney resorts: Port Orleans. Upon check in, we were asked by the front desk if we would like to opt of house keeping services and receive a gift card as compensation. Of course we said we would like to keep the housekeeping services but I am just wondering if this will become a trend that will extend to cruise lines? Opt out of stateroom services and receive onboard credit? Do you think this will ever happen on cruise ships? Would you take the offer? Personally I like having my room cleaned. I think twice a day is excessive. So I think if my room was only cleaned once a day and received half of the onboard credit, I would take that.
  10. So a combination of carnival and NCL but those who have A little extra to spend. Lol. I am curious about the demographic because it does seem like it is targeting the millennial group and younger. Party hard at night and get in to port later so you don’t have to wake up hungover early in the AM. Also the dining room concept is probably outdated in that demographic. I wonder if they cannot fill the ships, if they would change their concept and welcome families.
  11. This is may be a old topic already discussed on here but I don’t visit the boards that often. I just read the cruisecritic article about the new cruise line (Virgin Voyages) and how the operations are similar to the freestyle concept with no dress codes, open dining times, specialty restaurants that are free, late port times, no buffet, etc. I also read an article where a former NCL CEO sued the Virgin Company for using his ideas about the design and operations of the ships for the new company. I am wondering if Virgin Voyages is a evolution of NCLs freestyle program currently and if NCL will change some of their operations if Virgin Voyages is successful. I for one would be very happy if NCLs specialty restaurants all of a sudden became free. Lol! Thoughts?
  12. Enjoying your review! We are also currently sailing on the Symphony as well. We went to Playmakers and really enjoy the atmosphere there. It is much better use of space than the Mexican restaurant they have on the Harmony. Have you tried the menu? We went last night and had the Campfire Cookie Dessert. It’s a warm cookie topped with Nutella and a toasted marshmallow gooey crust. It is served with vanilla ice cream and milk In a shot glass. It was amazing!! Highly recommend you try! Click the attachment link to view the dessert.
  13. I was wondering why all the Quantum class ships except for the Anthem of the Seas goes to Asia? I think with all the Oasis class ships soon to be over saturated in Florida, wouldn’t they want to send one of those ships there and send another Quantum class to the US?
  14. I HIGHLY recommend to NOT go during Yevisha week. Our cruise last year on the Anthem was totally ruined because of the big charter. They take over the ship. There are many kids on the cruise and the parents do not control their behavior. It was very frustrating and not an enjoyable cruise at all. Luckily If the cruise leaves or comes back on a Saturday, you are safe.
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