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  1. Probably would help if I mentioned the name of the company we used. Romeinlimo. I almost got it right. They are great. I've used them several times.
  2. Great company to work with. Everything was easy to set up and it all went exactly on schedule. Driver had lots of interesting stories and the vehicle was very comfortable. I have used them several times. Always look forward to it. Hope to use them again.
  3. Just get on the website mentioned above and everything you need is there. Any from the office will get in touch with you right away. I've used them several times and have always had a great tour.
  4. We've used RIL a couple times and have found them to be the best tour company we have ever used. We still talk about how impressed we were with them and tell everyone we know heading over there to use them.
  5. I haven't used Joe Banana but have toured with RIL several times and I wouldn't use anyone else. They did everything in a classy way and we still talk about those tours today. We did a tour up in Florence with them and when the driver showed up right on time I told him my wife wasn't feeling well and couldn't go. Guess what they did? They sent a car over later in the day to check and see if she was feeling better and wanted a tour. There a a lot of interesting place to see too. Best tours we've ever done.
  6. Better to have several sized ships than just one or two. I've been on all sizes and find a good time on them. I do prefer the smaller ones but will still do the bigger ones. Like I am in December.
  7. We used RIL for a Vatican tour and it is still one of the highlights in our lives. Our driver got our tickets for us and we passed the waiting line. He then set us up with a Vatican tour guide who, coincidentally, was named Mary. She was amazing. I thought I knew a lot about the Vatican but Mary taught me a lot more. I still look at our pictures. I would do it again.
  8. We've used RIL many times and can't say enough about them. On one excursion my wife got sick the night before and she couldn't make it. I found another cruiser who went in her place with no problem. Later that day they sent a driver over to the ship to see if my wife was interested in a tour. I thought that was wonderful. Another thing they do if you take a tour around Rome is they get to avoid the long lines so you have more time for touring. And there are so many sites to see in Italy. Some I had never heard of before. Nobody better.
  9. We've had some tours with RIL, some of which were tour groups of many people. Any questions I had were answered promptly by Jany. They were terrific tours and we did have a problem with one tourist not making a tour but it didn't effect anything. I can't say enough about how happy we were with our tours with them. I probably sound like an employee with them but I'm not. LOL. I still tell stories about our trips with them. Best we've eve had.
  10. We've travelled in both the 8 and 6 passenger and found the 6 passenger more comfortable. And the ride to Pompeii is not short so being comfortable is better. You'll be doing some walking when you get there so you want to be rested. Great place to visit. We've used RIL several times and will use them again when we get back to Italy. Have a great trip.
  11. We used Romeinlimo for our Rome tour a while ago. The driver picked us up at the port and left us off there when we were done. I still say it was the best tour we've ever been on. They arranged for our own tour guide in the Vatican as well. We saw every place we wanted to see in Rome and a couple extra ones I wasn't aware of. We were able to avoid the ticket lines in the Vatican and the Coliseum as well. Saved a lot of time. Having never been to Rome after driving with our tour guide for a while I realized there is no way I would have been able to drive there. Just so busy. One of our top tours.
  12. We used RIL for our Rome tour and it couldn't have been better. Also at the Vatican they arranged our own tour guide who was excellent. I always remember her name. It was Mary. Perfect for touring the Vatican. She was able to get us around any lines and we had a very busy tour and saw everything we wanted to. I would do that again. One of the best tours we've been on.
  13. I have used RIL several times so obviously I like them. Everything went perfect every time. And I would recommend a private tour guide. You see a lot more and learn much more about everything. Of course, there we were at the Vatican and our tour guides name was Mary. And being a private tour there will only be several of you instead of a full bus load of people. I'v e been to Pompeii but not Herculaneum. Found it amazing.
  14. We've used RIL several times. The last time was a wonderful tour of Rome. So much better taking a car instead of a bus from a cruise ship. Lot easier loading and unloading 6-8 people instead of 40 off the bus and parking is so much closer and easier. Our last tour was one of the best we have ever done. Seeing the Vatican and all the historical features of it was a thrill. Then the Colliseum, the fountains and several other spots. Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgable. RIL is very easy to get in contact with and you get quick responses. We will use them every time we go to Italy.
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