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  1. That would be......10 cents more Welcome to the world of the Celebrity website. Where the only thing that stays constant is that nothing is ever right.
  2. Thanks for the input. The pass wont come up on any browser or device and all the info had been entered. Ill stop worrying until 30 days out!
  3. Have checked in and shows a link but as of yet clicking on it does nothing regardless of the browser or from computer or ipad/phone. Just shows an 'X' and loads for eternity. We are 77 days out and I want to make sure the perks are listed correctly and as I understand it will show on the XPress Pass. Thanks for the insight! B. Ellis
  4. For us our SV thru TA was indeed communicated and price reduced fairly simply thru the TA early in the process. The other cabin for relatives is where we can't seem to get help. Thru Celebrity and different answer and directions every time. They won't honor the initial offer because they say its a new cruise, even though they acknowledge the other cabin was clearly reduced. Said they don't know anything about it airfare or excursions. I have caught them several times in the same conversation contradicting themselves and its just become pathetic and were done worrying about it and will just enjoy the trip! The updated invoices still have the 4 perks so hoping that is not an issue on board but zero faith in their business practices at this point. All that to say it's great you had a smooth transition but I can certainly believe many did not and forums tend to give one an outlet to vent and possibly get assistance. Hope others can benefit by the phone number and success you had but we certainly have not! Hey its still a vacation so well relax and enjoy!
  5. Your probably both “right” depending on who you get thru to. We have had a terrible time with the Hawaii cruise change. Misinformation would be the kind way to put it. The original change we saw here on CC but Celebrity didn’t contact us at all we had to reach out to them. They said “2 nights refund and credit.” Next day story changed. Asked specifically about moving to another cruise and was denied. They also went back on their offer. We have 2 cabins booked and the inside only reduced by $166 total. They also now say no airfare change help as this is a new cruise not a changed itinerary. They say they can’t/won’t do or know anything and it’s a different story each time one calls. If we had not booked air and after cruise arrangements we would cancel. I know things happen but they are treating their change like it’s our problem. We’re easy to plead but the frustration you read by many is understandable given the lack of good business practices. I’m glad others were able to make the changes seamlessly!
  6. was posted on the roll call....not sure where it came from. Would hold off on actively making changes until we hear officially.
  7. Post from roll call so unofficial: (if holds then this is acceptable) New Itinerary is April 12-16 your at Sea 17th Hilo 18th Kona 19 Maui 20th Honolulu
  8. Just got a call. Shortened to 8 days. Final itinerary comes out Monday but there guessing only Victoria and a sea day out. 2 days refunded and a third day in OBC. $150 pp in flight change reimbursement. I told our TA to let us know the final itinerary as we dont want to miss any Hawaii ports. Could use the refund to easily do Victoria on own the day before. Well see what shakes down....
  9. Also booked on the April 10. Hopefully another Celebrity website issue??? Either way please post with updates/offers. What would be acceptable for 2 day delay? We already have air tix. Does “itenary change” insurance kick in or is that only after departure?
  10. Had Terrace on Marina last night around 7. Was a bit crowded but plenty of seating. Lines moved fast. Was a long port day in Rome thus more opted for terrace. Prefer the pace and ease of dining room but terrace is fine and the quality isnt a step down, just feel you have to work a bit for your dinner. Food has been great!
  11. brellis


    Alaska August 2018. Only handful full of kids that looked to be traveling with grandparents all well behaved. No impact on the cruise. The usual lectures. Some history, some nature. One of the few destinations I would cruise a second time.
  12. Perhaps the better question: Can Viking survive the Ocean? sorry...too soon...
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