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  1. Their ships have just gotten too big for our tastes- NCL used to do Bermuda years and years ago with ships small enough to dock in St George and Hamilton. We tried Celebrity Summit one year which was nice but you still end up at the Dockyard which, after a couple days, was tiresome with the crowds, over commercialization, and remote location on the island. We don’t like moving with the crowds so we spent a lot of $$ on taxis that year. HAL Veendam was a really good mix for us- just as nice as Celebrity but smaller ship. Big advantage was docking in Hamilton which we found much more enjoyable than the Dockyard and a lot easier to get around the island without being beholden to ferry schedules. And as I mentioned we’re booked on Oceania this next trip in August (incidentally owned by NCL, which I didn’t know) which will dock the majority of the time in St George which I’m both intrigued and apprehensive about. While it’s a charming little town it doesn’t strike me as having much to do after 10pm like Hamilton would. But we also do get one night docked in Hamilton. Point of the ramble being that we’ve tried it all to Bermuda, over a long period of time (even some weird one offs like QE2 from New York in the ‘90s). In our experience the smaller the ship you can get down there the better the experience overall will be.
  2. Shame about HAL- Veendam was a great ship for it and docking in Hamilton is much better than being in the Dockyard. Much more central to everything. We booked Oceania which is doing 3 trips this year in August from New York. 2.5 days in St George and another day and a half in Hamilton- really a perfect itinerary reminiscent of the old days. Haven’t sailed Oceania before but it looks as if it’s the best ship calling on Bermuda all season.
  3. Supposed to be crappy weather here with rain and thunderstorms but nothing that we don’t deal with on a regular basis. The worst of it is supposed be be done by Sunday morning. I think you’ll be fine.
  4. Completely agree with you regarding the added fee of using it- if there are cabs available outside of a place we’re at we will use them. We’ve found we’ve seen more having an app like that as it is an insurance policy if you do find yourself a little remote and no way to get back.
  5. Have used it every year for the past two years and have never had a problem like that. One day of a trip the app was down which was a massive inconvenience but it was because the app was down, not because it wasn’t working correctly. I was using a US Verizon iPhone on an international plan any the service was plenty fast to use the app. We did have some wait times here and there when we were in more out of the way places like Tucker’s Point but nothing that couldn’t be solved by just requesting the car a little early.
  6. Little app called Hitch functions like Uber for taxis there and solves this problem. Call them when you’re ready.
  7. Low 80s into the 70s during the day. Humidity is much lower than during the summer. Water temp is still nice but on the verge of getting cooler. Biggest issue you’ll have is if the ship diverts to the Caribbean, Florida, or Canada because of a hurricane which can happen quite frequently that time of year.
  8. It’s possible- they do run promotions and you’re far enough out. I would venture to say that even if you got a $250 trip to the west coast, $100 hotel, meals, taxis, and then a $300-400 r/t to Hawaii you’re still going to be better off with the JFK nonstop and you save a day.
  9. The lowest I’ve seen it is the occasional promo flights that Hawaiian Airlines (great experience flying them) runs on the JFK-HNL direct flight. I think the fare was around $650 round trip. The outbound flight takes off around 10am and lands around 4ish local. Return departs around 4:30pm and gets in around 7am back in New York. The flight over is a big mai tai fueled party and is fun. The direct back always leaves us a bit loopy for a few days because of the major time change.
  10. It can come and go fairly quickly. But we’ve been down before and it can rain for a couple days at a time.
  11. It usually follows a normal disembarkation like you had arrived that morning with the exception that there are a lot more self disembarkations and people who leave the ship the day before.
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