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  1. Interesting.... Now all we need to do is wait until the trolls show up to whine about how the EU is banning children. 🙄
  2. I know that this is going to sound crazy, but... Has anyone else noticed that these ships are full of things like: --A vibe beach club --Studio Cabin complexes --Casinos --Bars and children are banned from each and every one of them??? 🙄
  3. Actually, what is "crazy" is deciding that you are never going to sail on a line...even after the pandemic...and then spending any time what-so-ever arguing about sailing on that line on an Internet message board.
  4. All that money and you still have to deal with kids? Gasp!! I booked a solo room in the studio complex. NOT ONE SINGLE KID ALLOWED...and worth every penny.
  5. Hmmm...there seems to be some contradiction in your stated opinion as highlighted above. You haven't said you don't like it, but you have said it is "crappy"? So, are you saying you like "crappy"? You say the actual product doesn't suck, but you refer to the product as "crappy"? Call me skeptical. 🙄
  6. Not anti-NCL? Could have fooled me. What is "sub-par product, sub-par customer service, and charge above average" if not anti-NCL? You certainly seem like an advocate with an axe to grind. Again, which of NCL's competitors is paying you to post this kind of stuff? If you weren't being paid, you really wouldn't be spending any time here given your opinion of the line....you would be posting on a board for a cruise line that you like instead of wasting your time on the board for one you have such a low opinion of.
  7. Sounds like you speak from a place of experience. Who pays you to be so anti-NCL? Is it Royal Caribbean? Carnival? Who exactly?
  8. As MoCriseFan has said, you certainly can. I have done so myself. Both as the 'buyer" and the "seller". The only restriction is that they can only be transferred one time.
  9. Why not just sell it and move on? Seems dumb to force yourself to patronize a cruise line given your expressed opinion of them. Don't you deserve better for yourself?
  10. So given that...why are you spending time here? I can only speak for myself, but when I feel that way about a company I want nothing to do with them.
  11. Norwegian isn't exactly known for informing CC members of the "why" behind their corporate decisions, so anything we have is basically a guess. That said, I would think that a company who uses this as a logo probably isn't going to do something simply because some other cruise line does.
  12. Likewise, if you decide to leave the ship, any drinks you purchase are also subject to local taxes.
  13. Doubtful that NCL cancelled your March 2020 cruise. I'm betting that the government cancelled your cruise by issuing a no sail order. Unfortunately, NCL caught onto the currency conversion game a long time ago and they've put things in place to prevent people from using exchange rates to take advantage of them. That is just smart business. The fact that you can't use this to your advantage does not make it a "rip off", even when capitalized.
  14. Awwww, give him a break. He's obvioulsy very concerned about whether or not people were able to use their baloney.
  15. Rude? How so? Wondering just how they would know exactly what different date you would be available for them to book you on? Did you provide them with acceptable alternate dates in advance?
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