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  1. Daunting? Yes. I thought I was overwhelmed before! LOL Seriously, though... this is great information. Thank you!
  2. We are cruising out of NY. Me, husband and two "kids", 21 and 17. We are not from a big town but not intimidated by public transportation in big cities. NYC is a little intimidating, but not in a crime-sense. I've read on this thread a lot depends on where you stay. Pre-cruise, we are staying 1 night right in Times Square. Is that a decent location to utilize the subway system? The only must see we have on our list for the day before the cruise is the 9/11 memorial. Other than that, we just want to take in the city. Post-cruise, we have another day. We haven't yet booked a room but looking again at Times Square (if that's convenient for subway). The day after the cruise, we are heading to Yankee stadium. It has been decades since any of us have gone through the Bronx. That was a little intimidating; granted we were young and we're talking the mid-80s. Any concerns taking the subway up to Yankee Stadium - night game?
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