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  1. We always take a combination of ship, private and personal tours when we cruise. Although Princess has not mentioned ship tours only similar to what the Carnival cruise lines in Europe is now doing, we would not object to staying safe. In these times we do not go out here and wander around like we did before the pandemic so not doing so on the ship would be much the same. We have several cruises lined up for 2021 and would welcome shore excursions in a controlled atmosphere so that everyone is as safe as possible from infection. This is the new normal. We will not be going back to the way it was before the pandemic. The vaccine is not the end all to the pandemic nor will the conditions return like they were before the pandemic. If anyone is waiting for the vaccine thinking things will go back to normal, they are sadly fooling themselves. Do what our ancestors had to do, adapt to the world as it now exists.
  2. We received an email from Princess a few hours ago that the Sun has been sold and that our cruise in July 2021 is therefore canceled. Bummer.
  3. The two FL senators are following the lead of the FL governor who believes the pandemic is a hoax and insists on opening up the schools and businesses. After all what could go wrong in God's waiting room. Personally I follow what Dr Fausi and his medical colleagues are saying and certainly not what some mouthpiece politician has to say. I went to a board certified and licensed medical practice for my colonoscopy and not a plumber.
  4. I have not had any problem with staying logged in to see roll calls. The only time I have to log back in is after the computer has rebooted itself due to an automatic update. I am using a tower computer if that makes any difference that stays up all the time.
  5. This is an election year so take any announcement with a grain of salt.
  6. So yet another cruise has been canceled for us. Luckily this time we only have our FCDs on this ship which will most likely be returned to our list of available FCD. This keeps up and we will have quite a few FCD to book another cruise that may or may not be canceled. Perhaps time to sit back and wait for the fallout before signing up for any new cruises. Sad.
  7. Sad we were scheduled on the Sun on July 31 next year and looking forward to seeing what it was like to sail on a smaller ship. Now appears that is not going to happen. We are scheduled for four other cruises next year but hearing the CDC head telling Congress Wednesday morning that a vaccine for the masses will not be available until the second or third quarter 2021. This is all predicated on a vaccine being approved by the FDA and enough vaccine manufactured and available to distribute. The government fiscal year starts on October 1 so the third quarter is April-June. So now we continue to wait.
  8. Put on a tshirt last week to wear and noticed a laundry tag from our last cruise in November. It had been through our laundry several times before I noticed it. Ah fond memories.
  9. We have been on both so hands down Ruby.
  10. First cruise on Princess sometime ago we had a cabin under the buffet. It was all good with little noise if any until about midnight when the crew came in to clean the floors moving chairs and tables around to clear the area. It went on for over an hour before they had put the tables and chairs back in place. Big mistake! We went to the future cruise consultant to book the same cruise the next year and told him where our cabin was and the problems we had. He did not seem surprised and advised us to pick a different deck. The next cruise we were one deck lower and much quieter at midnight. It is not just the noise during the day but more the noise at night as the cleaning crew comes in to clean the room for the next day. We were on the Grand and it was our second lifetime cruise.
  11. Yes I like to go up to Skywalkers late at night when they are open to watch the wake and have a drink. Many times I have been either by myself or with a few other night owls.
  12. Some years ago on another cruise line we were walking by the lounge (Princess Club Fusion) which had the sign indicating a private function. Being curious we stood at the doorway trying to figure out what the show was about when someone noticed us and invited us in. So we decided to check it out. It was a comedian which we love telling interesting jokes for open minded pax. At the end as people were filing out we were invited to join them anytime and encouraged to join the group for their next cruise. Very friendly group. We never took them up on the offer but sometimes wished we had. The group was a GLBT from LA!
  13. We hope that Princess adopts the HAL buffet practice where the food is served as you move down the counter. This is a lot more sanitary and could also stop some noro outbreaks. This is the one main complaint about Princess and other cruise lines for letting pax serve themselves in the buffet everyone handling the serving spoons/tongs/etc and then there are the ones that like to serve themselves with their fingers.
  14. We were booked on a November 7 cruise on the Vista. Although we canceled ($100), CCL told our TA that the cruise was still going to happen. You can go to Carnival.com and see the cruises they are offering out of select ports (Galveston in our case) and see what is offered. Are these cruises going to happen, who knows but there is hope.
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