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  1. The time that this has happened I dealt with the airline even though the ticket was through EZair. It may be the airline that I was using while other airlines may refer you back to EZair. The airline was AA. EZair later notified me that the reservations had been changed.
  2. We do b2b frequently. We bring aboard one bottle/cruise/adult or 4 bottle total when we first board. We show our cruise card (now medallion) at the wine table and they allow us to have 4 bottles without the corking fee. Never had a problem. We also have purchased bottles while on port stops and carried them back onto the ship. Sometimes we have encountered an alcohol table and sometimes not further sometimes they charge us and sometimes not. Princess is so consistent these days!
  3. Princess boarding times are simply suggestions. You can board anytime after 11:00 usually. There will be a crowd ready to board at 11:00 so prepare to wait in line. If you want to just walk on without a crowd try after 2 pm or so. Cabins are many times not ready until 1 pm but they will let you put your carry-on in the cabin then leave to go to get something to eat or tour the ship. We are always the first to board as we want to start our sailing ASAP.
  4. Weather is a crap shoot no matter when you go. However in September winter is coming so expect cooler temperatures. We have sailed the first of the season and the last plus some in between to AK. I love AK particularly the interior. When we went the first sailing we found excursions and shops not open yet or just opening. The last week sailing we found private excursions and shops either already closed down or starting to do so. One advantage is there will be no kids either in the ports or on the ship as school will be in session. The shoulder season is always cheaper which can be a bonus.
  5. Be aware that in Australia they often (always?) charge a fee for using a credit card. The card will always be charged in AUD and the credit card issuer will change it into USD posting it on your monthly bill. Also be aware if your credit card issuer charges a foreign conversion fee which can be as high as 3% or more. The foreign conversion rate varies constantly and can be found at many places on the web one of which is https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/. If you have OBC because of stockholders etc it will be posted to your ship folio but at a 1 to 1 exchange. For instance if you have a $100 USD OBC granted in the US, it will post on your Australian departure as $100 AUD!
  6. If the airline has changed your schedule then you can call the airline to work out a better schedule at no cost to you. Airlines change schedules all the time by computer so if something is not workable to you due to the change call the airline and work something out. It happens all the time.
  7. If you worry about things, you will never leave your house which could be hit by an earthquake, tornado or hurricane depending on where you live. Life has to go on and we take risks every day. Go on the cruise, enjoy yourself and take reasonable precautions. I remember the terrorist attack in Paris a while back and they closed the area looking for the perps for several days. They reopened the area and immediately the sidewalk cafes and street was crowded again. We cannot let these things stop us from living.
  8. I save the Patters, ship notices and final statement in a manila envelope for each cruise which is placed in a plastic file box. I also save cruise cards and now medallions. It really does not take up much space since they are in the plastic file box with a lid. I finally am going to have to move to a new box however.
  9. This coming cruise in the next few months our reservation was marked no upgrade. They did it anyway and it took 4 phone calls to Princess to get our old cabin back. We book directly through Princess but may be changing to a TA but not for this reason alone.
  10. It certainly is nice not to have to fill out the form. Since most if not all bring back anything of significant value, I imagine they got tired of processing all that paper. They still check you over when you exit however even if visually.
  11. Princess allows you to stack the OBC unlike many other cruise lines (RCCL comes to mind). I have been able to stack the military and stockholder OBC without any problem. Here in the US providing one's DD214 is sufficient to permanently add military OBC to all future bookings. I understand that other countries must request it each time. I love to see it come up on all new bookings.
  12. While a very good source of noro is in the WFM/HC, there are many other sources for the bug. Places as mundane as the elevator buttons (I like to use my knuckle), chairs and tables on the lido deck and elsewhere, stair railings etc. I try to keep my hands off things and to wash my hands religiously. We both have started using only our restroom in the cabin as opposed to using a public one for this reason. Not always easy to do when nature calls but it can be seriously limited. I often wondered what they would say if I entered the WFM/HC and put on food handlers gloves before I attempted to serve myself. Anyway we will be on the CB in August. We have been on her many times and she is looking good after the sprucing up they did in the last dry dock. We like the less crowded new layout of the WFM. Hopefully they will resolve their recent noro outbreaks.
  13. Yes if before final payment and I have done it. I called Princess and they had me send them a letter with all the information (reservation number, ship, date of sail and TA's info) in a letter requesting it be taken back, sign it and mail it. They took it back and the TA did not know about it until it got yanked. He was not happy and sent me a nasty email confirming it was the right thing to do.
  14. I have only seen one type of Baileys sold in the US and that is what the ship has aboard. If they were out of Baileys they should have told you that they used a substitute before pouring it. I have been aboard (TA mostly) where they have run out of certain types of liquor, wine and beer. The bartender would tell us that they had run out before pouring a substitute. The way the OP posted it sounded like they poured from a Baileys bottle that had something else in it which is a major violation at least here in the US. That can get a bar in serious legal trouble and why they always scrape the label on all empty bottles before throwing them away.
  15. We always go to the MDR for lunch when we board. It normally is at one of the midship MDR but have seen it at the aft MDR on deck 6. If you ask a crew member most likely they will deny that any MDR is open for lunch. It will be open from 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM. There is always the IC on deck 5 and pizzeria and grill on the lido deck by the main pool.
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