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  1. I used the internet mainly late at night since I spent the evening listening to music. The connection was available and useable. At one point I ran an internet connection test and was getting 1 mbps up and down. A bit slow in today's world but better than in the past. I was able to read email and respond as necessary. Unfortunately the Star does not have the new OM satellite service. We were in a mini just forward of the aft elevator bank.
  2. We have never had a problem with the photo gang. A simple "no thanks" has always sufficed. We just got off a 15 day cruise and yes, the paparazzi came by our table in the MDR but we simply told them we were not interested and they went on in search of greener pastures. At each port stop they of course are standing at the end of the gangways but a simple "no" has always worked. I saw posted that Princess will no longer have rental tux available.
  3. We were told the chickens are wild and have no predator on the island. Therefore they are free to reproduce with no known natural control. They need a natural predator of the chickens to keep their numbers under control but the problem is that often the predator becomes a problem.
  4. Cruise ships these days are big vertical sides that make excellent sails but unfortunately being pushed sideways instead of forward motion. A tug can only do so much with a huge cruise ship. So they close the port to prevent collisions due to the wind and in SF due to the fog. While cruise ships are well equipped, smaller ships are not so they close the port if vis gets too low.
  5. Bring your own books. Most libraries on the ships are very small with few books available. These days most have an electronic reader like a kindle etc. which has greatly diminished the need for printed books.
  6. The life boats may be tucked under the Dolphin deck but they do stick out partially blocking your view if looking straight down. It is not a big issue for us however. The entire balcony is viewable by everyone above so that may be a consideration.
  7. Sorry I don not gamble and therefore have never spent any time in the casino.
  8. We did a b2b out of Southampton in June on the Sapphire Princess. We did not have to get off the ship or even congregate in a particular location during the switch. We just stayed in our cabin. You do not have to do the safety briefing again. You will get a note in your stateroom for the transition day.
  9. I am on the Star Princess right now and they have non-hosted pickle ball offered on the ball court.
  10. I am on the Star Princess and the TD times are 5:00 and 7:15 PM.
  11. We will be arriving in Ensenada at about 2000 hours tomorrow and will be leaving on Monday at 1700 hours for San Pedro. An evening in Ensenada is now on the itinerary. Today the ship continues to do 20+ knots in an effort to reach Ensenada quickly to put the medical emergency pax off. The ocean has been rough with a lot of rocking and rolling making it the worst day on this cruise. Last formal night tomorrow and instead of lunch in the midship deck 6 MDR they are having brunch from 1000 to 1300 hours. Menu looks very tempting.
  12. elite 381 platinum 542 blue 840 most traveled 2356 days. 1758 days, 1095 days
  13. Thanks for the reply. We hope you are doing well and spending time on the ships.
  14. While waiting for the Hilo Hatties free shuttle, I saw the Hertz van pull up to take pax to the Hertz rental counter.
  15. Platinum is not included. It is billed as the "exclusive Elite Lounge" and there is a sign at the entrance stating the same. Several nights there has been a crew member checking cards at the entrance but not all nights. It is from 4:30 to 6:30 every night except the Captain's Circle Party. I would assume that suite pax are allowed but do not know. Whether this is for this cruise only or it is fleet wide is a good question.
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