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  1. We stay aboard the ship when visiting a port we have been to many times. The ship is virtually empty so you can go anywhere on the ship sans crowds. The HC/WFM will be empty making it a pleasurable experience. Not being beach people stops at Princess Cay is an excellent "sea day". We love sea days both the real variety and port "sea days" as we are completely free to do what we want. Successive port days where we are going on excursions is extremely tiring so we prefer port days interspersed with sea days for resting.
  2. Princess as well as other companies and even the government can declare the cards will no longer useful after a certain future date. Princess advertised the ending of the cards maybe a year ago or so. Good luck on trying to make them take it.
  3. You obviously need to go on warmer cruises. I not only have seen it open but have seen them close it one time.
  4. The conservatory glass roof can be opened or closed or somewhere in between. Since you were on a PC cruise in warm water it may well have been open the entire time. We were on the Island and they kept it completely open. it is part of the Lido deck and easy to miss if you do not look up. We usually arrive in the theater with kindles in hand about an hour before the performance. The theater is either empty or maybe a handful of pax. It is a nice quiet time to read our kindles and very restful after dinner. We will be on the Star again in November. The ship is a grand class ship and is easily recognizable with the "grocery cart handle" (Skywalkers hung over the stern). Later evolution of ships (Ruby etc) had Skywalkers moved to a more sensible location next to the funnel and no conservatory.
  5. For the last many years my attire on formal night is a pair of khaki dockers and a shirt with collar, no coat or tie and athletic shoes. On US cruises I wear a short sleeve Guayabera and have noticed I am certainly not alone One trend I have been seeing is men in suits/sport coats and no tie rather open collar. The other trend I am seeing is more without a coat and tie. AK cruises are certainly less formal. On US cruises it seems there are fewer tux and long gowns. Everyone needs to dress according to their own style. I just completed a cruise out of Southampton where half of the pax were British. I must say I have not seen so many in tux or long gowns but by the third formal night there were considerably less. On that cruise I did have to wear a long sleeved dress shirt but kept the rest of my attire the same.
  6. I booked a 15 day cruise to HI in March and a 27 day b2b on Enchanted for October/November 2021. I like to keep 3 FCD in each of our accounts for future cruises. I will be buying more FCD on our November 2019 cruise. Now time to watch the sales for a better deal
  7. I believe that the ship cam Princess website is exactly what one sees in the cabin less the script that appears on the website cam. It is nice to see what is in front of the ship even in port.
  8. We are on the Star in November after it returns from Vancouver. We received an email from Princess that moved our boarding time to 2:00 - 5:00 PM due to the new speed limits in the San Pedro area. Evidently the port of San Pedro and maybe Long Beach have instituted a slower speed limit when approaching the port to reduce damage to the environment.
  9. I was on the Sapphire in June and kettles were in every cabin. It was on the corner shelf where the old TV once was. The TV is now wall mounted. It used the electrical outlet that the TV once used.
  10. Excellent suggestion. Set aside one MDR for the formal pax and the rest of us will use the other MDRs.
  11. We were on the Sapphire in June and early TD was 5:30. I don't know where they are doing the 5:00 dinner.
  12. We were on a WB TA several years ago between Norway and Iceland and saw the Northern Lights. We signed up with the bridge to be called if the lights appeared. We received the call about 1:00 AM, went up on the rear of the ship and saw the lights. We were told that the lights appear different in a camera than they do with the naked eye. The cruise was in September.
  13. We are on the Star embarking at San Pedro in November and also received the email that embarkation will not start until 2:00 PM and all have to be aboard by 5:00 PM for a 6:00 PM sailaway. Ship is coming from Vancouver on a 3 day repositioning cruise.
  14. I have never participated in a mustard drill. What is it like? Do they spray everyone with mustard? 😂🙂😂
  15. The PES lounge has been from 5 to 7 PM on every Princess ship I have been aboard. We used to eat later and go to the lounge but now that we do the early TD we don't have time to go. Since they have done away with the $5 chairman of the board drink, I have not missed going to the PES lounge.
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