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  1. We both have had a passport for decades and would not leave home without it.
  2. I am all for the buffet as HAL has it. Pax are served food by the food staff as they pass through the buffet only being able to touch their own plate. I would indeed welcome the inability of pax to touch the serving spoons/forks/tongs much less the food out on display. HAL has had a lot less problems with noro because of this policy.
  3. I was on a HI cruise in 2019 doing TD. I saw men wearing jeans on formal night with a Hawaiian shirt so I tried it but with a guayabera shirt and had no problems. I saw several with jeans on that cruise. On other nights they were allowing nice shorts to be worn at dinner so I tried that with no problems. They were very lax. I saw quite a few enter with baseball type hats that they continued to wear through the meal on non-formal night. The several 4 day cruises I did out of San Pedro the rules in the MDR were relaxed as well. It is all who is at the door.
  4. You will probably like Princess as the pax tend more to older (40-80) crowd and more subdued than on other cruiselines like Carnival. Princess keeps saying formal but it is anything but formal and getting more informal as the years pass. For men pants (dockers) and button shirt is the least and worn by quite a few on formal night. Other nights pants/jeans and a shirt (polo etc). Shoes can be athletic or leather. Short cruises Princess is even less formal than the above with jeans allowed on formal night and regular nights can see shorts and tshirt. I will pass o
  5. We were on the Sapphire in 2019 for four weeks out of Southampton. We were assigned TD 2nd seating at 7:15. Turned out that the second seating was much later so a trip to talk to the maitre'd solved the late dining problem. We were assigned to the Santa Fe MDR (Sapphire has the two MDR at midship divided into two rooms on each deck). Turns out we were in the room for CC and ATD but were assigned a table, waiters and time. On formal nights I wore my khaki dockers and short sleeved guayabera shirt. There were a lot of diners sans coat or tie. They must have become more liberal or decided
  6. In the last few years I have gone to a short sleeved guayabera shirt on formal nights. I often wear black stretch jeans on formal night. Neither have presented a problem in the MDR. We are back to TD as we like it much better than ATD.
  7. Perhaps to the old country but here in the colonies we are a lot more informal. Probably from our frontier days.
  8. As a male I wear dockers and a button up shirt along with my athletic shoes for "formal" night. Informal nights I wear jeans and a shirt with sleeves (sport shirt, t-shirt etc) will suffice. I have been on some Caribbean cruises where shorts and t-shirt were allowed in the MDR at night with formal night allowing jeans and Hawaiian shirts. A lot seems to depend on where the ship is and who is aboard. Ships out of Europe tend to be more formal while ships out of both the west coast and Florida tend more towards the informal. One thing I have noted in past cruises is that tuxed
  9. We have an 8 day cruise scheduled for September. The cruise was taken down from the Carnival website some time ago but Carnival insists that the cruise will still sail but they are not accepting any new reservations for that cruise. Now they are offering an opportunity to cancel and get our deposit back or to hang in there on the reservation. The option to cancel later is also active. Personally my estimate is that the CDC will not allow an exception and the cruise will not be allowed to sail as it is now. I expect that if ships are once allowed to sail, this particular itinerary will be
  10. Very true and Princess has been expanding their Asian offerings. RCL has a ship operating out of Singapore right now and has had for awhile.
  11. There is talk on here about a "passport" type document with all your immunizations including COVID vaccinations being proposed to be used for any travel by air or sea. The CDC card may well be superseded by this new "passport" and required for all travel by air or sea even within the US. This is all new and the final decision is yet to be made.
  12. Our cruise from Sydney to LA next year has had a price drop of ~$2500 for a mini. I went on line and many of the cabins are still available which may explain the price drop. We have 3 other cruises out of the US on the books for 2022 and all have modest price increases. It is supply and demand pricing.
  13. We have an 8 day cruise booked for September which is why I received the missive from Carnival and a 7 day booked in November. I imagine the 8 day September cruise will be changed to a 7 day with appropriate itinerary change and I hope less money. We have balcony cabins so mask wearing is not a big issue since we can retire to our cabin and spend time on the balcony. We order room service for breakfast most of the time and can easily order lunch and something for dinner. We just love watching the ship moving through the sea. Wearing masks and social distancing will not stop us. We receiv
  14. Received this email today. We are booked on the Dream 9/11/2021 for 8 day cruise. Options for Guests Booked on 8-day Itineraries Through October 31, 2021 Dear Carnival Cruise Line Guest: In December, we wrote about your 8-day cruise itinerary, and our plans to find a solution to comply with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC) Conditional Sailing Order which limits cruises from the U.S. to no longer than 7 days on voyages that embark through October 31, 2021. As you know, the return of cruise operations in the U.S. is still not determined. We remain com
  15. Look at https://www.princess.com/deckPlans.do?shipCode=GP. It shows the location of the fire doors. This is for the Dolphin deck. The Caribe is similar. The fire door location shows the location of the firewall. The two cabins on either side of the firewall will have their bathrooms back to back as well as the beds. The fire wall is between D530 and D602 (notice how the numbers change denoting a block of rooms between firewalls). D604 and D606 have their bathrooms back to back. D602 and D606 will have the bathroom/bed on the right. D604 will have the bathroom/bed on the left. This is t
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