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  1. There are braggarts everywhere. When talking to others and they ask how many times we have been on Princess cruises the usual answer is several or a bunch. I don't recall ever being asked our status and I keep my card/OM in my pocket only displaying it to buy something. I have never run into someone flashing their black card to make a point.
  2. I just checked our next cruise in two weeks. We have 4 ship excursions booked back when they were first offered. One is the same price, two have gone up $10 each and the fourth has increased by $20 each. Not a significant amount but does pay to book early which can be cancelled if you find a better excursion on your own.
  3. For several years people on here beat up on the Caribbean Princess but seem to have let up in the last year or so. That did not deter to our sailing on the CB and having a great cruise so ignore the rants on the Island Princess and have a great cruise.
  4. satxdiver

    EZ Air

    It is a win-win deal and no money is paid until the final cruise payment with no cancellation fees. The flight arrangements can be changed by you up until 45 days before you fly. The airline will list it on their website as a reservation pending payment so on most airlines you can pick your seat assignment as soon as you make the reservation. It is similar to the airline hold you can do when booking a flight but a lot longer than the day or so hold allowed by the airlines.
  5. Future cruise deposit (FCD) can be purchased onboard the ship for a cruise to be named later in next two years for $100 deposit for each person. If at the end of the two year you have not used it, Princess will refund the money. You can use it as a deposit for a future cruise instead of the usual bigger deposit and you will get an OBC from $50 to $250 depending on the length of the new cruise. It is worth it if you plan to go on a Princess cruise in the next several years. The cruise may be more than two years away but the reservation/deposit has to be made in the next two years. Those of us who are avid cruisers (it is contagious) have several FCDs on deposit at any one time.
  6. For those wanting traditional attire Cunard is available as witnessed above and is a Carnival Corp cruise line. Seaborn is also available so maybe those that want the dressier option should look into these two.
  7. Best way to check is to sign in to Princess and look at the personalizer for your cruise. The cabin assignment will show up there. Most times it will be several weeks before you sail but could be in the last few days before sailing.
  8. Stay with your Island cruise. The Island has taken a beating here on cc due to the butchering of the ship a few years ago. It still is a great ship but different from the rest of the fleet (except its twin Coral which was not butchered). The two were built for the PC and are called panamax ships. The PC is a great experience after hearing about it our entire lives.
  9. Our first cruise was on RCI and we cruised with them several times. I have noticed on cc's RCI website that RCI has a very rabid following and if one dares to criticize RCI they will jump on you in mass. I am very glad that Princess cc website is not like that. There are several reasons we stopped sailing with RCI. One being they no longer allow CCL on the cc website and was immediately jumped on much like complaining on the RCI cc site. They don't seem to be as rabid as the RCI crowd but come close. I hope Princess cc followers do not start doing it.
  10. We usually book ship tours as soon as they are available. The price has gone up sometimes but usually $10 or so. We have not seen the price jump like the OP is suggesting. We have rarely seen the price drop and Princess always gives us credit for the decrease but that has been very rare.
  11. What cruise, ship and itinerary was this on? I was on the CB in the Caribbean last November and they were allowing jeans on formal night and shorts other nights. New policy?
  12. The chip then solves the problem of who has the package. I remember and will become reacquainted with RCL policy of locking the buffet between meals and at night so I assume this drink machine is outside the buffet area. I sometimes use the machines at serve yourself restaurants and find them to be adequate. These days though I drink unsweetened ice tea which is free and available in the HC/WFM 24/7.
  13. I have been on a number of Princess wine excursions in ports and have never had a problem with bringing the wine back aboard. Sometimes I had to pay the corking fee and sometimes not. It is hit or miss. Last year I went on a ship tour of a rum distillery and purchased a nice bottle of their rum. I carried it on board and up to my room. I did save it for when the cruise was over but could have easily drank it onboard. I have seen alcohol taken and kept until the cruise is over but never wine which is allowed.
  14. I would not mind the new machines as it would lighten the load for the bar staff. I am just curious how this works so that those with a package versus pax without would be served. I can see a lot of sharing going on.
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