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  1. Thank you stuarth42 for the inside information on the propulsion issue. Hopefully this will solve the problem with the CB speed issue. It has to be fixed and quickly since every day means no revenue from the ship. Glad to hear they are feeding the workers well while working them 12 hours a day. Being a retired engineer, I can relate to corporations needed it repaired quickly but never had to work on a project this long. I have though only been allowed to work from 5 PM or so until they reopened the next morning. Love that night duty (ha!).
  2. We were recently on the CB. A lanyard was provided with our OM which I promptly removed and put the OM in my pocket where I once kept my sea card. I threw the lanyard away as I have a lot of them. We had the second seating TD which was actually 7:45. The theater presentations were early for the second seating and worked out. We frequently go down to the IC at 5:00 or earlier to watch the huge line that forms for ATD at 5:00. It almost always has a senior citizen component so there are those that like to eat dinner early. One thing the new TD times has caused is a lot of pax now opt for the later dining time where before the MDR was maybe half full. Before ATD we chose the late TD and now that we are back using TD we again chose the late TD. We like the same waitstaff, table, table mates and fixed dining time. The waiters quickly learn our habits and adapt. My ice tea is always waiting.
  3. I now book all our flights on EZair (while checking commercial airfare). Due to the no payment until final payment, ability to change/cancel flights up to 45 days before and guaranteed arrival in time to get to the ship, I now always book on EZair. On domestic flights I have found EZair to be less than commercial airfare but even if it is the same amount, I would still book on EZair because of the benefits named earlier. I do keep close tabs via the airline's webpage about the details of the flight however.
  4. We have been using EZair for several years now both domestic and overseas flights. Luckily we have not had a problem so far. EZair does not pay for the flights until after the final payment is made and reservations without payment are subject to changes by the airline(s). This is the first time I have read on CC about airline reservations disappearing so it appears as though it is not a common occurrence or at least I hope so.
  5. Texas Pride BBQ is over 30 miles from our house. I have been there a few times but there is a lot better BBQ much closer to our house.
  6. OBC is simply a credit placed on your folio. You will start the cruise with a positive balance meaning they owe you money (but most OBC is not refundable). As the days of the cruise goes by negative amounts will be posted to your folio for such items as daily gratuities, bar purchases etc and your balance will move to the negative amount meaning you will owe them money at the end. If you are lucky enough to have a positive balance at the end of the cruise more power to you even if the amount is not refundable (but you can send it to me!).
  7. Thanks for sharing the list. Unfortunately none of our future cruises is listed so far.
  8. Contractors stay aboard the ship since they are brought in to do a specific job in a record amount of time. It is cheaper for the ship to provide room and board instead of paying contractors to stay ashore on the economy. Anytime a contractor is brought in to do work for any company, the contract will include room and board along with travel expenses for the workers. Companies have paid for my travel expenses to include room and board all the time when I was working. This is nothing unusual and yes, crew is needed to keep the rooms clean, prepare and serve the food and run the bar in the evening. Bar expenses are always the responsibility of the individual and not part of the contract.
  9. I would love to go to Cuba on Princess. I may have to resort to other cruise lines so it seems.
  10. Princess only has a limited number of tickets for any flight. Sounds like someone else was trying to get the same flight as the OP and beat him to it. In answer however it has not happened to me yet.
  11. When you opened the boot did you have to use your torch or was there already enough light? 😂
  12. I am guessing that to cut the hole in the side of the ship to get access to the propulsion units, the ship will definitely have to be lifted out of the water (aka dry dock).
  13. Anxiously waiting the arrival of S'n'S
  14. On my Windows 10 PC I have not seen any changes to the Princess website. I am not sure what is causing so many to complain. What are you using to visit the website?
  15. I have never worn or even own a suit or formal wear and being retired I refuse to put a noose around my neck. For the last several years I have been wearing my short sleeve guayabera shirt with dockers with no problems. Last cruise I worn black jeans instead of the dockers. We do second seating TD these days not that makes any difference.
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