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  1. She might enjoy reading through the trip reports on this boards. There is lots of info for a first time MSC cruiser. I'm booked on a cruise next month. First time with MSC and reading the live reports and reports after returning home were great for planning and knowing what's available. She can use the search feature to help her sort the postings. Some people say the search feature is frustrating for them, but I've used search within this forum option and it works just fine. Hope she finds the trip reports helpful. They include a lot of info!
  2. Wow, good question. I'm new to MSC and I've never considered that a beach excursion would get canceled. Now I'm curious as well. With other cruise lines, it looks like tons of people use the cruise excursions. Is this also true with MSC? (Full disclosure, I am one of those folks who usually uses private or small group tours I research and book in advance. But, I often see people using the cruise line's tours).
  3. I have good luck at opening time on Sundays. I wonder what the problem is with your request. Hopefully you get some clarification soon. Please share the outcome. Thx.
  4. Roger - thanks so much. This helps me with planning. Looking for another beach.
  5. When looking at pictures, the water looks rather murky there. Is that usually the case there? It looks so brown. I was excited based on all the glowing reviews, but then l looked at pictures.
  6. The passport information is indeed shared with travelers by the airline and cruise companies. We have access to that information before arriving at the airport or cruise ship so there is no horrible surprise. Visa warnings and reminders are also provided to travelers. This posting is a good reminder for us all to double check during the planning process to help reduce issues like this.
  7. The reason for the date change is documented in the other recent threads about the Star as well as information about the work on the ship coming up in April.
  8. I've had success calling Sunday mornings right at their opening time. My wait has been 10 mins max. Sometimes not that bad later during the day either. Just sharing an option. Maybe it will be helpful for some. Last wknd, someone actually answered immediately. For my second call, the wait was 4 mins. That's much different than my experience with weekday or Saturday calls..
  9. Those are some awesome ports! Hmmm, I might need to look up that sailing. LoL.
  10. There are several threads on this site regarding the Star. I am hoping to go on a bucket list cruise thats scheduled on the Star as well, but I am taking a wait and see approach to it. Your cruise is not until September. There is plenty time to make an informed decision about that cruise. Happy planning!
  11. Excellent time on the Western Med twice on the Epic. Most recently Oct 2019. Would do it again without any question!
  12. I often watch cruise prices to see if a better price pops up closer to a sailing that I want. But, I am also a person who is flexible about which cabin I get. Many people on here who want a specific cabin will recommend that you not gamble in the price watch game which I understand because fewer cabin options may be available. For cruises that I have watched, I have not experienced that they do not drop at all. But, I watch them daily if I really am serious about it. They may go up for sure, but I have also seen them go down (and back up at times to be honest). I have seen the drop just last for hours or a day in some cases, so I look frequently if I really want that cruise. I agree with others who say when you see a price that you are ok with to go ahead and grab it at that time and celebrate. Peak cruise times like Spring Break and Christmas are more of a challenge for price drops of course. So, I dont even consider those weeks. Its not that fun to me, lol. So, it depends on how willing you are to ride the wave and see what happens. If you are ok with not going on the cruise, then there isnt much of a loss I guess. Good luck.
  13. Hello, I'm not sure about the timeframe for cancellations, but in response to a good time to call MSC, I am new to MSC and have called quite a few times recently due to multiple questions for my first cruise with them. My shortest wait times to call was Sunday morning very close to opening time. Less than 10 minute wait each time. Not sure if that's what your second question was about when you asked for the best time to call. Good luck
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