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  1. We have been offered a laundry package which gives us 3 bags with 20 items each. Has anyone used the concierge level package? If so, do the items return ready to wear (washed and pressed)? On hangers or folded? Thanks.
  2. What is the current cancellation policy for Oceania. I had a hard time finding it on their website. Thanks.
  3. We are thinking about taking a 2021 French river cruise on Tauck. We have taken a Viking river cruise once before and found the dress code to be casual. What's Tauck's for men and women? Thanks.
  4. OH, how sad!! My husband and I were discussing how to get the 72 our test when this notice popped up!
  5. Wow, you will a great experience! I'm very interested in hearing about your Aranui cruise. After 9 PG cruises, I would like to try the Aranui. I know it's an entirely different cruise experience. We will be waiting for your observations. I know your PG cruise will be wonderful.
  6. It seems the cruise lines now want to keep our money rather than refunding it. Ponant offers 120% in future cruise credit and Windstar offers only future cruise credit. This makes one hesitate to book not knowing one's future.
  7. Tahiti Nui now requires a medical certificate to board plane to French Polynesia. The airline is allowing changes without fers.
  8. Relax, you will have a wonderful cruise! Even with all the unsettling news, I would book a cruise on the PG in a heartbeat (9 times on the wonderful PG), if I could ( we have grandparents duty at this time).
  9. We need to decide whether to sail on the PG or take a river cruise somewhere in Europe.
  10. I don't think SWFLAOK's idea of warmer climate rings true. I, personally, am not worried at this point. I can think of worse places to be "quarantined" than on the Paul Guaguin! That said, I would bring my cold and flu medications with me.
  11. We just booked an Alaskan cruise leaving from San Francisco and wanted to try going from the airport to Bart and down to the Embarcadero where the cruise ships dock. Has anyone tried this? How difficult is the transfer to the BART station? Cost? Which Pier does Princess use? Thanks. Any other suggestions for getting to pier from airport? Thanks.
  12. Did you ask PG for a separate package? On one cruise, a passenger told me she finally purchased the day room pkg since she could not find anything else at a better price point. Let the forum know, what you decide to do. Your cruise will be wonderful and best wishes for a great adventure!
  13. Remember booking through PG with their air you get the day room, transfers, a tour and if I remember correctly some kind of meal. We enjoyed both the IC and the old Radisson for day rooms. The IC is better located in terms of downtown and late shopping.
  14. Good idea is to tell your TA about any special dietary needs prior to leaving on your cruise. You can even request what kind of of soda and beer you want in your cabin.
  15. Thank you, thank you for a wonderful report with great photos. The "flu" is getting stronger!
  16. Big Kahuna, what a nice idea(beats the chocolates I usually bring. To whom do you gift the wine (wine steward, head waiters, chief)?
  17. We used OBC to pay for laundry,excursions,boutique and premium liquor.
  18. Sure, why not? There is always a nice variety of wines from the world wide. We like our wines too but really didn't feel the need to bring any. Be sure to put the ones you bring in those wine sleeves. I've never lost one yet when using those. The mark up on their premium wine is not too bad either. We ordered one for my husband's b-day. I don't remember if there are wine openers in the cabins. I'm sure our fellow readers can answer that doubt. Whatever you decide to do, you will have a wonderful cruise on the PG! Be sure to go to the lecturers. They add so much to your cruise. We especially like Mark Eddowes who lectures on Polynesia. Which itinerary did you select?
  19. We are considering taking an Aranui 5 voyage. We like a beer or two in the afternoon. Can anyone give us an idea of pricing for beer, cocktails, etc.? I've read some of the reviews and they are mixed about quality of food, services and tours. Any thoughts? How did you handle before and after the cruise. Thanks.
  20. Yes, change is difficult and we remain hopeful and wish the change over is uneventful and not too painful for all.
  21. Hopefully, all the things that make the PG service special will remain like all inclusive beverages, no cost specialty restaurants and fares,
  22. Having no bucket list for travel, I go for the "cruise" experience and love what the PG offers. My husband on the other hand has higher horizons. I can understand both thought proceses.
  23. I enjoyed your report. I've contracted the Polynesian flu again and need another trip! I bumped into a PG piano player on an Alaskan cruise and he advised me that cruising out in the South Pacific is very lonely. While the shows are not big Broadway ones we enjoyed them whether they were the Gaugines performing or an featured entertainer. The crew show is not to be missed. We booked early dining so that we could rewind prior to the show and not have to run down the hallway to catch the show. I hope you went to some of the lecturers like Mark Eddowes. We learned so much about Polynesia and its people.
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