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  1. Had a wonderful time on the cruise. They did a dress your best/white night. Don't remember if there was any special dance party anywhere. They did have 70's night party. Lot of fun the entertainment crew really got the party going. Just a lot of fun. Perfect Day Coco Cay was amazing!!! We were the only ship in port this tiny little ship with the island all to ourselves. The crew said this never happens we were totally spoiled. Thanks everyone for the input.
  2. Thanks looking forward to the parties. Not going for Halloween but that sounds like a blast.
  3. Thanks good to know. Yep don't really have any disco stuff. So maybe just some mardi gras disco type beads I guess.
  4. Great just what i needed to know!! Will pack something white just in case. Enjoy life and keep on cruisin.
  5. okay thanks just trying to plan. But they so have white dress nights right? or is that just a NCL thing?
  6. Does Royal do 70's party or dress in white party on a 5 night cruise? Thanks for any replies in advance.
  7. That makes sense, thanks for the clarification.
  8. Yep that added a whole new dimension. Thanks.
  9. Oh yes I remember that couples photos. I always wondered if it was on one of those group cruises. Like birthday suit clubs and they actually got really dressed up.😏
  10. That would be funny during December but maybe not formal night. I like to dress up but not a formal gal. Usually wear nice clothes that I have attended weddings and such.
  11. I am sailing in 22 days know my deck but not my room number. Usually don,t do guarantee but picked up a bargain too good to pass up. I have done one or two guarantees pretty much have had them assigned before three weeks out but that was on other cruise lines. Patiently waiting. Looking forward to just getting away.
  12. So sorry about your accident. wishing you the very best. Speedy and 100% recovery are wished for you. I broke my wrist this April, surgery, plate installation and therapy. it will get better. Take the time to take care of you. Hope all is well soon.
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