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  1. Thank you all for info and advice. The Neptune Lounge concierge was able to reset all three cabins and we are good to go.
  2. They gave us assigned times, that is what made me wonder.
  3. We are on the Nieuw Amsterdam disembarking in Vancouver on Saturday. We are walking off with our bags. I am in a suite, and have 8:00. The two other cabins have 8:15 and 8:30. I will be talking to the concierge tomorrow to see if we can coordinate better, but I wondered if there is any chance they will start earlier than scheduled. Any insight greatly appreciated. The Royal Princess and a Seabourn ship are also in port, if that makes a difference.
  4. I love the contributors to this board. All those niggles about how to do something put to rest. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. I wanted to make sure they knew how much we appreciated the service.
  6. I am on the Nieuw Amsterdam and plan to use some left over obc to increase the automatic gratuities. I was wondering if staff Will know we are doing that?
  7. Thank you. I didn't get a copy of the cruise line confirmation, so I'll ask for that. It may answer the question.
  8. Don't worry about it. I appreciate your guidance and will call the travel agent again tomorrow and see if I can get a better answer.
  9. Thank you. I'll look again. I found the onboard cash, is that where it was?
  10. the big box travel agent said the beverage package should show on the website, but couldn't tell me where. I'll call HAL and see. I'm not that worried about it, as she's underage and mostly drinks water anyway. If we can't confirm it, paying for her occasional cappuccino won't break the bank.
  11. I have taken your advice and called to make the correction. I was leaning towards not bothering, but you all convinced me. I think it would have nagged at me if I hadn't, so thank you for the push.
  12. Thank you both. I will go ahead and call to take care of both now.
  13. We are going on Alaska tripin early September. I have a couple of questions. First, I made the reservation using my brothers nickname rather than full first name (think Kenny instead of Kenneth). Is that a variance We need to sort out before the cruise? My second question is about documentation of drinks package. We reserved a cabin for my niece at a different time, and she is supposed to have a drinks package as a promotional item. We reserved through a big box store, and she is under 21, if that matters. I can't find any reference to her having the package in any of thedocumentation we received from the travel agent or on the HAL already booked portion of the website. Should I be seeing it somewhere? thankyou for any assistance.
  14. We are doing Alaska on the Nieuw Amsterdam in September, so disembarking on Saturday. Due to time and physical constraints, we will be walking off and being picked up to go to the airport. What is the earliest we could reasonably expect to be ready to be picked up? If it makes a difference, I understand there will be 3 ships in port. An6 information greatly appreciated.
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