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  1. We've done this several times and used easyJet for one way air between cities. We usually also add a few days stay between cities due to the cruise schedules. Great way to maximize that long trip over the pond as they say.
  2. Maltoose181...we are scheduled for the Pullman in Oct....do you have any recommendations for a good restaurant nearby. DH has some walking difficulty, so we can't walk too far away.
  3. Thank you fbgd...and sorry...my brain wasn't in the right gear!
  4. Flyer talker....thank you for the clarification... I did not realize there was a difference...what is the difference? 6rugrats....once Viking cut the tickets I had a locator number and could bring up my reservation on the airline online and make seat changes.
  5. Thank you all for your replies....last trip we were on Lufthansa...the cruise line booked the ticket and we then went to our reservation online and bought an upgraded seat. That's what I'd like to do. The flights thru AA are really the best timewise for us, so I'll probably give it a shot.
  6. We're planning a Fall trip, into Cdg and out of ZRH. We have free air thru Viking. In the past, we've had our ticket cut early and then bid on economy plus seats. The best flights look like AA, which we've never used. Can you bid and pay for an upgrade....all the research I've done indicates you need frequent flyer status.
  7. We just returned from the Nov 7-14 Viking cruise from Passau to Budapest. Passau to Vienna went as planned....then we were told the ship could sail no further. The next day we were bussed to Bratislava (hour and 20 min each way) and had our tour. The following day, we packed our luggage and had the bags outside our room by 7:30, then boarded the bus at 8:30 for the 3 hour trip to Budapest. We were put on a Viking ship that was docked in Budapest and had already finished it's year. We had lunch on the ship and then proceeded at 2:00pm for the tour of Budapest. So basically you miss a half day in Budapest and all extra excursions were cancelled. So, the final verdict for us was that it was not ideal, but the river has been low for months now and there is nothing the cruise line can do about that. The weather was milder than normal, but very foggy. Our day at the Gotweig Abbey you couldn't see any of the views or even buildings unless you were right next to them.
  8. We are currently on the Viljhalm in Vienna and were just told we can not sail any further. We will be bussed to Bratislava tomorrow, then bussed to Budapest with our luggage on Tuesday, which will be a 3 hour drive. We'll have lunch onboard another ship, the Bragi, which is in Budapest and then do our tour in the afternoon. Of course it gets dark very early, so the tour won't be the same as one done in daylight. Then we spend the night on Bragi before disembarking Wed. All optional tours are cancelled and money refunded. There was no mention of any credit for the inconvenience or disruption to our sailing.
  9. We fly out tomorrow, and embark Viking Vilhjalm on Wed. We've just been notified by Viking that the ship will remain in Vienna after our day there and we will be bussed to Bratislava the next day for our tour and return to Vienna. The following day we will disembark and bus to Budapest for our tour. That night we will stay on a sister ship docked in Budapest.
  10. That's great news...hope you have a great trip. We leave from Passau to Budapest on Nov 7, so I'm hoping we can do the whole trip also. We did get an email from Viking today explaining the troubling water levels and that our trip could be impacted, but that's probably standard procedure to cover themselves if we hit any trouble.
  11. I am interested in hearing answers to these questions also, as we are scheduled to get on the ship Nov 7. When we did this same cruise about 7 years ago, we had to leave the ship and be bussed to Budapest and stay in a hotel...it was the Corinthia...which was a nice hotel but far from any sightseeing. I'm disappointed to face the ship swap, bussing, hotel situation again.
  12. We are on Viking leaving in 3 weeks, Passau to Budapest. And while I know conditions can change in that amount of time, we wouldn't enjoy being bussed around. We did this same trip about 8 yrs ago, and did the ship swap...bussing... staying in hotel in Budapest and missing alot of the city. Bad luck for sure if we have to do this again. My question is:. Does Viking ever just cancel when conditions are so bad, like some other lines do?
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