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  1. I have an inquiry about a transfer from the airport to the hotel in Rio. Are there any suggestions of who to contact in advance to arrange a safe and nice transfer to my hotel . I think I will stay at the JW Marriott in Rio.
  2. The people who booked Silversea transfers to La Guardia were greeted with a horrible horrible mess. Where were the Silversea representatives ? Crystal made sure that their guests were directed to the right transportation and gave their guests a seamless disembarkation. Silversea did absolutely nothing....absolutely nothing. Silversea let us down on this one..... it was totally awful.
  3. So far the very best cruise that I've had. Best food, crew, guests. I've been on Crystal, Seabourn, and Seadream and this is hands down so far the best. My0 is butler saw an empty bottle of water I had gotten from the gym and he brought me 4 more and the Server in Atlantic's knew my name at lunch. I also won some money in the casino.;p:D:D:D:D:D
  4. Hey all ….I had planned to book onboard next month and was considering among about 3 voyages. I did call Silversea and checked and it does make a difference in what I would book. One of my choices is up to 150% and 2 are at 125%. The 2 at 125% are more expensive to begin with but when the 150% is added to the least expensive( and less days one) then yes I will pay a little more and go to more days with a similar itinerary. They have made it to where we have to call and check about every voyage that we are interested in to see where it stands. It's still not bad and this gives them the option to raise and lower it as they see fit.
  5. I have been looking at some future cruises . I have noticed today that the 25% supplement that was listed on them is now gone on every one of the voyages. I wonder if this is RCCL's calling card ? Anyone else noticed this ?
  6. Does anyone have an idea when Silversea will post the rest of the 2020 itineraries ?
  7. Thanks Spinn ...I now have the Silversea transfer …...much less stressful :D
  8. I did not check with Silversea ..will check though. Thanks !
  9. Thanks for your reply . I will say 9:30 then . I did call Silversea and she was no help whatsoever. Will look forward to seeing you soon. Not long to go now !!!!:D
  10. Can anyone advise when they will allow disembarkation in NYC ? I am going to try and arrange a car to LaGuardia and don't know what time. I originally planned to stay in NYC one night but need to come on back home to check on my parents .
  11. Cruise ticket has arrived in the documents of My Silversea ! Alas no silver box for me though . May use my Seadream tags or Holland America tags.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions ...I will have 15 days to use the rest of it .. ..but watch I will probably be in the boutique the last night buying some more shirts that I don't like!!! hehehehe:')
  13. Okay thanks ! I had a nice credit on Crystal and waited until the last evening to spend it . I got some cologne and you are right about the shirts ..I got 3 shirts which were pricey and not really my style and I also got some Christmas gifts as it was near Christmas. I will use it some for laundry. Can a bottle of wine be put in a carry on or just pack it in between clothes in the checked luggage ? I had taken advantage of the last minute offer which included an enormous credit. I may book another voyage onboard but I don't think it can be used for the deposit.
  14. This is my first Silversea cruise. The credit that I have is what is left over after the shore excursions and dining expenses. I still have quite a bit left to spend after I board the ship to come out even.
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