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  1. I also was due a refund in 45 days that never came. When I called was told it would take at least 2 weeks again for a refund. They said a mistake was made, but I wondered if this was a possible sign they were running out of funds. Also when you cancel a cruise, why cant they send a confirmation of cancellation. I agree whenever you criticize the cruise line you will get plenty of push back from it's loyal CC fans.
  2. How would she know she is allergic to a vaccine she has not be given?
  3. Perhaps you did not read my original post. I waited 45 days for a refund and called on day 45. Now they say it will be another 2 weeks on top of the 45 days. There was some kind of error.
  4. No need to dispute at this point. Pretty sure I will get my money. RCCL just handled the situation poorly.
  5. They made some kind of error and my refund was not sent. Now they say it will take two weeks. The cruise I booked by mistake and cancelled March 30, 2022 Quantum of Seas is now off the board. Perhaps this had something to do with the mix-up. Believe me I have called and talked to a supervisor, still two weeks. This is what made me question the financial viability of RCCL. Thanks for your concern.
  6. If they are so rich with cash then why wait 45-60 days for refunds? Why sell cruises they know will be cancelled? Why delay official cancellation for cruises they know are cancelled? Why do they often delay cancellation until after final payment? Borrowed money in your bank account does not make you wealthy. They are using future cruise deposits to pay refunds on cancelled cruises. While they hold onto refund money as long as customers will tolerate.
  7. I booked and paid deposit. Yes booked wrong cruise. Refundable within 24 hours. Called for refund immediately. No need to dispute charges unless refund does not come within the next two weeks. Just very upset that RCCL knowing the made a mistake with my refund would make me wait another 14 days.
  8. Nice that so many of you got your refund in less time. I did not and have not. Those who believe in the financial stability of RCCL go ahead and keep giving them your money. Maybe they can use it to pay back my refund.
  9. I booked a cruise Feb 14 2021 and realizing I made a mistake called within 15 minutes to cancel. I was told 45 days and have waited the 45 days with no refund. Called today and was told it would take another 2 weeks. Times have been tough with the pandemic , but this is not acceptable. This makes me wonder if RCCL is running out of money to make refunds. When you need to take in new money/reservations to pay off old refunds owed it is called a pyramid scheme. Is this what things in the cruise industry have become. You may want to consider this when you make a new reservation especially
  10. Since I started this topic vaccination administration has accelerated. It is now expected that there will be enough supply to vaccinate the entire US population by July 2021. Mandatory vaccination of crew and passengers seems sensible, at least for the first few months of cruising. Cruise lines could request permission to restart on the basis of full vaccination. This certainly would help ease concerns of all involved. It is time to set a date, a goal. Sorry for those unable or unwilling to vaccinate but we need to start somewhere and be successful.
  11. Only problem with this is if someone onboard has severe illness and needs to go to hospital. Wouldn't the port need to offer care. This is over course a remote possibility but would be the argument of the port country government.
  12. Yes, at least it did in my case. TP Sept 2020 to 2021 then to 2022.
  13. I hope RCCL is monitoring this thread. If so they will see there are or will be many vaccinated passengers that would love to get back to cruising.
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