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  1. good to know, so i can book all three, use the two i have on cruise #1, get onboard and then buy 4 and apply them to 2 following cruises?
  2. this is true, just feel better and easier buying them from the source, maybe i'll hit up some friends and see if they wanna cash out some certs. ty
  3. I'm looking at doing 3 b2b cruises and using 2 CN cert per cruise for a total of six certs. Right now i have 2, can i get onboard my first cruise, immediately buy 4 more and then use them to book the upcoming 2 additional cruises while onboard during the first cruise. I'm aware that the following cruises could be booked and therefore i would be outta luck but i'm just asking about their policies and timing if it could be done. thanks
  4. so is there a cost associated? if so, per drink or "package"?
  5. figured along those lines but the clarification helped, thanks
  6. can you please explain lift and shift? I think I know what you mean but I'm an NCL cruiser and not up on RCL policy during this virus phase. thanks
  7. I have booked 2 cabins for my family and also asked for linked cabins with friends. Sometimes I get adjacent cabins and other times I get nearby cabins(stick my head out my cabin door and see the others). So I believe NCL does try within reason BUT in the end there is no guarantee. Just my experience.
  8. rhetorical question here, no need for answer, what are you really saying? I get it.
  9. PS- if you are a solo traveler and get a cabin with 0% supplement, you MAY only get 50% of the credit. This has been hit or miss for many of us. It is stated in fine print though.
  10. what do you see that is so unique? If they threw in Quebec that would be much nicer.
  11. and I'm picking it up tomorrow AM, good to hear.
  12. that's the drift I got thanks
  13. are the staff in gym there to help set up workout routines and guide you thru the equipment or are they there more to sell you fitness programs thanks
  14. I sail a min of 4x a year and at 4k a pop for suite/haven that's a lot expended per year, too rich for me. I can treat myself once in awhile on a special cruise. I thought I was doing good but you haven cruisers really got it made. Great to hear.
  15. wow, pretty fancy. Do you ever leave the haven?
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