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  1. The onboard CN desk is gonna be a lonely place if they screw all their best customers by letting CN expire.
  2. Really not much of an extension, pressures you to sign up for another cruise. All CN should be automatically extended for the time period that cruising was shutdown. I can't see them not doing that.
  3. has anybody been able to find this show/episode broadcast on any of networks in the states? thanks
  4. In the states I've called Seattle with any questions I have and they have been responsive
  5. The H web site describes the ship construction date and return date. also deck plans, ship is not that big so easy to read plans
  6. I went thru the above link and was told i had already submitted, incorrect. I went to the FB site and went thru that link, EZPZ.
  7. I'm not one for reading lengthy legal docs, hence my post here and your concise answer, thanks PS-I'm due for my annual medical early Nov, gonna talk with my doctor, maybe he could write up something real quick like mom used to for excused absences in school, lol. Can't hurt.
  8. I don't know if that would be much of an issue. I go to doctor annually and he performs all the basic tests. What would be the "mal" practice if he writes a letter and states that according to his present examination your body temp, blood work and pressure, ekg, and physical examination shows no reason for you not to sail? When you walk out of his office without any further doctors orders or referrals, he is basically saying you have good health. That's if the lines were to accept a once annual letter from Dr.
  9. I might get flamed for this but along the pre-existing conditions, does morbidly obese, diabetic, transplant survivor, etc, mean unfit to sail? The more pre-existing conditions one has could make covid a death sentence, not a good look for the lines. A Slippery slope.
  10. As a multi times per year cruiser, a) a new letter for every cruise? 2) How long would one letter be good for, annual, semi-annual, etc.?
  11. that all sounds reasonable, I have ambassador status maybe that helps if it costs a few $$$ ok or free better. thanks
  12. yes I am aware of quarantine, booked for end of Dec. Probably less than 50% chance of it happening, hoping to transfer to a Feb at that time if cancelled The coastal will sail, they are a lifeline for country, just no foreigners onboard
  13. hi, scheduled to do a 12 day coastal voyage on the Richard With. Wondering about cabin upgrades? does H bump up cabin cat where avail? or offer upgrades at pier on embarkation? sailing at less than full cap they should have empties. I know the majors do it, I've even had free upgrades on several lines. thanks
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