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  1. that all sounds reasonable, I have ambassador status maybe that helps if it costs a few $$$ ok or free better. thanks
  2. yes I am aware of quarantine, booked for end of Dec. Probably less than 50% chance of it happening, hoping to transfer to a Feb at that time if cancelled The coastal will sail, they are a lifeline for country, just no foreigners onboard
  3. hi, scheduled to do a 12 day coastal voyage on the Richard With. Wondering about cabin upgrades? does H bump up cabin cat where avail? or offer upgrades at pier on embarkation? sailing at less than full cap they should have empties. I know the majors do it, I've even had free upgrades on several lines. thanks
  4. additionally I know on mainstream lines you can be upgraded w/o cost, just lucky, because of availibilty of rooms, does H do this? I probably should start this on a new thread to get more visibility
  5. Hi, Is H known to be a line that offers you upgrade at the pier on embarkation or perhaps offer discount upgrades prior to sailing? If I'm at low end of cabin selection they may have empty higher end cabins? thanks
  6. Hi Petra, thanks for all the help. Can you answer any of my questions in post #81 i know you must be overwhelmed thanks
  7. Hi Petra, did you run into any single/solo travelers? How were they treated at meal time, were they placed together? Were inside solo cabins offered to your knowledge? Any info on that situation is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Right, so if I'm gonna grab a taxi at 34th St I might just as well grab it in Hoboken for a few $$$ more. thanks
  9. Thanks i'll keep that in mind. I could probably take NJT to Hoboken, that's an easy ride for me and take an uber from there, what could that cost? $20.00? As a solo traveler i don't enjoy the economies of multiples pax Thanks
  10. No, but i go on extended cruises and i think it's gonna add up price wise to park. If there is an easy public transit i find it more relaxing than driving in. What is per day parking at Cape Liberty if you know? Any discounts avail?
  11. Hi, I live in the suburbs north of NYC, I have easy access to NJT to Hoboken and/or easy Bus service to PA terminal. What would be the best route to Cape Liberty from either of those locations? Thanks
  12. There is still the precondition of self quarantine in Norway prior to sailing. Makes any sailing prohibitively costly. also have a 12/20 sailing deposit with final pay In Sept, not looking good
  13. yes, it was very informational, more than i have seen here in the states, thanks
  14. we should be more worried about losing all our points/status and any CN certs we have if they go under. Even if they don't go under they could restructure Latitudes to save $$$
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