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  1. Usually next to where the phone is plugged in...at the head of the bed
  2. They can be hot because they don’t get a lot of breeze. But in the evenings there is always beautiful soothing music being played, so it is nice to sit on your balcony and listen...
  3. I guess I must be one of the “low maintenance” Diamond +. While it was nice to be able to go through a priority line at security and be able to sit in the priority section in the terminal I have never given it more than a passing thought. Maybe a little disappointed they took it away but that is all. Why start out your cruise all mad and upset before you even step on the ship? My goodness I am blessed to have been on this earth for 66yrs now and am healthy enough to be able to take a wonderful vacation a lot of people only dream of!! I guess I am saying I enjoy every minute I have and I “choose” to live my life with a positive attitude. If I died tomorrow would it matter I had to stand in a general public line last week??? I don’t think so...
  4. Country Inn and Suites.....Residence Inn A lot of hotels in the area offer park and cruise....
  5. Can someone help me with information on this? Am I correct that this can only be booked once onboard? Isn’t there a Diamond + discount that can also be used? Thanks in advance?
  6. If I spy my bag lined up in the hall I don’t mind grabbing it so I can get it unpacked as soon as possible. I have no doubt if I left it there it would have been left outside my door. Pretty smart on Royal’s part as those passengers, like us, are more than happy to grab our own bags. No big deal to me...😁😁
  7. Drop your Dad and the luggage off first and then go across the street and park.
  8. Just to clarify....so you would be annoyed if someone had a medical emergency that disrupted your vacation??? That’s so sad....I hope and pray that never happens to you or your family.
  9. We call them “armchair Captains”. We were on the Harmony for the Hurricane Dorian cruise. Our 7 days turned into an 11 day cruise, which was fine by me!!! But with a Cat 5 hurricane sitting between us and the US you should have heard all the “solutions” being offered by some passengers! It was quite amusing to say the least...
  10. You can all check in together no problem. When leaving the ship they do have the facial recognition line for all those who have passports...but you can go through the birth certificate line with her. That line just takes you a little longer.
  11. I believe you have to do it within 60 days Of booking...
  12. Dress codes aren’t nearly as strict as what you have outlined above. Everything you read is “suggested”. In all honesty what you will see, even in the Main Dining room on non-formal nights is anything from shorts to blue jeans to slacks. On formal nights you will still see most anything, except “maybe” less shorts. On formal night my hubby wears khakis and a floral Tommy Bahama shirt and fits in just fine! I usually take a pair of black slacks and put on a nice top and I fit in just fine! If you want to dress up for pictures that’s great, but please don’t feel pressured to go formal because a lot of people no longer go all out. In the Windjammer they do not want you to come in a bathing suit, but if you are covered up and have on shoes...any kind of shoes you will be fine. As far as shows...whatever you are wearing at the moment will be perfect! So don’t overpack your luggage because it really is mostly casual all the time.
  13. The Hyatt in the main terminal of the airport has day rooms available. You could swim, relax and rest until time for your flight
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