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  1. If it were me I would choose the Westshore area. I have read multiple reviews from some of the locals who say the Fairground area is not a good area.
  2. No doubt, in order to be able to sail again, there will have to be many changes made. Sadly there will be passengers onboard who will fight these changes every step of the way. I just feel very sorry for the crew who will have to try and implement these new regulations. They are going to be under intense scrutiny from their supervisors to follow the rules while getting berated by demanding passengers. We know it’s going to happen because we all have seen people like this on our previous cruises....😢😢
  3. We were in Panama City Beach about three weeks ago and were surprised how many people were not wearing masks....anywhere!! And to make it ever worse...we ate at multiple restaurants that week and NOT ONE single server or hostess wore masks anywhere we went!!! The tables were all spaced apart but that was it!! No wonder the state is blowing up!!!
  4. With everything so crazy now.....if it were me I would just accept a refund (whenever it comes) and rebook then. If you have been in the system this long for a refund you should be getting it pretty soon. Everything with the cruise line is chaos right now. I would just be relieved that they still show me getting my money back.....
  5. We have a cruise booked for October that I really don’t think is going to happen. Since we booked using FCC I am wondering if there is any possibility that we will just be able to take a refund instead of another FCC? I know no one can say for sure.....just wondering if anyone has any previous experience with this scenario?
  6. The walk from Terminal 6 to the parking garage is a hike, especially dragging luggage. I would pay the one time extra charge of $20 to valet. Absolutely worth it!!
  7. Why not take the the shuttle from Country Inn & Suites?
  8. GTO-Girl


    The $20 extra for valet parking is absolutely worth it!!!
  9. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Brickell on our last sailing from Miami and liked it very much. Very convenient to restaurants and shopping. Very nice area of Miami...
  10. You could go to Grills which is literally next door to the terminal and grab your breakfast. Then you could take the 2-3min walk down the sidewalk and right into the terminal. So nice to have breakfast while looking at your ship!!
  11. I don’t know if you are coming in the day before your cruise but the Hertz location is in the same parking lot as the Residence Inn and right next door to the Country Inn & Suites..
  12. And if you have one from a previous sailing it can be reprogrammed for the new sailing. In December when we sailed the Harmony the people selling the WOW bands were in Boleros on Deck 5 (the deck you board)
  13. If we all ever hope to sail again we need to be ready to accept some necessary changes. It may not be what we prefer, or what we are used to but hopefully it will make for a safer environment for us all. I know not everyone is good at being flexible but it is something we all better get used to and STOP complaining about it!! 😁😁
  14. Last time we stayed there we did the shuttle. There was just two of us and it was $8pp. The shuttle was right on time, we loaded and went straight to the port. It was super easy...
  15. We booked the “Mardi Gras“ for Jan 30th out of Port Canaveral, but now when doing a mock booking it doesn’t show any Mardi Gras cruises until March and the Jan. 30th cruise shows the Radiance. So am I going on the Radiance or Mardi Gras??????
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