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  1. Harmony of the Seas.....New Years cruise that sailed on Dec. 29th, 2019 I miss cruising so much!!! 😩😩😩
  2. Once you reached a certain loyalty level your rooms would be ready upon boarding....
  3. Same here in Georgia. We are in the 65+ group and get our second dose Jan. 30th.
  4. Today the governor of the State of Georgia included a anyone 65+ getting the vaccine. Once we heard the announcement we immediately went to our health department website and scheduled appointments for this Saturday. So thankful we were moved up in the rotation.....
  5. In the state of Georgia our governor just added 65+ into those already in Phase 1a. We have appointments to get our first dose this Saturday at our Health Dept.
  6. Here in Georgia they are still vaccinating First Responders, nursing home employees and residents. We are in the 65+ group so are hoping they will get to us soon.
  7. One year ago today we were driving to Florida for our two day pre-cruise stay before boarding the Harmony for our New Years cruise. It was the last time we stepped foot on a ship....😩😩😩
  8. Even though we drive down at least two days early we travel I-95 when we do. Cape Canaveral is only 2hrs from Jacksonville. Yes there used to be a lot of construction in downtown Jax, but that is pretty much over. The lanes and signage are well marked so we have had no problems breezing right through. If you could get away from work at 4pm you should be able to make it all the way to the port by midnight. Everyone’s experience is not the same, but we have sailed from Canaveral 25+ times and have driven down from Georgia every time (1-2 days early)
  9. We are Platinum but haven’t sailed with Carnival since 2014. We have never purchased the drink package before. We received the email with the RU1 code and booked the Mardi Gras for August. Our rate is only $140 total ($70pp) more than the early saver rate, so totally worth it.
  10. We will be having the family over as we always have on Christmas Eve. We also got together at Thanksgiving and had a lovely time. We have taken vacations to Florida four times this year and have been on long weekends trips to Savannah several times. We returned to our gym in May of this year and we are there at least 4-5 times every week. We dine inside restaurants every week and I continue to get regularly get my hair and nails done. Our granddaughter is in a school system that fortunately has had in school learning from the beginning so we also able to attend all of her sporti
  11. Sorry I wasn’t clear with my question. I sailed on the Oasis before and after the amplifications. I much preferred when the DL was on Deck 11. I haven’t been on the Allure for a long time was was just wondering if the DL is on Deck 11 like on the Oasis “before” she had the upgrades....
  12. Does this mean it’s still on Deck 11 like on the Oasis???
  13. Unfortunately the original FCC’s came from a March cruise we cancelled a week before Royal did so it looks like we are stuck with the credits.... Thanks so much for the clarification...
  14. If I used FCC ‘s to book this cruise am I correct that the only option I have is a reissue of the FCC? I would rather have a refund.....😢😢
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