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  1. The FAQ on the Royal website states you do not have to pay another deposit. Only have to pay the difference if the new cruise is higher....
  2. Carnival has just released their willingness to work with those who are nervous about sailing right now. They are allowing changing your cruise, cancelling or getting a $200 OBC if you keep your sailing. About time for Royal to step up too!!!
  3. You will probably hear from several locals who frequent these boards and they will all tell you in Miami you need to park at the port. Off site parking is risky here at best!!
  4. if you purchase the WiFi package.... put your phone on airplane mode and turn on WiFi calling you should be able to use your phone just as you would from home. We do this on every cruise...
  5. I don’t believe you will find a totally quiet cabin. As others have said be sure to book where there are cabins above and below you. Sadly you may experience rude neighbors who constantly slam their doors or loudly talk up and down the hallways...and there is not a lot you can do about this.
  6. If you do stay in Orlando and go back to the airport for a shuttle... check into Cortrans Shuttle....only $20pp....very reliable and good company. You could also use them when you return to get from the port back to the airport. (you will need to reserve online)
  7. For what it’s worth......Flymia and Blue Herons are both locals and long time posters on these boards. Their suggestions and information have always been “spot on”. For me personally...I would always trust their advice
  8. we see it on almost every cruise.....
  9. As long as your Set Sail Pass and your Ship card shows Diamond you are good to go...
  10. Why??? You gave them your passport when you checked in for your cruise. All they are doing is matching that info as you leave. They have facial recognition in Canaveral and we loved it!! We barely stopped walking from leaving the ship, facial recognition and out the door of the terminal. It was awesome!!
  11. we stayed at the Hampton Inn Brickell and enjoyed it very much. It has a nice pool area, a cool bar area and free breakfast. Also you are within walking distance to many shops and restaurants. It is a very safe, clean area that is also near the rail system that can take you all around Miami. You will be about 10-15 min from the port. You can Uber, taxi or take their shuttle which is $8 per person.
  12. For me personally.....I could never justify spending $2000 for a cabana for a few hours. But that’s only my opinion....
  13. We had some problems like this on our previous cruise......so we dumped the Royal app we had and reloaded it .......and the problem was fixed.
  14. you do not have to prebook shows on the Grandeur....only on the Oasis class ships
  15. parking at Jacksonville port is very easy. They usually don’t let people into the lot before 10:30 so they can get the previous cruisers out. Nice paved fenced in lot. When we sailed from there the porters came and found us very quickly, sometimes at our car and took our checked luggage. Walked right into the terminal and it was so easy... unless they changed it, it’s not a pretty area and the terminal looks like a warehouse but it serves the purpose. We always felt safe leaving our car there...
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