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  1. Same here, but as the old saying goes, "beggars can't be choosers"! It's a matter of "atmosphere" and entertainment for us. That being said, at the end of the day, we're more interested in the ports visited, and what we can manage to see on land.
  2. It's the "not being able to read signs" part that gives me an instant headache; I'm a bit of a control freak! LOL Ooooops! I'll need to do a bit more research on the Maasdam, there's a San Diego to Sydney to Singapore and back to San Diego with A LOT of ports we've never visited, AND about one and a half months to spend in Australia, which would be perfect!
  3. Yeah, Cunard is a pretty penny, BUT, you only live once, right? The 108-night itinerary doesn't look too bad. As for HAL, Maasdam had some amazing options last summer (San Francisco to Alaska, to Japan, to Australia), but we were busy with a nightmare sale of a property in Florida, and we couldn't make it happen! 😣 Hey, @Clay Clayton! I hear ya loud and clear, and YES, those long flights are a NO NO! I'm already despising the Madrid-Santiago next Tuesday, even with "front of the bus" tickets sweetening the deal. The itinerary you mentioned is definitely on our radar, especially the long haul to Oz, where we could then spend time on land for a while. As for Japan, I'm dying to go, but it is one of those destinations I would rather do while cruising, just a feeling...
  4. Hi, Debbie! Thanks for chiming in! Unfortunately we will be cruising in South American on those dates, but I will most definitely continue looking for the same kind of itineraries, perhaps for 2021! Happy travels!
  5. Thanks, @sanger! I'll keep looking.... Maybe we'll just have to bite the bullet and do one of the "proper" RTW cruises, like on the QV with Cunard, and use the CruiseNext deposits for smaller itineraries such as the ones you and all the others who have been courteous enough to answer have suggested. We'll definitely look into getting to Asia and Australia via cruise, as we don't want to spend too much time flying, not even in business.
  6. Thanks, @casofilia! Duly noted. Happy travels!
  7. Hey Casofilia... You're absolutely right, although, for instance, some of those YOU will be taking would also work, if only for a specific portion of the trip: i.e. Spirit out of Dubai to Cape Town, to Singapore, then to Tokyo, and finally to Hong Kong. I say "would" because unfortunately it conflicts with our other cruising arrangements. Well, there's always next time! AMEN, Laura! LOL
  8. It's OK, we're doing it like that on purpose. Roughly 2 weeks on land in Chile, then 2 weeks on the first cruise, then 2 weeks on land in Argentina, then another 2 weeks to get back to FL, 3 weeks at home, and then the last 2 weeks to go back to Europe. We would love to spend more time in Peru, but we look forward to seeing more of it on shore excursions this time! Asia and Oceania is where we REALLY want to concentrate on next! Flying there can be a P in the A, even in business (dreading the 13-hour flight to Santiago from Madrid next week!), and cruising makes it sound sooooo much more bearable! HEHEHEHE LOL P.S. Transatlantics rule! We had our first experience this past April, and we're absolutely hooked! We spend a lot of time in Europe (dual citizens), and we decided we're going to try and book as many crossings as possible.
  9. Thanks, 4774Papa! 👍 Funny enough, these three cruises that we have coming up are more or less what you mentioned: 😅 - Santiago to Buenos Aires - Santiago to Port Canaveral - Miami to Barcelona I did find one we like on Cunard, for 112 nights, but as I mentioned, we're going to be buying quite a lot of CruiseNext certificates, hence the need to find NCL cruises. I'll keep looking on what's available, and I appreciate your contribution. Hopefully there are others who have done this in the past and don't mind sharing how they did it. Thanks for chiming in!
  10. Hi everyone, As usual, tried the search function first, but couldn't find much. We're coming up with 3 cruises in South America where we will most likely purchase several CruiseNext certificates (A LOT, actually!). We'll be free for the next year or so, and were thinking of combining several NCL cruises to do a round-the-world itinerary (similar to what is done by the likes of Oceania Cunard, Seabourn, Viking, etc. with their 90/100/120 day cruises), among other ideas we also had. We're aware that there's no such thing with NCL (and that's actually a great thing, since we're obviously planning to use all of those CruiseNext certificates we will accumulate!), so my question is: are there Websites/OTAs/Cruise Consultants who can put together itineraries to create a "sort of" round the world itinerary on NCL? Short land-segments in between would also be OK. Any help/insights highly appreciated!
  11. Thanks, LinnieRed... I thought about it and checked: price went up. Thanks for the info, NJcruiser27. Fingers crossed! Right now I'll just be happy with having the actual final payment correctly processed! 🤞
  12. Thanks, David! Yeah, the NCL website is not exactly cutting edge, is it? LOL 🤦‍♂️ You have all been very kind and responsive/supportive, I appreciate it.
  13. Thanks, LuckyinPA, how's the weather holding up? We have family in Bucks County who's going back for a gathering and they are NOT happy to go back to the cold (from South FL!). When we transferred our reservation to him, I did it more as a favor, and was just happy with him getting the commission; the perks were an added bonus. Professionally speaking, one thing I despise is lack of customer service skills in the service industry, so having to deal with the aggravation is most certainly NOT making me happy. I hope I'll be proven wrong! Either way, we're going to be enjoying those 45 days at sea (15 through him, and the other 30 through NCL! Should you wish to share details of the TA you used (if that's allowed), please do. We're going to be doing a significant amount of cruising over the next few years! LOL And yes, I would rather save the money at booking than getting "strings-attached" OBC. Thanks, MrsKC08! This makes me suspicious (that you do see the add-ons whenever traveling, and I'm currently not seeing them). Do they show right from the beginning or after you have paid the balance? That's what he's claiming. As for the benefits "promised", I do have an email invoice recap with the full list, but yes, I don't think there's much I can do other than complain directly to him. We shall see!
  14. Thanks for chiming in, Lois, I appreciate it. I am indeed concerned and aggravated (and fed up with the excuses). We were introduced to him on the repositioning cruise by some friends whom we thought had booked with him in the past, and that's why we transferred our reservation to him! Turned out that they had just met! Duh! We'll see! And I'll report back once the "mistery" is solved!
  15. Yup! Realized this after I transferred the booking to the TA. 😫
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