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  1. Anyone know when Anthem's rotation is happening?
  2. You might want to ask that question on the Carnival boards. This is for Royal Caribbean. However, the odds are good they're going by some made-up nickname vs their real name.
  3. Just wanted to confirm that this includes Junior Suites as well, correct? We're in a Suite GTY, so we're not sure what we're going to get yet.
  4. I had Dan Dan, The Party Man back on Nordic Empress (when she was still called Nordic Empress) out of Port Canaveral in 1998.
  5. More power to you! Let's just say I'm intimately familiar with the AA safety video and all my nightmares begin with "Hello, everyone..."
  6. God, I hate "Operation: Little Bear", so stupid! Just go back to the simple, animated one that hits all the safety points. Going to slightly miss "Wash Your Hands", though.
  7. Columbus Cove isn't showing as an option to book in my Cruise Planner. Only Nellie's. I'll get my TA to look at it on Monday.
  8. I have many great Royal Caribbean memories. My first RCCL cruise was on Sovereign of the Seas in 1991. I was 11, but I was hooked. We had previously done Premier and Carnival. Nothing prepared us for how elegant Sovereign was. I remember all the polished brass, the outstanding food and wonderful service. I can still hear Captain Eriksen's voice over the PA for his announcements in his very distinct Norwegian accent. Our second RCCL cruise was the inaugural Alaska season on Legend of the Seas. It is still one of my favorite ships in the fleet. I was 15 at the time and there were maybe 15 other kids my age. We had such an awesome time. It was sad to see her leave the fleet. She was such a beautiful ship! One of the best memories was getting to dine with Captain Espen on Freedom of the Seas in 2016. It was my first opportunity to dine at the Captain's Table and one I will never forget. I'm a pilot and he's also a pilot. We had an excellent dinner conversation sharing our love of flying. The next day, I was invited for a personal tour of the bridge by Captain Espen himself. It was a wonderful cruise and I'd love to sail with him again. We've done Carnival, Celebrity and NCL, but Royal will always be my favorite.
  9. Well, I'm booked in a Suite Guarantee, so I'll make a mad dash to Shore Ex. and see if I can score one!
  10. So, I'm bumping up this thread. I just noticed that Nellie's Beach Cabanas (both over the water and regular cabanas) just appeared my cruise planner for the June 20th cruise. However, it says they're not available to be booked online and to check once onboard. What does this mean? Is there still a chance I could get one? False hope? Call directly?
  11. July 1991, Sovereign of the Seas, 7-day Eastern Caribbean. Amazingly beautiful ship and incredible service. Royal was tops in those days! If you thought the cabins on Majesty (or Monarch/Sovereign) were small and tight for a 3/4 day cruise, try spending 7 days in one with a family of 4!
  12. Those are only the Barefoot Beach Cabanas. Nellie's Beach ones are open to the general public. I didn't know if they held a few back for onboard sales or not.
  13. We're booked on the June 20th, 2019, Anthem cruise. I was just looking in the cruise planner for Cabanas and there don't appear to be any available. Do they reserve any to be sold onboard or is it safe to assume they're all sold out? Thanks.
  14. Labadee is NOT Haiti. It is well-protected. When we were there in 2006 (during some unrest in Haiti), they assured us it was perfectly safe and that the UN was 2 minute helicopter flight away if we needed them. Royal would never risk the safety of their guests at their private destination. It is well guarded.
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