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  1. I did the Baltic last year and the British Isles the year before. I went over the 4th of July both times and they were a little chilly. I was looking into Norway but the cost from Berlin to port made it cost prohibitive. I loved both the Baltic and British Isle cruise would do both again. For Baltic the more time you can spend in St. Peterburg the better. I hope that helps a little.
  2. I had a friend who did the tour but not on a cruise. It is a tour you drive the Vespa. They take you out of the city center and you drive in the hills. It is a guided tour. I am afraid I can't get to the check in on time for the tour. I just want to get out of tourist area for a bit and see pretty scenery.
  3. I am wondering if anyone has done this from a cruise ship??
  4. After reading this and looking at the menu I think a call to my travel agent might be in order to see if I can change perk after booking/
  5. I heard NCL drops at station is that true??
  6. Has anyone done the Blue Grotto boat tour? How did you get to the boats? Is it worth the trip and time?
  7. I am planning on doing Santorini, Mykonos and Chania on DIY what are the must things to see or do?? Am I making a mistake doing it on my own?
  8. Thank you for your rude response. I am on vacation and I like to be comfortable.
  9. I just take daily medicine case. It has never been an issue. I do bring a list of meds I take in case anyone would ask.
  10. Is the dress code the same for a Europe cruise? Or if we go casual will we stick out?
  11. I am from the US staying in Rome for 3 days before cruise. I will need to charge my phone while I am there do they have USB charging?? Do I really need an adaptor?
  12. I am just doing Capri. We have done Pompii, Sorrento and Capri before
  13. Are there studio rooms on every cruise??
  14. Thank you so much for the information. That helped me a lot.
  15. I just can't see doing a package when I would use less than the service charge. If it included bottled water it would be worth it. But not if I have to buy bottle water.
  16. Does anyone know how far it is to Hydrofoil from cruise port
  17. I just got off this cruise yesterday. Tallinn was awesome! Very walkable and easily doable on your own. Finland did Hope on hop off wish I didn't once you get to town very walkable and the bus that RC has meet you at the pier really sucked the other hop off hop on bus line was much better.Riga they have free shuttle to the old town then walkable but do boat tour.Russia was outstanding. If you don't have night tour book one now.
  18. Do you have to give shorts IQ test?? ;p
  19. Good to hear so much good about TJ I will be on ship July 1st can't wait
  20. I laminated for my last cruise will it work for these??
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