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  1. The folks at Carnival are not stupid. They want to retain our loyalty at this difficult not alienate us. I doubt they would take an irrational action and cancel or degrade the existing program. They might create a new tier, six stars, and add some additional perks.
  2. It's 6/4 and I get my money back from Princess, full refund including insurance.. I was booked on a cruise leaving 4/14. I responded to Princess' refund e-mail of 3/12 requesting a cash refund. I disputed the charge on 5/13. Citibank was great to work with. Princess stunk. At least it's over.
  3. I can't understand why people who have waited 60 days for a refund of any kind have not filled a dispute with their credit company. If you have all your documentation, Princess has not got a leg to stand on.
  4. I believe that the cruise on the Coral was sold with the only disembarkation port being Fort Lauderdale.
  5. Princess has had some bad luck over the past several months, to say the least. But some of this bad luck management has brought on itself. Example - the Coral Princess last cruise. It was a bad idea to try to disembark people at a strange port, Buenos Aires or Rio, in the midst of a pandemic. Better solution would have been to get supplies and fuel, keep all guests on board, and then sail right back to the final port, Fort Lauderdale. As it turned out Princess' initial decision was a very bad solution and one that caused some to lose lives. Secondly, for the past months stretching back to 2019 before the pandemic it was very difficult to get a rep on the phone. People (including me) were held waiting a response for me an hour one time. There was no provision for a call back. Third the response to the cancellations has been a disaster even today more than two months after the initial announcement of cruise cancellations, March 11th. Paraphrasing the words of Mel Brooks from Blazing Saddles, Jan, the Swartz, has Not been with us!!!!! DUMP HER.
  6. Arbitration may get the result the writer wants. t is not a crooked process.
  7. They need staff to process refunds. This ain't good.
  8. You can file an action in small claims court. It must be filed in California. Max is $10,000.
  9. Rascal1 you are being very patient. I hope that you don't get burned.
  10. I watched a YouTube today. The vlogger claimed that one could be banned from future cruises for taking this action, that is filing a dispute with your credit card company for the return of your fare when the cruise line cancelled your cruise. This is the case with Princess' cancellations related to the current Covid19 situation. This sounds are fetched, but if it's true it's akin to being banned from a crooked poker game!
  11. My Princess personal cruise consultant also told me to file a dispute with my credit card company. This is a very bad reflection on Princess to say the least!
  12. If you go the small claims route, you must file in California. It's in the small print in the cruise contract.
  13. I told Citibank that I have been waiting over 60 days or a refund that Princess cancelled. My dispute was entered by Citi and I received a provisional credit in two days. Simple
  14. I was booked on the Emerald 4/14 Hawaii cruise. I chose option 2 on 3/12 when the cancellation notification went out. No money and just a BS e-mail from Princess since then. I disputed by charges (down payment, final payment, and an upgrade) on May 13th. Citibank took the info, took about 10 minutes in total. Today May 15, I got my credit posted to my credit card. Easy. If Princess disputes (on what basis I can't imagine) I have all my documentation. Life is to short to tolerate such BS from a vendor. Re the FCC I could care less!
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