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  1. I don't recall exactly when I cancelled, but I do know that if I did not have insurance, I would not have gotten any refund at all. It was after the date when I could cancel and receive money or a credit.
  2. I cancelled a transatlantic cruise which included one way business class EZair. I cancelled the cruise because I found a Holland America cruise I liked better. I had paid for the cruise and air in full. I cancelled after the final cancellation date. I got all my costs reimbursed except for the insurance. I received about 80% as a credit to my credit card and the remainder in the form of a future cruise credit to be used within one year of issue. I never could figure out the split and didn't want to rock the boat. I was delighted with the credit to my credit card (it's like cash). I thought that I would receive the entire return in the form of a future credit and was delighted that this was not the case for whatever reason.
  3. Maybe Princess has a death. Terrible customer service. No excuses especially if they offer an 800 number to booked clients and travel agents. Try Holland America next time. They answer pretty quick. And they are my favorite line.
  4. This is an excellent reason to sail with other lines. Punish Princess where it hurts in the pocketbook!
  5. We go to dinner at about 8:15. Do you think that is late enough to avoid a long wait? We are leaving on the 18th. Six days away!!!
  6. I never thought that my innocent thread would evoke such interest and passion. If I may sum up what appears to be a consensus (after much passion) it is the following. We all agree that passenger drills are of vital importance. The major takeaway that we should get from the drill if the location of our muster station. If it is inside rather than at the location of our lifeboat, we should come away understanding that we should get to our muster station where guidance will be provided by the crew (I hope anyway). If a passenger wishes to locate his lifeboat on his own apart from the drill, he is free to do. However if muster stations are inside than one should not complicate matters by waiting at the lifeboat location. After reading the discussion I think that interior muster stations may be preferable to HAL's drill at the lifeboats. A disaster at sea of bad enough without having passengers getting in the way of the crew who may be attempting to lower the boats. Thus in addition to being more comfortable, perhaps the many lines that choose interior muster stations, have chosen a safer procedure. I hope that HAL sees the light. Amen.
  7. Forgive me TAD2005 but to my eye you did seem angry. Perhaps agitated might describe it better. However I am sorry if I offended you.
  8. Several of you posters should lighten up. I agree that most people turn off when the drill takes place. Part of the cause of this turnoff is the length and long wait before anyone begins the drill. On the Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess and Windstar cruises that have sailed, the drills were done in inside venues. Most started on time. While the attention of the audiences was not the best, at least the guests were not preoccupied with the heat or the cold. Perhaps there is no good way to perform this drill in today's huge ships. Heaven help us if we are ever called to go to muster stations for real. For those angry souls like TAD2005 take some hostility out on the food!
  9. I was recently on the Koningsdam. The safety drill was conducted in multiple venues in the ship rather than on the promenade deck. The drill was much easier on old geezers like me and it was much faster and smoother than the outside drills. Hope this is a fleet-wide change. Does anyone know?
  10. Princess cruisers ain't all chickens either!!!
  11. Princess charges $70.79 per day which includes an 18% tip for their beverage package. I recently returned from a Holland America cruise. HAL's price for their package is $51.69 which includes a 15% tip. Both packages limited the number of drinks to 15 per day. This includes specialty coffees and sodas. HAL does not charge extra for canned soda with an alcohol pour such as a gin and tonic. The pours are basically the same. Princess does not offer more expensive liquors than HAL and HAL does not not offer a 25% discount on bottled wine in the dining room. The price difference can be substantial for a couple and is the reason I cut down on my Princess sailings. Any thoughts?
  12. Unless the price for the wine packages will increase prior to embarkation I would purchase the wine when I arrive on the ship. Any bar can help you and you will immediately know your cost.
  13. I had cabin 050 for a seven day Canadian cruise and enjoyed. No noise. The mini-suites or Vista suites as they are now called are far superior to the verandas which are must ocean view cabins with a door. 050 is much more private. You will enjoy it. Take it!
  14. No booking should take over three hours to complete. Usually booking a guarantee gets you an upgrade to a better location in the same category if available -- not an upgrade to a different class cabin. To change cabin classes try to get an upsell about a months or less prior to embarkation. You can keep trying for a upsell and will usually get a response sometimes at a terrific price and sometimes not. Good luck.
  15. It's difficult to beat Flight Ease prices on international (Europe and Asia) flights especially for business class.
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