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  1. Doesn't surprise me. Not that I need it, but I threw away 2-3 old coffee cards, should have kept them and given them away.
  2. Wonder why they don't do that with other Carnival brands.
  3. Does this mean if you are elite on Princess, you would have whatever is elite status on MSC?
  4. The only benefits to pre paying gratuities are 1) having it checked off your list, or 2) if they raise the price of gratuities, you have already paid them.
  5. And if you get the coupon book from the TA, it has a 15% coupon for I think if you spend over $100, but they don't combine that with the 10%, so YMMV.
  6. Yep, although you can tell from some that they do view it as a badge of superiority. We are elite, and do take advantage of the early boarding, but simply to get to lunch before it gets crazy. 🙂
  7. I'm sort of guessing here, but if they let elites board at 11am, that might take 10-15 minutes, then platinums, then everyone else, so it's probably not more than 30 minutes difference for those who are onsite when it starts.
  8. Yes, 10% and can be paid with OBC.
  9. The answer is yes, they won't prevent it, but they aren't supposed to, it's supposed to be elite only. At least that has been our experience at FLL.
  10. I haven't read thru all the threads on this, but it does appear Princess is doing all it can to care for it's passengers and take care of it's crew for this situation. It's bound to cost them a fortune, but it's good to see them doing what they are doing for all onboard.
  11. I assume this will be staged in some way, or are they swapping out the entire crew in one turn around?
  12. It's a good ship. My biggest complaint is how the messed up the Retreat pool area in favor of more cabins. Besides that, it was wonderful.
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