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  1. We board this morning, I bought 4 packs of coke zero since it doesn't appear to be an option on the ship. If they had the free style machines and it included coke zero I would buy the package, but this time I'm not. And the soda and mocktail price has gotten really high, not doing it for the first time in a long time.
  2. I know the price is like $52 for one device on embarkation day, what is the price for the 2-4 devices on embarkation day?
  3. Just looking at these add on items, they seem to only be a good deal if you are a significant drinker and want the drink package. I can swap my mini bar out for the coffee package, and buy the soda drink package for $12/day, and then get the wifi for a week at $50, that is a lot cheaper than $25/pp/pd for 7 days. But I see what they are doing here, trying to offer options, many of which will get them sales they wouldn't have made previously.
  4. Aren't there cameras in the hallways, couldn't Princess determine who did that?
  5. Is this because you are booking an expensive cabin category? My TA usually gives me $50 in OBC and $50 off the price, but I'm usually booking inexpensive inside cabins.
  6. I board Saturday, will be interested if they have them, and will post my findings. I drink coke zero so I normally bring it onboard. Will be planning to do that anyway, just in case.
  7. Yeah, but that lessens the value, and we already trade the mini bar for the coffee, so the value is like $12/day, and the current soda and more package plus wifi for one device, would be less than the $25/day I think Interesting though.
  8. Thanks all for the replies. If you don't drink alcohol, do they substitute one of the other packages?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I think I'm going to have to know more, where do you find this information to apply offer codes to get other discounts? I haven't read thru the entire thread, but it's probably in somewhere. Where do you find the codes and options for them?
  10. My currently booked cruise with free grats is refared about $300/pp higher, so not worth it for us.
  11. Where are you seeing this sale listed, I'm not seeing it on Princess.com or when I log in?
  12. Upgrades are in the eye of the beholder. Not all category upgrades are an upgrade in the sense of what the individual is looking for. We like to be on a particular deck, so any upgrade that takes us from that location is not an upgrade in my mind.
  13. And I might add, while they don't have to do it at all, not giving it to both parties in the cabin that have achieved that number of cruises is pretty poor on their part.
  14. I see my loyalty credit on my Travel Summary now, leaving in 5 days.
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