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  1. We will be there, along with another couple. Our 7th SC cruise. Unfortunately, port times are not listed, so it is hard to book other tours. Mostly, we will just be walking about enjoying the locales. whatsinport.com does have a few port times listed, but SC routes/timing tends to be more flexible, especially if sailing. Kim
  2. Originally, Edge was not to going to change prices or offer promotions. Times have changed...
  3. Early statements from Celebrity said Edge was a special ship and they would not discount original prices or offer deals to include "move up". Instead, they would sail without being full. Now "free" cabins--only 3 months out.
  4. OK, a few more cruises have gone out. What is the latest on the IV?
  5. People were not “complaining” about the blue hull. They were making educated comments about the care/maintenance and costs associated with dark hulls. And, guess who those costs are passed on to 🤔. Just saying...
  6. Yep, those dark hulls look beautiful at first. We have a sailboat with a white hull, our friends hull is black. Our wine stays much cooler than theirs...😁
  7. vtcruising, Not sure if I missed it, or maybe you will post upon your return (don't want you to be on the "device" too much while onboard, and, you have been most excellent!). Info about the cabin crawl, cabins, any pictures? Pros-Cons?
  8. The post just prior to this one has a good video tour of the IV...
  9. I have read in the past that Celebrity Edge pricing would not change, and they would not offer perks or the "Move Up" program because they were aiming for a different clientele. They would sail without a full ship. So, now that there have been some actual cruises, and a varying degree of reviews, what are people seeing in the pricing?🤔
  10. dides and I were just informing Diver of the Celebrity bed situation because one of the reasons she booked Apex was because of the king sized beds.
  11. Some Edge cruisers said the mattresses were too firm. When asked, Celebrity did not have mattress/eggshell toppers. So maybe, no extra mattresses either.
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