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  1. Once cruising starts up, it will be interesting to see how the countries handle the ships arrival/entry. For example, we were on one of the last Celebrity Equinox cruises (Feb-Mar 2020) in the Eastern Caribbean before cruising was halted due to COVID. We arrived in the morning and anchored out, as expected, for our stop in Samana, Dominican Republic. The local health authorities boarded and took ~6 hours to "clear" the ship. They went through all passenger health records/statements and even personally interviewed some of the passengers (especially those passengers who had visited the ship'
  2. We got our first vaccines at Publix on 23 January, our second shot yesterday, 20 February. Okaloosa County Niceville, Florida. Both over 65. Moderna. Just a sore arm the first shot, a sore arm, slight fatigue, and slight headache the second shot.
  3. The problem is how do you know who has had the vaccine or not?
  4. When the "Tall Ships" come to Halifax, what a wonderful sight! And, so much to do...
  5. We don't have enough information yet about the results of vaccines and how many people will actually get them. Time will tell, but it will take a good while. This is a world-wide problem, regardless of livelihoods. Sounds harsh, I know, but you have to be realistic. Health concerns need to be a priority.
  6. In today's world everything is sensitive for hackers and breaches. Rank, full/middle names, birth dates, ID numbers, benefits numbers, specific dates, etc. That's why some companies will not keep that info. Not just talking about DD214.
  7. Some cruise lines and TA's do not keep credit card and/or other sensitive info (like military) on file due to security issues. It's always best to reconfirm your info when booking each trip.
  8. Whenever we could take advantage of the military discount, we HAVE HAD to show proof to the popular online agency a lot of people use. This is done when making the original booking. We email copies of our retired military ID cards to the agency. Since we are both retired AF we always carry our ID's with us.
  9. Just a heads up. On Thursday, January 21, 2021, the state of Florida restricted vaccines to residents only. Apparently there were a lot of fly-in's and drive-in's from other states and countries that were overwhelming the system. Even if you own property in Florida, you have to have proof that you are a permanent resident...
  10. The smaller ships can get into small interesting ports without a tidal wave of people overwhelming the port/town/etc. That's a major reason why we like(d) the R ships. Definitely a different "feel" when exploring new areas.
  11. The Alaska Celebrity schedule is "out" or is Alaska "out" as a destination in 2022?
  12. Great pictures. Looks like the little sailboats are "socially distancing" themselves. So happy this cruise is working out for you! Tschuss
  13. SS Monterey 1971, shortly after being sold by Matson Lines to Far East Pacific Lines. Moving from Hawaii (we were there pre-statehood) back to the US "Mainland". Cruise was from Honolulu to Los Angeles (which was smog city at the time). After the cruise, hit a small town called Las Vegas and saw Elvis Presley at Caesar's Palace. Now that was entertainment! That was the summer before my senior year in high school. Moved to Fairfax, Virginia for Dad's assignment at the Pentagon.
  14. Totally agree, they are very disciplined. That's why the autobahn works so well. Change lanes, pass car, get back in right lane. We loved living in Germany in the early 90's (Kalkar)!
  15. We have a 13 night trip planned on the Star Flyer, Malta to Athens, booked for April 2021. Our tenth or eleventh on Star Clippers, I believe. Yep, we are worried about it, even though final payment is not until 25 January, 2021. One of our major concerns is having to fly 3 hops from west Florida to Malta, taking ~ 20 hours or so. Cannot even book that now because of flight restrictions, but truthfully, might cancel because of the airline travel issues, especially the long flight across the pond. Also, not sure the port calls will remain the same. 🤔😷😪
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