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  1. One more item.... I think they need to ask shoe sizes next time they decide to leave the red slippers for the quests. I had to stretch them out all day, just to wear them to dinner on the Women's Red day.. Yes, I was the ONLY guy on the ship wearing these that night, there may be some pics of me floating around.. You couldn't believe the looks, and laughs I received... My wife couldn't stop laughing all night... Fun times.....
  2. Just got back from sailing the Edge March 3rd trip. Overall a very nice ship, obviously very clean and shiny. The food was great, the dining service was great, the entertainment was ok. I read a lot of complaints about Eden, interesting is the first word that comes to me... Lots of wasted space there, but very cool and different. The entertainment was fine, but not to my taste, but what do I know???? All I can say is that if you don't like it, leave... I'm not one for the artsy stuff and the yoga stuff, but some are, as there was a decent crowd there. We felt captive at some point, since we were sitting on the aft balcony area. If you want to leave, the only way out is to walk thru the "stage", there is no back way out.... Hated to disrupt the show.. My few complaints are: Didn't like how the A/C shuts down when the IV window is open. I would have liked it if the folding doors controlled this, if/when the window was open. One quick blast of Caribbean humidity and air, pretty much dumps the coolness of the room, then it takes forever to cool back down. I really prefer the traditional balcony. Also, I really was "miffed" to find out there was no way to access any of the normal music options thru the TV.... Really????? How hard is this???? Been on the Reflection 4x and even it had music on the TV. I like to listen to something other than the TV.. Don't need to always being sold something or hear the same thing all week long (on theTV).. I'd also liked the telephone on the Reflection that shows the time of day. Sure I can turn on the TV see the time, but sometimes it's pretty simple to look at the phone. Maybe a clock integrated into the digital thermostat/light switch???? Say as a screen saver?? My only other real complaint is the Martini bar. I think it was poorly thought out.. Less than half of the bar, can someone comfortably stand while "patiently" waiting for service. Pretty much at the stage area the bar is at knee or so level and people sitting the chairs are basically staring at either my butt or my front package.. You choose....... Bet an engineer designed this, and he never stood at a bar waiting for a frosty one... So the standing area is fairly well packed, as much as the waiters can do, during peak times, they can't keep up. Speaking of waiters, the pool area and sunset bar was very slow to get a drink. I think the wait staff has been reduced due to everyone having a drink package. Not sure???? All in general, nice trip and hopefully they get all of the bugs worked out..
  3. So it is my understanding that when the "balcony" window is rolled down, the A/C in the room halts. So how long does it take for the room to cool back off once the "balcony " is closed? I know it really depends on the temps outside and around, but I hate a warm room when I am sleeping. If the folding doors are shut, will this keep the A/C on and cooling? We usually like to sit outside before going to bed, now, my routine may be ending... Very disappointed if my room won't keep me cool....
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