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  1. Just read that P & O has cancelled all their cruises through October 15.
  2. Below is an interesting article about the CDC grading system. Several former ship doctors recommend that future cruises operate at 50% capacity and sail within 500 miles of land. Many Caribbean and Mexican Riviera would seem to qualify for winter cruises. https://apple.news/AXcPQCA6JTXei3J94yLXC9A
  3. Canada is not the cause of Alaska losing revenue this year. Canada has no laws that force cruise ships to stop at one of their ports before visiting Alaska.
  4. This is an editorial piece, not an news article. It is the author’s opinion. You can either choose to agree or disagree. We each are free to decide for ourselves. Here is another interesting article about the fate of numerous crew members still remaining on ships. It is really a sad situation. https://apple.news/ATq1ZbKTkRGW-Q435DNpjMA
  5. The Oxford vaccine, if successful, will be manufactured by AstraZeneca. They are a large global pharmaceutical company. Thus, if approved in the US, it should be widely available. They have a very large production capacity so shortages should disappear over time.
  6. This is very good news. We were really looking forward to our first Regent cruise this month. While we were very disappointed, we will definitely try again when cruising returns.
  7. Totally agree. An Offer was made and was later accepted. There is really no dispute here.
  8. I was watching CNBC a short while ago. The reporter stated (I am paraphrasing) that there is a $400 million dollar commitment on the table from L Catterton. Those funds, however, will only be available if Norwegian can get a commitment of another billion dollars from other investors. They had no comment about the likelihood of such an additional investment.
  9. Sadly, I don’t think that what we would like is going to matter. The first cruises out of the gate will be considered the test, like it or not. It is unlikely that the countries the ships visit are going to admit Regent ships and not Silversea, Seabourn, etc. In the publics’ eye, all will be tarnished. We may not like it, but that is what will occur. Only people on CruiseCritic will know, or care, that some lines have avoided the virus.
  10. One real consequence of Carnival’s beginning so soon is that the results turn out negatively. If people on several ships once again develop the virus, the ramifications for future cruises on any line could face a serious setback. Conversely, if the limited cruises are successful, it would be a huge positive for the entire industry.
  11. In one way you would think that one of the luxury lines might be first since they have more space per passenger. On the other hand, Carnival probably attracts a much younger demographic that appears to be less impacted by the virus. I guess Carnival’s announcement answers that question.
  12. Looks like Carnival is resuming on August 1! https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-cruise-line-announces-plan-phase-service
  13. Looks like Carnival is beginning August 1! https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-cruise-line-announces-plan-phase-service
  14. Excellent post. I wonder how many of our fellow CC posters are deciding to make the final payment for an upcoming cruise and how many are cancelling. Also, how many are putting deposits on future cruises. That, I suspect, is the determining factor in where we really stand on the solvency Norwegian.
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