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  1. FYI - https://www.cnn.com/style/article/venice-flooding-st-mark-damages/index.html
  2. Hi Steve, actually, our Medjet policy is good for another 8 months and we may be moving next year out of state. I was actually looking more for a comparison between the policies for future reference, not looking for an immediate quote. Hopefully, you can give me some insight in general terms. Thanks.
  3. Hi Steve, we appreciate your comments. We have recently "graduated" to a MedJet Diamond membership (annual coverage). Could you compare MedJet to similar GeoBlue policies? We travel frequently by cruise or by independent land vacations and find it useful to have the annual policy. We are very active with no health issues. And yes, we do have Medcare Advantage Plan F that covers foreign travel. Thanks.
  4. I can recommend the Loucas Hotel in Fira. It is built on several terraces on the slope of the caldera. It has absolutely perfect views of the sunset from your own room terrace. It is moderately priced. We stayed there for a few days 4 years ago. We have also stayed on some fancier places, but value for money, the Loucas was very good. I just saw in their website that it has been modernized and that the pool looks really nice. https://www.loucasonthecliff.com/en/
  5. Perhaps they are right, but the media suggests that they may increase in the run up for the elections on Nov. 10. There may be another flare up of protests leading up towards Dec. 16 when Belgium decides on the extradition of a Catalan separatist leader back to Spain. I hope anyone going to Barcelona in the next few days will post their experiences. Hopefully, you can say that "nothing happened."
  6. Thanks for your kind comments. The Sants train station was surrounded by people yesterday and blocked access to the station. Today, the university students in the area have gone on strike. Some are asking for alternate methods of grading so they are free to demonstrate instead of going to class. https://www.lavanguardia.com/politica/20191029/471270205193/huelga-indefinida-universidades-catalanas-sentencia-proces.html Several "spontaneous" demostrations are expected to occur. No details, but should be small.
  7. This is your location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Rambla+de+Catalunya,+103,+08008+Barcelona,+Spain/@41.3919344,2.1603075,15.83z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x12a4a2922c6f1b53:0x6f871cb87f6b991!8m2!3d41.393308!4d2.1601169?hl=en You are one block from the Passeig de Gracia where a large demonstration took place this past Sunday. Last week there were some disturbances near where you are staying. Generally, that is a very quiet area.
  8. Protests have not affected the cruise ports. Protests are not all over every street in the city. They are largely confined to the designated routes. If there is one when you are there and there are 300,000 people standing in front of your hotel, the taxi cannot drop you off at the door. If there is no protest there is no problem. If the protest is not on your street or very near, there is no problem. Most flights from the US arrive in BCN early in the morning and so far the earliest protest has been at noon. Again, I don't have a crystal ball ... There is no way of predicting ahead of time what might happen or the extent of the problem. The streets between Las Ramblas and the Cathedral are narrow medieval streets not conducive to mass demonstrations. Use your map directions on your phone to get there. Again, ask at your hotel desk for updates on the closings if there happens to be a demonstration.
  9. Jean, you seem to be in an area where no marches have occurred and are not likely to occur. Look at the map in post #63. Your hotel is 2 or 3 blocks from the Sagrada Familia well away from the closed streets. That is why people should check their location on a map before making any changes. If you stay out of the path of the demonstrations you should be ok. There are plenty of nice restaurants in that area. It is easy to get from there to anywhere without getting in the way of the marches. Be informed. Relax. I will keep posting from time to time because there is so little information on the details outside of Spain. CC has been very useful to me over the years, so I am happy to contribute when I can.
  10. When are you going? That hotel is right by the Via Laietana where huge protest marches are taking place. If you are going in the next couple of weeks, you could find 300,000 people standing outside your door. Otherwise, it is a very nice area and hotel. Look at this map with the location of the hotel and the road closure of Via Laeitana happening right now.
  11. A huge pro-constitution march took place today. It was peaceful. I am posting the road closures this morning. They were all on the Passeig de Gracia and the Via Laeitana. Look at this link for a picture of the Passeig de Gracia this morning: https://www.lavanguardia.com/politica/20191027/471225770488/manifestacion-constitucionalista-centro-barcelona.html National elections will take place November 10. Between now and then there are bound to be many more demonstrations, including those called for Nov 1 and 2. So far, most demonstrations have taken place where shown in the screen shot below and the screen shot in post #58. The 4 most common streets have been the Via Laeietana, Plaza d'Urquinaona, Carrer Marina and Passeig de Gracia. Most demonstrations are peaceful, but there can always be a few hotheads that will enter into confrontations with the police. If I were going to BCN now, I would avoid booking a hotel directly on any of those streets or within a block or so because I would not want to have access to the hotel blocked by the crowd. You might want to check the map for the location of any hotel you may be considering. Still, wherever you are, check with your hotel desk for the latest info on whatever is happening that day.
  12. Tonight's march turned violent. Several barricades have been set on fire and there were people wounded. All seems to be quiet by now.
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