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  1. They are still at it: https://www.ekathimerini.com/news/1159259/greece-aiming-for-more-than-4-mln-vaccinations-by-may-end-minister-says/ No mention of J&J. I'll keep checking.
  2. Here is the latest on vaccines in Greece: https://www.ekathimerini.com/news/1159197/j-amp-j-one-shot-vaccines-to-start-on-monday-in-greece/ Greek friends tell us that the government will emphasize vaccines for island residents in order to open up those ports to cruises.
  3. A Greek friend told me the government is stepping up vaccinations for residents of the islands in an effort to open up the ports to cruises and tourism. With any luck we will get to visit them in September. May or may not take a chance adding a cruise to the trip.
  4. They are both good. You have to decide between Istanbul and Venice. Both go to Athens , Santorini and Kusadasi. I favor Option 1 because it has more variety and, for your teenager, more islands and beaches. Save Istanbul for another cruise.
  5. I just checked the Athens Gate website and they have "Fully Flexible Rates" for all room categories this July - and just about anytime you want to go.
  6. Celestyal, ferries and other vessels dock at the port of Athinios. From there you just walk out of the ship and to the taxis. No problem. All other cruise ships tender at Fira because of the view and because it is not their final destination. I think it would be a terrific hassle to tender out with your luggage. If you decide to tender, the best suggestion was JB's to get on a tour tender that goes to Athinios. BTW, sometimes cruise ships miss the Santorini stop because of high winds. Do consider flying back from Athens. Good luck. I hope you find the right connections.
  7. JB has it right. If your disembarkation port is Athens, consider flying to Santorini from there. It is a 30 minute flight. Plenty of taxis at the Santorini airport. Ships disembark in Athens after the time of the morning ferries to Santorini. You can go to the airport and fly to Santorini and arrive even before the morning ferry gets there.
  8. The elevator is not an issue. We have been in the suite right next to it a couple of times (different ships, different decks) and you cannot hear it. Day or night. Same for people waiting for the elevators. You can't hear them.
  9. Yes. Everyone is treated the same regardless of your suite level. The fancy suites get some extra amenities in the suite and may get a more generous on board credit, but no different treatment or priority outside.
  10. Hello again! For Athens I highly recommend George the Famous Taxi Driver (https://www.taxigreece.com/) We met George when it was only him and his yellow Mercedes taxi. Once he drove us around the Peloponnesus in his taxi for 5 days. His company has grown to a full tourist service company. His sons run it now. It has excellent guides, tours and transportation services. We always customize our tours and have always been very pleased with the results. I have used them and recommended them many times over the years.
  11. Whichever size they decide on, it will be based on gross tonnage (GT) or in Italian "tonnellate di stazza lorda." Whether it is the weight defined in the 2012 decree or a new one remains to be seen. And the GT of your favorite ships can be found in the websites of the cruise lines. Hopefully, it will be 40,000 GT or less.
  12. I was curious, so I found a quote from a 2019 article showing that large ships (grandi navi) were defined in a 2012 decree as having more than 40,000 tonnes. The decree forbids the large ships, but postpones the implementation until adequate navigation channels are available. And, apparently, that is the mess they are in today. "Nel 2012 un decreto Infrastrutture e Ambiente 2 marzo 2012, sottoscritto dai ministri Corrado Passera e Corrado Clini aveva vietato il transito nel Canale di San Marco e nel Canale della Giudecca delle navi adibite al trasporto di merci e passeggeri super
  13. Yes, it is the measure of the cargo carrying capacity of the ship. Here is the formula: Tonnage, in shipping, the total number of tons registered or carried or the total carrying capacity. Gross tonnage is calculated from the formula GT = K1V, where V is the volume of a ship's enclosed spaces in cubic metres and K1 is a constant calculated by K1 = 0.2 + 0.02 log10 V.
  14. 1000 metric tonnes = 1,000,000 kg =1103 U.S. tons (approx) = 2,205,000 lbs (approx) 1 metric tonne = 1000 kg = 1.103 U.S. ton (approx) = 2205 lbs (approx)
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