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  1. We have the dining package included on a 22 day cruise on the Dawn in 2021. I think this means 5 specialty restaurants. Can we book Le Bistro for all 5 dinners if it is available? Or 5 dinners at Cagneys? Or do they make you book 5 different restaurants? We are not interested in the Mexican or Asian restaurants. Thanks, Tony
  2. A friend who uses a scooter wants to try cruising for the first time. She would be travelling solo. Would she be able to manage in a studio on the Epic or one of the other ships that offer studios? I toured them years ago and I don't think there is much room to get around inside the cabin or to leave the scooter in the hall. There were also stairs to get to the lounge if I remember correctly. Or would she better to take an inside handicap cabin and pay the supplement? Thanks, Tony
  3. We always book Inside cabins with Sail Away, don't see any value in the "free" perks. We are Platinum Plus and don't think it affects which cabin you get. We have always been happy with our cabins, we don't fret about deck, front, middle or aft, whether we get a sofa or not. We really are only in the cabin from 10 pm to 8am. We have bid on a balcony and got it twice with just over the minimum bid. We have bid 4 or 5 other times and not got the upgrade. My problem with Sail Away is NCL seems to be doing away with it, wanting the extra revenue from their "Free at Sea" rates. I think they want to offer all inclusive cruises to maximize revenue, so they only offer a handful of cabins at Sail Away rate and these sell out fast. I tried to book Sail Away for Spirit out of Dubai in 2019 on the day the cruise was announced and it said Sail Away was sold out. I looked at other similar cruises and they were all sold out on Sail Away. Another drawback to the Sail Away rate is, if you do want a drink, the prices are nuts. A beer is $10 when the autotip of 20% is added in, and a cosmo or similar for DW is about $15. Tony
  4. We were on Seaside in Feb. With Fantastica and got 2 envelopes delivered to our cabin. Each contained 24 coupons. Cruise Next advised this was a mistake and they would charge me after we used our 24 that we were entitled to. Guest Services said it was their mistakes just use them. After using a few of the extra coupons we checked our account and there were no extra charges so we kept using them. Now it gets interesting. When we got off we still had 16 left. Since we were on Divina TA on Mar. 14 we thought we'd use them there. It worked most of the time. The few times it didn't we didn't say anything and it went on our bill. I forgot to use them by the end of March but had no problem using them on April 2& 3. Confusing Tony
  5. What does NCL do if you bring a bottle of wine on board? Confiscate it and return at end of cruise? Confiscate it and keep it? Charge you a corkage fee, whether you open it or not? The reason I ask is we have an occasion after our cruise that we have a special bottle of wine for, so we want to take it onboard and bring it off the ship with us after the cruise. Thanks, Tony
  6. What does MSC do if you bring on a bottle of wine? Charge a corkage fee? Confiscate it and return it to you at trips end? Take it and not return it to you? We have an occasion after the cruise that we have a special bottle of wine for, so we want to take it on board and bring it off with us after the cruise. Should we put it in carry on or checked luggage? Thanks, Tony
  7. Thanks for the replies. Bummed that we'll miss the parade but it would mess up everything else with closures and crowds. Thinking of skipping the 9/11 museum, maybe just do the memorial and then over to South Street Seaport and try for tickets. Of course if we get matinee tickets, we'll probably have to skip the Natural History museum. I'm sure we'll find somewhere to celebrate our Irish heritage on Sunday evening.
  8. We are in NYC overnight as a port stop on MSC Divina Sunday March 17, 9am departing March 18 at 6pm. We plan to DIY by subway to the 9/11 memorial and maybe the museum. Then head uptown to Times Square to try for cheap play tickets. Then continue by subway to Museum of Natural History. It closes at 5:45 and we will head back to mid town to eat before going to a show if were able to get tickets. On the Monday we plan on walking to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum which is quite close to where we dock. Is this worth doing? Its $33 each but it seems like there are a lot of extra charges to see inside the Concorde or the submarine. Are we trying to do too much? We have done the Statue and St. Patricks and 5th Ave and Central Park, Empire State building, Park Plaza, etc. on previous visits so we feel quite comfortable getting around Manhattan. Just not sure if we might not have time to enjoy what we have planned. Thanks for any insight. Tony
  9. We arrive in Lisbon at 9 am and stay overnight in port. We went to Belem, Monastery do Jeronimo and the statue of the Discoveries on a previous cruise stop, so we think we will try to get to Sintra on our own. We think we can walk from the port to the Rossio train station and take the train to Sintra (2.25 euros each way) and then catch the 434 tourist bus (6.90 euros) outside the station to take us to Pena Palace. Is this a hop on hop off type bus or is it a separate fare for each trip? Am I right that this will eliminate some (but not all) of the hills? After Pena we want to go to Quinta da Regaleira. Is this a short walk or can we hop on the 434 bus to take us there? Or is that a different bus? Then we would spend some time in the old part of Sintra before taking the same train back to Rossio station and visit the Elevador Santa Justa. Do we have time to do all this? Is there anything else we should do when in Sintra? Thanks. Tony
  10. The "other site" tells me that Uber is $24 so I figured not worth it. Driving myself crazy trying to save 5 or 10 bucks on a $5,000 vacation. I need that vacation lol.
  11. New to Uber too and don't think it will be worth it for us. We need to get from port of Miami to MIA after cruise. We don't use our cell phones when in US (we are Canadian) because of roaming charges so we have no way of calling for Uber. We could turn on our data to book Uber but wouldn't the roaming charges negate any savings over using a taxi. And a taxi is always going to be easier to use since they are lined up right outside the door. Am I missing something? Like I said I'm new to this and would like to find a cheaper way. Tony
  12. We are doing this in reverse on Feb. 23. We checked Tri rail, flights, uber, and settled on rental car even thought we don't really want to drive ourselves. Picking up car at MIA and dropping in Port Canaveral, $57 USD. We booked through Expedia with Hertz, but cant seem to find out if they have a free shuttle from Port of Miami to Miami airport to pick up the car. I know I have seen shuttles circling the port but do they go to the airport? Is there a charge? If not, whats our best best (cheapest) way to get to the airport. Thanks, Tony
  13. On the Canadian website, it says to pre-pay the service charges is $19.41 CAD per day per person. How much is it to pay onboard in USD? Just wondering if I should pre-pay in CAD or pay onboard in USD and pay the exchange rate. I know its only a buck or 2 difference per day but we're at sea 48 days and our service charges are well over $1000. ouch . Tony
  14. We are considering pre-paying our service charges because we can do it in Canadian dollars and avoid the exchange rate if we pay on board. My question is: if we pre-pay the service charges do we have any way of cutting them once we are onboard (in the unlikely event that service is so bad that we would cut them). We have never pre-paid them before and have never cut them either, just want to have the option if necessary. Thanks, Tony
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