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  1. Ooops - too late to hit EDIT - I posted the roll call yesterday 🤭.
  2. Hi, I just started a roll call but neglected to add the departure and disembarkation ports in the title. How do I fix that? Thanks!
  3. Thank you! Looking forward to cruising - soon 🤞.
  4. That's it! That's what I was looking for - thanks so much!
  5. Hi, Happily looking ahead to booking cruises, our first on Viking, and were wondering if there's a way to tell which penthouse verandah suites (looking at decks 5 and 6 forward) have slider doors to their balconies and which have regular glass doors. I think there was a comment somewhere on this, but I'm unable to find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. chpal


    Thanks, all. Bottom line, I gather, is that we're fine on deck 6 forward - no overhang there at all. Take good care!
  7. chpal


    Looking forward to happier times, and now spending self-isolation time planning future cruises! So that I'm ready to book our first Viking cruise when things open up again, can someone give me some advice regarding the overhang on Penthouse Veranda suites? I'm not referring to there just being a "roof" on the balcony, but an actual overhang, cutting down on the sunshine on the balcony. Studying the deck plans, there is apparently a significant overhang from the deck 7 Aquavit Terrace over the deck 6 suites from 6095 to 6073 (that's the side of the ship we want to be on). Is there any overhang on the staterooms from 6015 to 6001 or, going down a deck, from 5105 to 5083 or from 5035 to 5009? To be clear, we're not concerned about noise, but rather having our view of the sky blocked! Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. Done - thanks! They're apparently having some "technical issues" posting all the roll calls and expect to have it resolved shortly.
  9. Hi, Just wanted to bump this forward a bit, since people were having trouble finding the roll call, and it's pretty lonely over there 😊! The roll call is at https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2671973-marina-may-13-2020-wine-art-aristocrats/
  10. The roll call for the May 13, 2020 cruise is now started. It should be active on the website in a day or so.
  11. chpal


    Thank you! Do you have any idea what the dinner menu was? And if you just get show tickets, do you remember what kind of food you can order along with the drinks?
  12. chpal


    Can anyone tell me about the seating at the Tropicana, if you book the dinner as well? Are they tables for 4, 6, long tables, etc? Thanks for any information.
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