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  1. Yes. My first (and almost my last) when my husband surprised me with a New York to Bermuda cruise on one of the Cunard ships for our 25th anniversary. (We have now been married for 54 years so that was quite a while ago). Anyway, we had barely gotten out into the Atlantic when a big storm came up and I, along with many of the other passengers, got really seasick. Crew were handing out barf-bags and I recall stepping over a pile of vomit in the hallway. My husband felt fine and off he went to the dining room without me, although he later reported very few other passengers were present. Well, we finally made it to Bermuda and I have never been so happy to get off anything in my life. I enjoyed our few days in Bermuda, but dreaded the return sail. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad, but I was a nervous wreck and it took ten years for my husband to talk me into another cruise. Now I love cruising and with the bigger ships, any wave action I notice is no problem with dramamine.
  2. Actually, my response was not to you as you were very clear in your original post. It was to address another poster's question (which I quoted) about how disability is determined. I also wanted to remind Vietnam veterans that a number of current medical issues can be attributed to agent orange exposure, and as such, can qualify as a service connected disability.
  3. Mark-UK,Thanks for the info. But I see you are from the UK. So is this a Level 4 as determined by the UK government? Does it also apply to citizens of other countries?
  4. My husband and I are senior citizens, and it was incredibly easy to visit the museums by ferry. Also, since our ship berthed near the castle, we bought our Oslo pass in the first big souvenir shop you encounter on the dock. The Senior Citizen rate for the Oslo pass is half that of an adult, so not sure how much money it would save you if you weren't eligible. However, for the OP whose husband has issues walking, I must say that it was a rather long walk uphill once the ferry dropped us off at the Bygdoy pier. We saw both museums and still had time to visit the Vigeland sculptures in the afternoon by tram. Really enjoyed that as the lilacs were all in bloom during our visit.
  5. Probably a stupid questions, but does a Level 4 mean no travel is allowed to the area or just a big warning to avoid the area.
  6. With Vietnam War veterans (of which my husband is one), the use of agent orange has resulted in a number of subsequent medical issues which then results in a service connected disability. For example, some soft tissue sarcomas (cancers) that develop in later life have been directly linked to agent orange exposure. My husband almost 20 years post Vietnam developed a liposarcoma that required two resections so he is on 10% disability. And no, there is no discount for being a disabled veteran.
  7. I think everyone will agree that travel preferences can also be impacted by age or disability. My husband and I have always loved independent travel with a few cruises thrown in. However, now in our mid seventies, it is no longer easy to lug even light suitcases around train stations, travel by rent-a-car when your vision is not as good nor are your reflexes, sleep well in unfamiliar/inexpensive places when you have back issues, etc. As we age, we are starting to lean more towards guided tours and cruises. If you love to travel, anyway you can keep doing it makes you happy.
  8. If the virus continues spreading as quickly as it has, by May you will probably be just as much as risk of contracting it back in the states. It sounds like a fun cruise...I would certainly go.
  9. Funny but true story. Years ago in Idaho my husband and I, desperate to see a moose, followed a ranger's advice, and hiked for miles off an unpaved logging road to a small lake where we finally saw 3 of them. Meanwhile, my elderly parents who had chosen instead to go golfing, encountered 17 moose on the golf course.
  10. Maybe I am being super cautious, but when I check current prices on an already booked cruise, I use my phone rather than the computer where I initially spotted the rates and booked. On two cabins booked out of Venice this fall, I just saved a total of $1000.
  11. I would like to report a very positive experience when I booked through Royal Caribbean with a man called Ralph. I had not made final payment yet when I noticed online last week that fares had dropped $200.00 per person. I immediately called him, but my message went to his voice mail. I explained my reason for calling and 2 hours later I received a new invoice from Royal Caribbean where I noticed not only had the now lower price been reflected, but an addition $50 per person reduction had also been included. Since we had booked two cabins (4 people total) this was a $1000 savings!
  12. lynncarol

    Glory Tours

    Ask Glory Tours if you can have the guide, Charles Marshall. He was wonderful! If so, ask him to show you where he would build his dream house...off the beaten track with a fabulous ocean view.
  13. This corona virus issue must be scaring a lot of folks. We just enjoyed a huge price drop on an upcoming cruise (nowhere near Asia). Chances are you are quite safe in the Caribbean.
  14. lynncarol

    Glory Tours

    Have you checked your spam box? Sometimes my computer goes awry when it falsely perceives a security issue.
  15. Been on a Vantage river cruise 2 times now and took another Vantage mega-yacht tour of the Black Sea. (They were the only line that didn't cancel immediately following Russia's annexation of the Crimea in Ukraine). Vantage only serves the free wine and beer at dinner, but we aren't big drinkers anyway. My husband and I have found their food to be very tasty, even better than that on some of our favorite ocean cruise ships. In our experience, they fall in the middle price-wise, but will offer great deals (including free air) if you wait to book until close to departure time.
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