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  1. We've never stayed in a suite so I don't know how nice that would be. However, we stay in balcony cabins and are satisfied with that choice. I would rather spend my money on a longer cruise.
  2. We have cruised out of San Juan more than any other port. There have been several times that we have been able to fly to/from San Jaun than to/from Miami or FLL. Admittedly, there have been several times that it cost more.
  3. The rules are: Checking a case of water is no longer allowed. Bottles of water in your checked luggage are not allowed. You can carry twelve 17oz bottles in your carryon. Are these rules always enforced? No. Can I guarantee they will or won't be enforced on your cruise? Also no.
  4. Most of the activities are free. Some will require you to fill out a wavier prior to participating.
  5. To be clear - you are not signing up for a boarding time, you are signing up for a check-in time. It's possible that boarding will not start until well after check-in.
  6. It depends on the ship. On some ships, you can't reserve shows even AFTER you're on the ship.
  7. Is this correct? I thought you had to own the shares when you applied for the credit. I've always submitted a current statement to show that I own them. You're saying I don't need a current statement, I can send one dated months ago?
  8. OP will be on Liberty which has the washing stations. Unfortunately, not all of the shios in the fleet have them.
  9. You won't be given your Seapass when you check in.It will be waiting for you in your cabin. If you purchase something (cocktail?) before the rooms are open, you just give them your room number or they scan your Set Sail Pass.
  10. Pool towels are free and available at a towel station near the pool. You have "sign them out" using your Seapass. If you don't return them, you will be charged. As for arriving to the port early, I can't speak for others but, we always arrive at the port around 11:00 regardless of what our scheduled check-in time is. We have never been told we have to wait until our scheduled time to check in.
  11. I REALLY wanted to buy some back then. I knew (actually hoped) that it would have to go back up. I wanted to spend $10K of our retirement savings but several things kept me from doing it. We didn't have a lot of money to risk, my wife was very skeptical and I knew nothing about buying/selling stocks. I have kicked myself in the a$$ many times over for not doing it. You know what that $10K would be worth today?
  12. I bought a lot of the stock when it was so low at the beginning of Covid. I sold enough to recover my initial investment. I'm playing with house money so it doesn't (necessarily) cost me anything to hold onto it. I'm enjoying the slow rise. It set a new record high again today.
  13. Oops, I misread the title. Disregard.
  14. Log into your RCI Visa account. Click on "View MyCruise Points". Click on "Redeem MyCruise Points". Choose the category you want to redeem them for. Follow the prompts to redeem them.
  15. Not if they plan on purchasing it from the shop on the ship.
  16. We don't do specialty dining unless it is a gift from our TA or RCI. The free dining venues serve very good food and we see no reason to spend extra money on dining. As for the kids, RCI's Adventure Ocean program is top notch. The kids are put into group with other kids their age. There will be activities scheduled throughout most of the day. The kids will love it. If you log into the app, look at the current cruise and you will be able to see what activities are planned for each day.
  17. We have been to all of the stops that your cruise will take you to and passports were not needed at any of them.
  18. The deck plans make it confusing. They show the ice rink (Studio B) on deck 2. Technically, the ice surface is on deck 2 but access to Studio B is on deck 3. You have to walk down steps to get to the seating. As for the theater, that also shows up on deck 2 on the deck plans because, technically, some of the theater is on deck two but, access to the theater is on deck 3 & 4. It would probably avoid some of the confusion if the deck plans only showed the venues on the deck that had access to them.
  19. I usually send a request about two months out.
  20. I don't think there is an entrance from deck 2, only 3 and 4. No reservations are required for the shows in the theater. There will probably be more empty seats than occupied ones.
  21. You'll be able to check in 45 days before sailing. Check-in opens at 12:00am for the departure port which in your' case will be Central Time. I have received an email informing me that I can check in but it's usually several days after check-in actually opens up.
  22. What do you mean by "communicate"? Phone calls? Email? Zoom? If you have Wi-Fi calling on your phone, you'll be able to do all three. If you don't have Wi-Fi calling, you'll have to pay your phone service to be able to make the call.
  23. Look in the app at the current sailing. Theme nights seldom change from cruise to cruise.
  24. She was obviously not very pleasant if she refused to honor a simple and common request.
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