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  1. Ditto Sparks - while they usually are able to travel without a passport, without a notarized letter authorizing travel outside of the country from the other parent might be an issue
  2. I'm extremely prone to motion sickness and sea/relief bands did squat for me. Meclizine HCL works wonders for me.
  3. Wondering if the TA was saying that they need to be notified by 2/3 so that they can cancel by 2/4 to avoid this very issue
  4. Downy Wrinkle Release, hang clothes up in bathroom and bundle/roll clothes. Never had any issues - I have even packed a wool blend suit in my carry on the last several cruises.....
  5. Can you elaborate? You say that he is allergic to the patch - have to assume you mean the Scopolamine patch. Just wanted to confirm that he is also allergic to other OTC antiemetics like Dramamine and Bonine, which are more common antihistamines that will be found on board most ships. In any event, he needs to see his GP
  6. We've been to ports all over the Caribbean as well as in the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas - wife has never had any issues wearing her rings
  7. Another that disagrees with the OP's blanket statement. And your rating of a "5" should indicated average quality food but your posts clearly state otherwise Buffet's have never tried to pretend they were gourmet dining but they are still, for the most part, good.
  8. When we originally booked for our early September 2017 cruise, we were told that we would visit Mendenhall first to spend as much time (within reason) at the park and then take a bus to Auke Bay for the whale watch. I believe the entire tour was to last something like 4 hours. When we arrived (1:30pm tour), plans had changed and we went on the whale watch first, spent more time than we were supposed to on the water (no complaints as we saw a lot of whales!) and then was bussed to Mendenhall. We could spend as much time as we wanted there but the last JWW tour bus back into town was at 6pm - after that and we would have to take a cab. We were able to hike to Nugget Falls and spent quite a bit of time there. Orginally was planning on staying later but wife got hungry so we grabbed the last JWW bus back and had dinner at Tracy's. I think we spent an hour and a half at the park But I guess it all depends on which portion of the excursion you take first.......
  9. We sailed in September and the tip to dress in layers with a waterproof outer is the best advice you can take. As for boots vs shoes - I wore waterproof hiking boots and my wife wore sneakers that she spray waterproofed. We had rain in Juneau and Sitka and she was comfortable and dry (we also had rain pants). Also got closer to Nugget Falls at Mendenhall than most others. In Ketchikan, it was sunny and warm enough that we didn't need a jacket.
  10. Viator is a booking site - you can usually find who the actual tour provider is and book with them, usually at a better rate. My thing is that I would rather get information straight from the source rather than thru a third party
  11. We used http://www.juneauwhalewatch.com in Juneau for our whale watching excursion and Mendenhall Glacier Tour. We thought it was excellent and much cheaper than some of the other whale watching excursions although we can't do an honest comparison having done only this tour.
  12. The generic form of Bonine, aka Meclizine HCL. I can buy a bottle of 100 25 mg tablets from Costco for right around $5
  13. I am extremely prone to motion sickness and the Scop patch is overkill, imho - and the side effects make it a counterproductive anti-emetic for me. I take 50mg of Meclizine HCL every 24 hours and I am perfectly fine, In the generic form, it is very cheap and it makes me less sleepy than Dramamine and works 3-4 times longer on a single dose
  14. I am extremely prone to motion sickness and taking Meclizine is a Godsend. It makes you less drowsy than Dramamine, works up to 24 hours and you can get the generic cheap at the pharmacy counter - the brand names Bonine and Less Drowsy Dramamine are pretty pricey. I was able to get them at Costco Pharmacy counter for around $5 a bottle of 50 tablets. Prior to that, I had gotten the chewable version at the Target Pharmacy for around the same price. The Scopalamine patch is overkill on cruises, imho. It makes me extremely sleepy the first couple of days, gives me the worst case of dry mouth and I'm loopy the whole time on it. And God forbid you scratch or rub the patch and then rub your eyes!
  15. I would not have any issues using my kid's BC's to check in with but I would also bring their passports. Even if it does expire in less than 6 months, it is still valid and neither of your ports of call requires the 6-months validity
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