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  1. Does anyone remember if past world cruises were first listed as only full world cruises then at some point Princess opened it up to some partial cruises?
  2. But you didn't take the cruise. Princess is giving you a full refund with additional credit so you are taken care of. They are helping out the travel agent regardless who they are or how big they are. Talk about greedy.
  3. All of this sounds good on paper but for some of us that are not clear on weather the cruise line will allow us to cruise due to possible health issues I would rather the cash be sent back and deal with any new fees at a later date. The longer they stretch this out and don't clarify things in writing the more suspicious I am becoming. In my mind there is no need for this account other then the cruise line is having cash flow issues. And that brings up a whole new topic.
  4. I'm not an accountant but how are they going to keep track of all this? One cruise is over and all moneys should be paid back so they can close out that cruise. The next cruise will have different port charges and taxes . You may or may not have airfare. It's called a clean paper trail. No one should have to call to get there money back if the cruise has been canceled. Now it might take longer to issue credit card payments and that I understand but I don't understand a holding account that no one from Princess has informed us about let alone how to access it to see what the dollar amounts might be or if they are even correct.
  5. The key word for me is Severe Medical conditions. What is the definition of severe? I have high blood pressure but with medication I have always kept my blood pressure at a normal range. My partner is a Diabetic but with diet and exercise all his levels are perfect and in normal range but he would still be considered a diabetic. I will wait till they come out with more information before I worry.
  6. Just received our credit for our April 4th cruise. We choose option 1. I don't think it has even been 30 days since we applied. Yea....
  7. I also purchased additional medical insurance above and beyond what we had with Princess. I did this on my own not through a travel agent. I also went on the Allianz website and saw they were doing a refund as long as there were no claims against the insurance. Sent them an email with all the information. It took a bit longer to get the refund then 10 business days but I did receive a refund. Might have taken 13 business days. Very happy with the refund.
  8. Princess website also has the information about passengers still on board,,
  9. You have the printed dress code. Not sure what you are expecting anyone to tell you here on CC. There is no answer. Wear what you want. It is all up to who is at the door of the dining room the night you go in. If you get turned away then you have your answer for the ship you are on.
  10. Potstech we are talking about Princess Cruise Lines not what other cruise lines have adopted. Did Princess adopt the CLIA policy? If so please post where you saw that. I'm sure everyone would be interested. I have looked and have not found such. If and when Princess adopts the policy it brings into question will this be short term or will this be an on going policy. No one knows yet. Too many questions so Yes I guess you are right we will have to accept what we want and act accordingly. At the end of the day that is all we can do.
  11. What if, What if, What if, Nothing in writing, only proposals to the government. If you are concerned don't place new bookings. For those of us that are waiting for our credits we will deal with it when and if it becomes law.
  12. Unless there is something new in writing from the cruise lines there is no new policy about age restrictions and as of now just hearsay. This is going to be a long drawn out process and cruising is not going to happen any time soon. When and if it happens then we can worry.
  13. Agreed they can change it but when it comes to holding thousands of dollars from a previous cruise just not a $50 credit if we can't use it or get a full refund I think there will be lawsuits. Contracts can and have been broken.
  14. I find it hard to believe that any cruise line would issue a statement that anyone over 70 will now need a doctors letter to travel without some advanced warning. Unless they let passengers use their FCC or get a total refund I can see major lawsuits. Are they really going to spend that type of money going to court?
  15. If you don't mind not having a balcony grab one for all the reasons mentioned above. In years past it has been suggested to get one of the higher number cabins not F301. that end of the hallway is closer to the cigar bar and it has been reported an occasional smell of smoke in the hallways only when someone leaves the doors open at the end of the hallway. We had no smell of smoke down near F307 and certainly not In the cabin
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