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  1. If it's important for you to board together then you can always wait with them till it's time for them to board. As mentioned above if you arrive later the wait time shouldn't be an issue.
  2. Ours is still in a holding account waiting to be applied to our next EZair flight. Did not request to have it refunded.
  3. How about a couple of extra main courses on the dining room menu? And 3 more days to add a few more pounds. 🙂
  4. I would say yes. Besides the step up getting in and the awkward step down getting out the tub walls have a curve to them in the bottom of the tub. You have to be sure you place your foot closer to the center of the tub when entering. For someone tall like myself once inside the tub the ceiling height is low.
  5. I cannot recommend the sushi that they serve in the buffet. Made ahead of time and sitting out the rice is dry. Now if they have an Indian Food buffet one night I can recommend that. I think it was some of the best Indian food we have eaten.. We were also on the Caribbean Princes when they had the evening buffet.
  6. Some down sides might be EZair does not always have the cheapest flights offered by the airline. You should check both before deciding. EZair does not always offer the most direct flights. We have found EZair to be great for International flights.
  7. Thanks Frank. I looked for our December 2021 cruise and it didn't come up. Must be user error. lol
  8. I'm no longer seeing it listed on the Princess Website. I see a coffee and soda package. Hopefully someone else can find it.
  9. I agree. A significant increase. The cruise lines are going to try and get back all that credit that us crazy people have burning a hole in our pockets. I also have a cruise booked for Dec. 1st 2021. Keeping my fingers crossed that we sail and I can finally use our credits. 😀
  10. Worked for the mouse for many years till retirement. Started cruising when the first Disney ship came out. Name was easy to remember.
  11. I'm sorry but I don't see why this is a big surprise. The cruise lines have not made any money in over a year. I think you are lucky you still have a credit available and I think we are lucky the cruise line has not gone out of business. Everyone is eager to get cruising again so cabins are going to be in short supply and pricing is going up. Supply and demand. I would book the cruise and reserve the space and hope there is a price reduction closer to the sail date or pick something else to use up your credit. It's not going to get any better in the short term.
  12. They need both. There are plenty of people that know how to wash their hands. Especially now. There are still a select few that can't use the sanitizers and should have the option also. My only problem with the washing stations is water gets all over the surrounding floor which makes it a safety hazard. Poor placement of the towel dispenser.
  13. I'm all for having someone serve me at the buffet. Don't over think it. If we can get away from others eating while standing in line, licking their fingers then touching the next serving spoon then serve away.
  14. Not sure why you would say E522 is in the rear of ship. It would be considered mid aft and pretty darn close to mid center. I would try to get it changed only because it is over Princess Live. Not sure how late the shows run but you don't want to listen to noise late at night. You have to be careful with any cabins above the Promenade deck. There are some good ones. Just check. L102 has a great balcony but this cabin is all the way forward. Lots more movement if you run into bad weather. If you are not prone to sea sickness then you would be fine in this cabin. Both cabins
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