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  1. During our Panama Canal cruise on the Pearl, I took advantage of my spa pass and sat on a lounger in the spa during the canal transit and had a bird's eye view of everything. There was only one other person in the spa with me. I was surprised that more people didn't think to do this.
  2. Also look on the Bermuda forum for suggestions.
  3. I never cruise, especially on the Escape, without the Thermal spa pass. I'm not a sun/pool person so the spa pass is a perfect fit for me. So quiet and relaxing. You will love the heated tile loungers. How does your sister feel about this or were you going to surprise her with it?
  4. Thank you. Yes, that was the menu I was looking at since it said 2019.
  5. If you go online, in your search type in NCL Escape Bayamo menu and it will show you the 2019 menu for Bayamo and all the other specialty restaurants on the Escape.
  6. Whoops! The Bayamo menu lists their Surf and Turf at $29.99 and the Fisherman's Platter at $39.99. I gave a wrong price for the Surf and Turf.
  7. We are booked at Bayamo for our upcoming cruise and already paid the $12 per person upcharge in advance. I noticed on their menu that they have Surf and Turf for a main course at the price of $39. Will this be covered in our upcharge? We dined at Bayamo two years ago on the Escape and really enjoyed the experience and felt the upcharge was still worth the price for fine dining. Hope we aren't disappointed this time like you were.
  8. We are considering dining in LeBistro on the Escape for our upcoming cruise. Would appreciate any good/bad comments and/or menu suggestions. Thank you in advance for all comments.
  9. Mango Meltdown and Bushwacker
  10. I bought stainless steel straws (the wider ones) on Amazon and they work great!
  11. New to RCCL, so we booked 18 months in advance on Symphony to get the junior suite we wanted. I understand they sell out fast and didn't want to take a chance of losing out. Looking forward to our first time with Royal!
  12. If you're not sure about the Thermal Spa, wait until you board and go to the desk at the Thermal Spa and request a tour. I've seen several people request a tour to help them decide if they want it or not. If you wait until you board to book it, the cost is $20 more pp compared to if you book prior to your cruise.
  13. Will be sailing the Escape our third time in May. The Thermal Spa on the Escape is the highlight of my cruise. Well worth the extra $. Total relaxation. You won't regret booking it.
  14. Just curious, you said you purchased your UDP during a Black Friday special. How soon before your cruise did they offer this special, so I know when to start looking for it for our upcoming Symphony cruise?
  15. A slot pull, cabin crawl and pub crawl are all great ideas. I've only taken part in them, but never organized them. Maybe someone who has organized any of these events for a Meet and Greet can give you some ideas how to organize these.
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