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  1. Agreed. Most underrated feature on the ship prior to boarding. Once on and you watch others or try them yourself, you will be complaining that they aren't open enough! When boarding reserve puzzle break (if it is your thing, and the iFly if you didn't in the cruise planner. Head to two70 for the roast beef or straight to the Seaplex for repeat rides on the bumper cars. Sometimes you won't even have to get off if there are not enough people. After a couple of days, THERE WILL BE LONG LINES. After 7 prior cruises on Royal, my wife and I sailed on the Anthem in Sept 2018. Prior to that we had sailed on all classes but Empress and Oasis (though we leave on the later in less than 3 weeks!) We enjoyed it so much we took our kids (in college) on it for the NYE cruise 3 months later. To date it is the only ship we have sailed twice on.
  2. To date, I've been on all classes except the smallest (Empress) and largest (Oasis - though we'll be on her in less than 3 weeks) and I feel that the Freedom Class is a great starter ship for a group with varied ages. We have had two family reunions (Age ranges from 5 to 80s) on that class (Liberty and Independence) and all had a great time. There was plenty to do and see and it was simpler to go to shows without having to reserve spots like one has to do on Oasis and Quantum class ships. Between the variety of entertainment and dining options on the Oasis and Quantum class ships, it can get a little overwhelming. To me it would be easer to manage a large group on the other ships.
  3. John, since we are in a JS next month, could you please ask what would be our best plan to try to eat dinner at the CK each night during our cruise. What are the best times to try for? We would prefer to eat early (5:30ish) though we are open what the best strategy is. Are we able to reserve upon boarding or do we have to check each day? Any guidance would be most appreciated!
  4. Sailed twice on the anthem last year. There were plenty of options for the iFly and Northstar after it was closed out on the cruise planner once we boarded. The most limited activity was the Puzzle Break room but even that had several options. We did board relatively early though. I actually changed some reservations that I made previously on the cruise planner to more convenient times once aboard.
  5. We are on the February 9th sailing. Which are you on? That is very kind of you. Thanks.
  6. This is our fist time on the oasis class and our first time in a JS. We prefer to eat early - Essentially 5:30, though we are open to even 5PM. Are reservations open to JS for dinner only on a night by night basis or can I make reservations for all nights upon boarding. There are just two of us and we are sailing on February 9th, BTW.
  7. Have a wonderful trip. We are looking forward to our first time on an Oasis class on Feb 9th! Also it will be our first time in a JS. My wife and I particularly enjoy the shows. I think you commented on another thread I posted on. I have a reservation for the first night headliner show but I have heard that there may be different headliner acts through the week and the cruise planner will not let me reserve more than one headliner show. I would appreciate it if you could comment if the headliner shows are different each night they have them and if you attend them how difficult it is to get a seat without a reservation. Thanks again!
  8. I brought my DJI Mavic Pro on a cruise in October 2018 and filmed in Portland, Bar Harbor, Peggy's Cove, St. John and St. Martins. It was a lot of fun. As others have already said, The rules are pretty clear about flying at CocoCay and Labadee. When I fly my drone, I try to get it up and away from people quickly as to avoid intruding on their space and peace (The buzz can scare some people). At Peggy's Cove, the waves and wind pretty much drowned out the noise as soon as the drone was about 30 feet off the ground. The trip out to the Anthem from Bar Harbor made me a little nervous as the ship was pretty far away and the wind was pretty strong that day, but she got back safely. I never flew directly over the ship and was respectful to the people around me, letting them know when the drone was going to lift off and when it was about to return. People were genuinely interested in how everything was monitored and controlled. I lost the connection with the drone once at the St. Martins Caves in New Brunswick but the software brought her back to me fine. 😅 Here's a link to the video for anyone interested: Anthem Cruise to NE and Canada
  9. We were on the Anthem for NYE last year and my daughter was strictly on a Vegan diet during that time. We did notify RCCL about her dietary restrictions via email and got back a generic letter saying that (at the time) there was no special menu for her but that we could ask on board for assistance in the MDR. On our first night, the headwaiter came up to us, introduced himself and confirmed that my daughter was needing vegan options for dinner. He introduced her to a chef that would be preparing her meals for the next 8 evenings and while that first nights dinner was a simple pasta with marinara sauce, he asked about her preferences and prepared EXCELLENT meals for her on subsequent nights. Feedback and even preferences for repeats were solicited each evening for subsequent meals. It was a terrific experience. As far as specialty restaurants, we only at at Jamie's Italian and I believe she had Gnocchi, but otherwise there were limited options.
  10. Looks risky...What happens if Skynet becomes self aware at that moment....
  11. These are so beautiful. That first picture is incredible. Somehow you managed to capture the detail in both the lighter and darker areas of the view. There is minimal to no motion blur from the bartenders (How did you get them to stay still for the shot, LOL!) - The color from the bar is in sharp contrast to the dark surroundings and ...OMG!!!!...The light on Rachel's face is perfect!!! Good thing nothing naughty was going on in the central park view cabin above. The lighting there is even perfect!
  12. What a treat to find you posting again! I always love your presentation style and your after hours photos of the ship have always been the stuff that should be in catalogs. You have given me tips on how to shoot in the past and I have benefited greatly from your advice. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the review....My wife and I are on the Oasis in February.
  13. Thank you for this information. I just came across a set of cruise compasses from This past December that suggested the same - What to do....
  14. Sorry, we overlapped. We were on Rhapsody in 2004 so I don't know how she has been updated over the years. We enjoyed family Karaoke. Both kids went to adventure ocean and enjoyed it. Both enjoyed eating in the Main DR where we shared a table with a senior couple who practically adopted our children. Both our kids have always been good travelers and enjoy new experiences including new foods. Cruises have been a great way to help them to build confidence around new people. What's funny is that when they were younger, we preferred larger shared tables where we could interact with others during our meals, but as the kids got older (Now 24 and 21!) we started to request smaller tables so that we would be able to interact with OUR OWN KIDS more effectively while they were still under our roof! I remember on Rhapsody, we went rock climbing, slashed around in the pool, went to the shows, played games in the Viking Crown Lounge and played shuffleboard and ping pong. What is nice on Royal's larger ships, there is the promenade which gives you a lot of indoor space to explore should the weather topside be bad or too cool.
  15. Our kids were 8 and 5 when we took our first family cruise (On the Rhapsody, BTW!) and we had a great time. That being said, as Biker19 above suggested, Voyager and even more so, Freedom Class ships (Both Royal) have a lot more to offer. The ship choice will have little effect on your 3 year old, but the 6 year old will have more to experience on Royals larger ships. THat said, If your older child would be happy enjoying the sunshine and splashing around in the shallow water of a pool, they will be fine on Rhapsody. Our kids both loved watching the shows in the main theater each night.
  16. Thanks for the fast response. So, just to confirm, If I have scheduled the Headliner show for the first night, I do not need to schedule it again for the remainder of the cruise, correct?
  17. My wife and I have sailed on Royal nine times but this February we will be on the Oasis which is our first trip on this class of ship. I have been reserving our entertainment on the cruise planner and it had occurred to me that there may be several different performances that are listed under the same name. For example, When it says "Headliner showtime" does that refer to the same show (like Aqua 80, Frozen in Time or One Sky) or are these actually different shows/entertainers on the different nights listed for reservation. My wife and I always enjoy the various shows in the main theater and I was wondering if I should prioritize attendance at these shows and schedule the other events around them. Also, do the various comedy shows have different comedians or are they repeat engagements wit the same person? Thanks!
  18. I would guess that the only obstruction would be a slight blocking of the view forward by the balconies that extend out from the side of the ship at the "hump" This is a video from a cabin three back from yours on the other side of the ship (starboard). https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=80&v=J67XDyuj6TE&feature=emb_logo
  19. Last NYE we were on the Anthem and my daughter was on a strictly Vegan diet. I sent a message to RCI about her diet prior to the cruise (I don't remember through what avenue...) and I received a standard letter at how there is no standard vegan menu in the MDR, but they would do their best to accommodate her. The first evening on the cruise, the head waiter came by at the beginning of the meal and said that he would notify the chef that was responsible for special dietary needs that my daughter was vegan. The chef actually came out and spoke with her about what she preferred and said that while he could make something simple for that evening, for future evenings, he would be able to put more effort into the meal for her. From that point on , after the end of each meal, the waiter would solicit feedback from my daughter and pass that onto the chef. She had a GREAT experience. She actually LOVED most of the meals. In no way did it appear as though her dishes were an afterthought. They were well presented and she thought several were outstanding (she asked for some repeats during out 8 day cruise). The only misses were in some of the deserts but that was no problem as sorbets were to the rescue... I know this is different from Gluten-free, but I just wanted to illustrate an example of how accommodating the kitchen was on the Anthem. Good luck and enjoy!
  20. For our February 9th cruise it is listed under the "All activities" subsection of "onboard actvities"
  21. We added the UDP to our May cruise on Indy recently. Where did you find the information you are referring to? Thanks!
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