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  1. They are standard balconies. I tried the sticky first but couldn't access the spreadsheet. I just did a search of the topic and found one of the mini-suites reviewed (D725). They are uncovered which is the reason for the cheaper price. No shade, no privacy. I knew it was too good to be true. I'll opt for something better. Thanks for the tip.
  2. These cabins are located on deck 9 aft (Dolphin) and are category BD. They are right next to mini-suites D711-D725 and appear to have the same size balconies as the minis, if the deck plans are fairly accurate. The price is much cheaper than other standard balconies. They are not listed as obstructed. If anyone has seen or stayed in one of them I'd like to know if there is anything to be aware of such as are they uncovered? Do they have steel in lieu of clear fronts? Are they on top of life boats? Or any other drawbacks? Are they secret gems or are they inferior in some way other than their size?
  3. Double check the "disembarkation 2 hours after docking". Normally that only applies to the home port at the end of the cruise not to port stops. Disembarkation in Caribbean ports is usually within a half hour after docking which is normally well before the "scheduled" arrival time. If you're scheduled to be in Antigua at 10:00AM, you'll most likely be able to get off the ship at that time as the ship will probably dock sometime between 9-9:30 AM.
  4. we'll be sailing on her in January in Yacht Club (still a great deal). Love to see the new menus and wonder who the maitre'd and hostess will be (Giusseppe, David, Julia ?). And not to forget old servers Arthur and Drago!
  5. I agree with other responses. Mid ship is ideal, but is pricier. I've sailed aft and the motion problem isn't anywhere near as bad as forward and the price is about the same as forward cabins. Also, I've been in a mini suite on Deck 10 (Dolphin) midship and the balcony had no covering. No sun protection and no privacy. I believe it was the same for all cabins on that deck. Since we use our balcony a lot on warm weather cruises, I actually prefer a regular balcony stateroom one deck below (Caribe), which has a large oversized balcony with both covered and uncovered areas.
  6. Celebrity has really gone off the rails with their new pricing. In February, we booked an 11 night Equinox cruise for this coming October. We opted for Go Best and the total cost was $4,476. This same cruise with 4 perks is now $5,263. I also had been looking at an 11 night on the Silhouette post- revolution. Earlier in the year the price was about $5,400 with 2 perks which was more than we wanted to spend. It's now over $7,000 with 2 perks. It seems like the Edge had been selling at premium prices, so they've now priced the entire fleet at the same levels. Earlier this year, we sailed on MSC in their Yacht Club (all inclusive suite area similar to the Retreat of NCL's Haven) for less than a balcony would have cost us on the Edge. Don't roll your eyes about MSC. The Yacht Club is a totally different experience than the rest of the ship and far superior to NCL's Haven. We like our beverage packages too and will be looking at Princess and HAL this summer when they offer their Sip and Sail and Explore 4 promos. They offer a comparable cruise experience and their prices are much more reasonable than X even if they bump them up a bit for the promo.
  7. St. Thomas - Taxi to Magen's Bay for beach day. Shop at Havensight where you dock. Downtown not what it used to be. St. Maarten - Water taxi ($7 all day) to beach. Walk towards Holland House Hotel. Little way past is Blue ***** Bar and Grill with beach area in front. $15 two chairs and shared umbrella (Brian is the best). Shopping on Front Street, 1/2 block down, is OK but some shops still closed from hurricane. Found liquor and jewelry to be the best buys. Nassau - Stay on board or taxi to Atlantis on Paradise Island. Bay street is a waste of time. It's safe, so go if you just want to walk around.
  8. Bermuda.com and Bermuda4u.com have ferry and bus schedules, rates, etc as well as some other ideas about what to do. It's quite safe traveling on your own. Crime rate, while not as low as it used to be back in the 1980's and 90's, is still pretty much under control and the island has a much higher standard of living than most other islands thanks to the insurance industry and toruism. If you want a full day, take the ferry to St George to soak up some history (it's a UNESCO world heritage site). If you don't take a tour, make sure you have a good guidebook so you know what you're seeing or pop in to the visitors center in town for a walking map. Then hop a pink public bus to Hamilton. It's a bit of a ride, but you get to see some the island that way. Hamilton is mainly a business center, home to many of the insurance companies domiciled on the island, but there are some shops and more than a few restaurants and pubs which could make a good lunch stop. Then take the ferry from Hamilton back to the Dockyard. Horseshoe Bay is the closest beach to the Dockyard, and absolutely beautiful.As a previous poster suggested, take one the minivans near the pier rather than the public bus. Not only is the walk back up the hill from the beach to the main road to get the bus back a killer unless you are very fit, but the buses also tend to be very crowded on the way back. I'd stay away from Snorkel Park which is right in the Dockyard. It's man made and always crowded with people who don't want to venture far from "home base". There are also free walking tours in the Dockyards (or there were when we last visited 3 years ago).
  9. Just got back on April 1 from a 10 day cruise, thought food was great both in Opus and OVC. My husband is a beef lover and all beef dishes were served perfectly. I'm a fish eater and there were 2 choices were every night in the MDR (different one nightly plus always available salmon), which were also nicely prepared with the exception of one night's dry drumfish. Rack of lamb and Duck a L'Orange on the 2 chic evenings were excellent also. Breakfast choices in the OVC were the usual but there were many items to choose from. For lunch, I guess it depends on your taste, but we thought the food in the OVC was very good and quite varied. There was a large Indian selection which had 5-6 different offerings daily and a different ethnic theme every day as well (Creole, Italian, West Indian, etc). Lots of grilled and steamed veggies, some of which were the same but there always a couple of different ones every day, too. Fish choices were the only disappointment. Everyday, there was 1 type of fish, which was never identified, that was prepared the same three ways - jerk, Cajun and lemon pepper. We had breakfast and lunch in OVC and dinner in MDR. I don't think we ate the same thing twice unless I choose to because it was a favorite. We saw no need to do the specialties because we were so pleased with the other offerings.
  10. Is it just me or does this entire thread show how dysfunctional MSC's customer service is. Everyone had a different experience whether they booked through a TA or direct. My TA was able to get the 10% but only after speaking with 3 different MSC reps who gave her 3 different stories. At one point, I was on a 3 way conversation with my TA and the MSC rep who finally agreed to apply the discount with a cancel and rebook. I tried to get an actual price from the rep. The rep gave me a price for cruise fare only and told me that the discount didn't apply to the taxes which were over $600. I understand that the discounts don't apply to taxes but I really questioned the $600 amount since this was a 7 day Caribbean cruise. After she insisted that the taxes were indeed that much, she actually told me to take a calculator and deduct 15% from the cruise only fare myself to get a final price!! It took 3 days to get a final price from MSC with the 10% + 5% Voyager discount and that price was a bit cheaper than the original price sort of quoted. And, oh yeah, the taxes were only $284 for the two of us. So much for the $600 the rep insisted was correct. Another odd thing was that MSC wouldn't transfer the deposit to the new booking. They refunded the money on the original booking and posted a new charge for the rebook. That's never happened with a rebook on any other cruise line. It was rough going, especially for my TA who spent several hours working on this but we're saving $335 from the price we originally booked and getting some free internet and a Cirque dinner show as well.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, Beam!
  12. Does anyone know the cost of the Cirque dinner & cocktail shows on the Meraviglia? Thanks
  13. going 3/22 will let you know. wondering if Tada is at the Martini Bar or Richard in the Sky Lounge?
  14. does anyone if Reginaldo or Roberto are servers on the Reflection? will be cruising 3/22 on her.
  15. Here's some answers: 1 - The terminal is across from the convention center in the warehouse district, which is full of lots of restaurants, bars, art galleries, etc. For example, Emeril's original restaurant is about a 7 or 8 minute walk up Julia Street. The terminal is about a 15 minute walk to the French Quarter. If walking is an issue, taxis are readily available at the pier and I would highly recommend anyone taking one after dark particularly if going to the Quarter. 2 - Buses are right outside the terminal. 3 - I can't speak for the Mardi Gras excursions as we took the Jazz Fest cruise. On that cruise, transportation to the fairgrounds where the festival was held was not included in the excursion price. There was a rather convoluted shuttle available provided by the festival organizers for an additional charge, but taxis were also available. Yes they are right outside the terminal.
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