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  1. We stayed in cabin 11241 on the Magic and didn't have any noise. It is under the Spa Reception desk. We have booked cabin 11239 on the Breeze for a b2b in 2021 because the only available cabin on deck 12 was 12008, and we didn't want to take the chance of hearing noise from the gym for 14 days.
  2. If you are flying into the port, than New Orleans is a lot easier than flying into Houston and getting to Galveston. You will find that most people on the cruises out of Galveston drive to the port. That's what we have done every time.
  3. I take the Taxes and Fees to be the "Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses" that are in addition to the cruise fare which is also in your quote. When you look for fares the amount you see is the cruise fare. As we all know there is an additional amount to pay which is the "Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses". This is specifically stated as "Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses" by Carnival. If you look at your confirmation you will say those exact words used under Cruise Charges. It is the separate line from "Cruise Rate". If gratuities cannot be used for gratuities then they would have to separate the drink prices and apply only the price of the drink to the OBC and charge you separately (not to OBC) for the 18% gratuity. Anything could be considered a fee. The price of your drink is the fee you pay to get the drink.
  4. Has something changed? My OBC has always been applied to the gratuities before. Nowhere in your quotes does it say it can't be used for gratuities. I have heard some lines don't allow it. I read someplace that NCL doesn't allow it. Don't know for sure since I haven't cruised with them. Now if you have an OBC credit that is specific to one thing then it can't be used for gratuities. For example, Carnival has offered an OBC for drinks as part of a cruise fare. Then that is all it can be used for. But general OBC (even offered as part of the fare) can be used for gratuities unless there has been a recent change.
  5. In general this is the meaning of the categories: 1 - Is generally cabins with 2 beds that can't be combined to make a larger bed. Sometimes upper and lower bunks. On some ships they can have portholes. 4 - Inside cabin PT - Porthole cabin - official porthole cabin. About the size of the ocean view but with portholes. Beds can be configured as 2 twins or pushed together for larger bed. 6 - Ocean view 7 - Balcony on some ships 8 - Balcony For the letters the lower the letter (A) the lower the cost and supposedly the less desirable cabin. Generally on a lower deck or forward or aft. So a 4A would be a inside cabin most likely on the lowest passenger cabin deck.
  6. I believe on the Splendor all the porthole cabins are far forward on decks 1 and 2. Cabin 2220 was the porthole furthest back and it is still loud. Just be aware. We happen to like them since they are similar to an ocean view but with a porthole instead of a window. We booked them often when they were priced for the same price as a 4A. But Carnival changed their price and now we haven't booked them.
  7. I have been in porthole cabins and 1A's with portholes. I was in cabin 2220 on the Splendor. As with all of these cabins you will have times when the waves are crashing against the hull. I can't sleep without using ear plugs. Even with the ear plugs in I can tell when a wave crashes because there is a definite vibration. But with the ear plugs I am able to sleep well. It seems like we had more crashing sounds when heading south away from Florida. We didn't have much noise at all heading north back to Florida.
  8. I have noticed that sometimes when you use an offer is disappears from "Added to the Card". Other times it is there until the credit appears. If it disappears, sometimes the day before the credit appears you can look under savings and you will see that it has been redeemed. Your credit usually shows up the next day.
  9. First the Spa is not down from Deck 11 it is up. If you are not in one of the spa accommodations (cabins 11201 to 11246) you can still use the sauna and locker rooms on Deck 12 for free. You can also use the fitness center. You would not have use of the Thermal Suites, T-pool, and locker rooms on Deck 14.
  10. You're not the only one. I have not received an email yet. I did see the news on the website. I am on there nearly everyday to get my 75 points.
  11. That seems to be the way it has been lately. Most rate drops have come before final payment. You get those with Past Guest. If they didn't lower your rate you could just cancel and rebook at the lower rate and have no penalty since you're booked with a refundable deposit.
  12. It only includes price protection up to the date of final payment, after final payment you get nothing. For my last couple of cruises there has been little or no fare drops after final payment. And some of the fare drops after final payment are for a Guarantee only. Carnival has let some people on ES switch to this but they give up their room and they cannot get any more rate drops. You take your chances either way. I like the flexibilty to make changes and get my money back. And when I book there is usually only a $20pp difference in the price. If you are booking a cruise a year or so in advance it would be better to book at Past Guest rate since it is a long ways off and you can still cancel without penalty. We watch how the rates are going. You can get fare drops before final payment. There is also the possible of switching to ES before the final payment date. We did that on a couple of cruises a few years ago. Our last cruise did not have a fare drop until 3 days before final payment. After final payment the fares only went up. But every cruise is different.
  13. There a form if you booked within the last 48 hours and a form if you booked Early Saver. There is no form if you booked any other way. You call. We booked Past Guest rate and we call.
  14. Since the notes say it requires a VIFP number that means it is a past guest rate. It also says the deposit is non refundable which most likely means it is an Early Saver fare. You could call Carnival directly and ask which fare you are booked under. They will answer your question since you booked directly through Carnival and not through a travel agent.
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