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  1. If the tote bags were not delivered the evening before the first port, I doubt if they are coming this late in the cruise. Well, I guess we'll all just have to wait and see if this is indeed a cut-back, or if it was an isolated issue, as someone mentioned, of Amsterdam simply not having stock. I love having my big collection of totes in the trunk of my car to use for shopping. About half are the old white canvas, and half the new navy blue ones. I don't hate the new ones as much as everyone else seems to. They work great for groceries and remind me of cruising.... Thanks for the review of the Beatles act. That sounds like something I would really enjoy. I hope they'll be on Amsterdam in August for us! So sad the end of your cruise is coming... and thanks again for this thread.
  2. What great photos! They are making me so excited for doing this same cruise soon! So glad you had such clear weather for the glacier. That's always my favorite day on an Alaska cruise. I get sad as we sail out of the bay! :(. But there is so much more to come on your wonderful cruise. Thanks SO much for this thread!
  3. Not at all. I have a TA, and as I stated above, my cruise fare was reduced twice - and both times the TA contacted HAL on my behalf and secured first a substantial reduction in the price, and second, a $100 drink card for each of us (after final payment). This is just one example. If you have a PCC, you can of course call them and do it yourself. In the case of having a TA, they do it for you. I prefer the latter. I'm just saying that either way, the decision is HAL's whether to give you a reduction, and they are usually very good about it.
  4. Not really. It is up to HAL whether they give you any reduction when the price goes down, and in my experience they pretty much always agree either to move you to the new promotion, or offer some perk to help bridge the gap. It's not up to the TA. He/she is just the messenger - go-between.
  5. You don't need to book through a PCC to do this. For my upcoming Alaska cruise, I booked while on board my last one, almost a year ago. I transferred the booking to my TA, and she promptly added some OBC. Since then the price for my cabin category has dropped twice (two different promotions) and each time, I have emailed my TA and asked if she could please check with HAL to see if we could switch to the new promotion. The first time, it was no problem, and we saved over $500 per person. The second time, it was already after final payment, but HAL graciously gave us each $100 drink cards. So they are actually just as responsive on this when your TA requests in your name as when you are dealing directly with a PCC.
  6. I have not done this excursion but have observed it from the ship, and it definitely goes a lot closer to the glacier than the ship. I am going again in August and thought about finally, on my 10th visit to Hubbard, taking the small boat excursion, but decided that over $250 each for just 2 hours is a little steep, especially considering the weather is never definitely gorgeous, so I'm going to love Hubbard from the bow again, as I do every year. That said, people do love this excursion and rave about it... if the price sounds right to you, why not go ahead?
  7. Oh gosh, I hope you were kidding.... ? Please, please don't bring a boombox! 🙂
  8. Nice!! I wonder if these are new and just for the Neptune Suites? Hopefullly others will chime in with their experience. I have piles and piles of the blue, flimsier bags, and I don't dislike them - I use them for groceries. But it would be great to get one like this! I have never gotten any kind of "special" bag when I've stayed in a NS, but I hope this is a new practice.
  9. Yes, the PG on all the Vista ships have windows. There are several 4-top tables along the windows. Canaletto is part of the Lido buffet area, so it has the same floor to ceiling windows as the rest of the Lido. Gala nights depends on the length of your voyage. If it's seven days, they will be day 2 and 6. (sea days)
  10. I don't know where they get the times on the website. When you embark, just go over to the spa and there will be many, many possibilities for making an appointment for a couples massage. Those times I believe are arbitrary on the site... Pick the sea day you want to do the massage and I'm sure you will be fine - but probably a good idea to book when you embark. If you are in a NS you can ask the concierge to do it for you and you won't even have to brave the zooey spa on embarkation day, but if not, don't worry, and enjoy your cruise and lovely couples massage!! I did it with my SO a couple of years ago on Westerdam and it was very nice. One word to the wise... it's a good idea to politely tell both of your practitioners that you don't (if you don't, of course) want to buy product, and you are there to relax and be pampered not to be given the hard sell... and would they please do the treatment in silence... they will usually be very gracious about it.
  11. I'm surprised they are offering a 12:30 time slot for a spa treatment (unless you mean salon?) on embarkation day. They are usually busy doing tours and promoting the spa that afternoon. If you arrive early enough for embarkation you should have no problem being boarded by 12:30. The spa just isn't its usually serene atmosphere then...
  12. My friends who are boarding the Z. this morning report they were told boarding was delayed by one hour. Kudos to the Captain for making up 5 hours of the 6 hour delay and getting everyone safely to Copenhagen. Whatever one might believe about "global warming" and pollution of the seas, etc., I cannot understand condoning the behavior of these particular activists. I also feel that it's easy to judge the German police and security. I am sure we don't have all the facts. I give the benefit of the doubt, since this undoubtedly took them by surprise, and I believe many lessons will be gleaned from this event that will impact future cruise ships docking in Kiel, and elsewhere, preventing this from happening again. My intuition tells me the safety of the passengers was never at risk - only the safety of the (IMO) fanatical activists who were putting themselves in a very dangerous situation. This in no way excuses those activists. During this whole event I kept shaking my head saying "those idiots!" But let's just give those actually involved a chance to learn from this and put in place what is needed to prevent a recurrence. Meanwhile, the Z. sails on... my friends are excited to board her and get into their Neptune Suite and have a toast to HAL for the show must go on. 🙂
  13. Just watched the Z. sail away. I hope they can make up the 6 hour delay on the way to Copenhagen.
  14. Found the webcam: https://www.portofkiel.com/webcam-en.html
  15. Hmmm frustrating. I immediately started getting the emails again after I checked the proper notification boxes. I was going to say check spam, but you already did...
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