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  1. I've done this a couple of times with no problem. But I weighed the risks and did it only because it was a short cruise and I wouldn't have been devastated to miss it if something went wrong and I didn't get to the port on time.
  2. Just be sure you have signed the passport. I forgot to do that once with a new passport.
  3. 80+ whales of three different species in Antarctica, all around the ship, everywhere you looked, for a couple of hours. The ship's historian, who had been sailing Antarctica for 40 years or so, said he had never seen anything like it. Baby hammerhead sharks alongside the ship in Galapagos.
  4. Glad you found it. It's a coach-type bus with luggage storage underneath.
  5. There is a bus directly between Yokohama Station and the Tokyo Disney Resort. It's very convenient (we took it the other way, from the park to the station). Directions on the Tokyo Disney Resort website (tells you which stop in the station, complete with map (which is very useful) and gives you the timetable).
  6. We went with Quark and were quite happy. It's going to be hard keeping things under 2 weeks, though. We spent about 8 days (4 on each end) traveling to and from Antarctica proper (it's 2 days just sailing across the Drake Passage).
  7. A couple of times we have enjoyed taking a kayaking tour out of Seward into Kenai Fjords. You take the water taxi out to get close to a glacier. And one of the best times we ever had whale-watching was on a water taxi coming back from a kayak trip. A humpback was leaping and breaching a few dozen times. We used Kayak Adventures Worldwide and very quite happy both times.
  8. The Galapagos Islands. Lots of close-up opportunities when you visit land. And sea lions and turtles played with us when we were snorkeling.
  9. We had a group of 11 on Dolphin Jet Boat Tours. It was a bigger boat (30-some people), but the really nice thing is that they were able to re-accommodate our whole group when NCL swapped port days, 3 days before the cruise left.
  10. We just finished Tokyo to Seward on Azamara Quest 12-25 May. We were pretty lucky with the weather overall, though we did run into a storm that caused us to miss Kodiak (after leaving Dutch Harbor we had to stay on the leeward side of an island until the storm subsided, and then we didn't have enough time to get to Kodiak, so we skipped it and went on to Homer). Our day in Russia was sunny and the nicest day they had all week--they were expecting rain the rest of the week. For much of the trip, the Pacific and the Bering Sea were nearly flat--the exception mainly being during the storm, and even that wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Weather alternated between overcast with some rain, foggy, and sunny, but even when sunny it wasn't particularly warm while underway. Dutch Harbor was pleasant, and Homer was sunny. Leaving Homer we ran into a fog bank, though, and the next day Seward was overcast, raining, and downright cold. The only good thing about that is that we finally had a reason to have lugged along the Antarctic-issued parkas; the rest of the trip we didn't need them. Memorial Day Weekend, but it didn't feel much like the unofficial start of summer! Alaskans mentioned how the season was just getting underway. So if you'll be in Alaska much before the week before Memorial Day, there may be closures/shortened hours.
  11. Oh, ouch. I thought our car rental was steep at $269. The nice thing about the car was that in addition to doing a boat tour, we had time to go out to Exit Glacier and walk around out there first thing in the morning. After the boat tour, we took our time driving up to Anchorage. The bad thing was that it was a really, really tiring day. It probably would have been nice to have had an opportunity to nap on a bus.
  12. Docked two weeks ago (18 May 2019) on Azamara Quest.
  13. Transport from Seward to Anchorage seems pricey however you do it. We rented a car from Hertz (only option for Seward to Anchorage) and were able to leave our luggage in the trunk all day while we were in Seward. I asked at the Hertz counter if Seward had any issues with theft from cars (been reading about other places where you don't dare leave luggage in a car, even the trunk), and was assured it does not.
  14. It’ll be interesting to compare the time changes on the west-east to the east-west. We’ve been moving an hour forward every day since our last Japan stop and tomorrow have the interesting experience of a second Sunday May 19 as we cross the International Date Line tonight. We were trying to decide if it would be easier to be going the other way.
  15. We’re on a Yokohama to Seward crossing right now. They tend to happen spring and fall.
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