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  1. Why are you even posting on the Virgin pages? There are a lot of people that are excited about Virgin and you are nothing but doom and gloom. Unless you have actual facts then there is no reason to take away other cruisers joy.
  2. The $10 pineapple when you order a special drink.
  3. It took me 4 days but I L&S today. Our FCC was applied to our November 2020 Oasis cruise. The time frame for the L&S didn't work because of a cruise booked for December 2021. I rebooked the December 2021 cruise to January 2021 and then had to get approval to have the FCC moved to the new booking. After all of that I was able to L&S from Oasis, November 2020 to Harmony December 2021. Same Cabin for every cruise! I don't even know where we are going and I don't really care.
  4. Our FCC was applied to our next booked cruise. I want to L&S that cruise but not waste the FCC so I want to take it from that cruise, so it's not wasted, and apply it to the next cruise that we have booked. I have called 4 times and get a different answer each time.
  5. Can a FCC be moved from one cruise to another?
  6. I'm one of them. I have had to get out of elevators and leave shows because some people use entire bottle of perfume at a time.
  7. I want to know how they are going to decide who gets to cruise if the sailing is currently booked at over 50%.
  8. The logistics of getting one ship up and running is easier than getting 5 or more.
  9. Royal Caribbean has said that their newer ships will probably sail first and be more profitable than the older ones. The older ones are smaller and more compact which doesn't allow for much social distancing. They are also changing the windjammer buffet. Virgin has most of these things already in place. A big plus for them.
  10. Thanks but I wouldn't wish 4 giant, hairy, shedding, drooling dogs on anyone! They are big babies but the mess they create needs to stay in my house.
  11. I could never find a dog sitter for all that time so close together. I am very picky but I pay very well. Want to apply for the job?
  12. I have a family member that cruised over on Virgin from Italy. He has mainly cruised with Royal and he said that Virgins food was unique, innovative and delicious. A cruise for foodies. A lot of other positives so I'm sure we will try it.
  13. The average age for currently booked cruisers on Virgin is 48.
  14. Has anyone had any exceptions made with the L&S offer? We have a cruise booked this November and I would love to move it but we have 2 cruises booked for 2021. One is in October and the other in December so they both fall within the 4 week time frame. I wish we could do a b2b or 3 cruises in 3 months but it's just not possible. I will call later but just wanted to ask if anyone has has a similar issue. Thanks.
  15. I have a cruise booked in November. There might be some modifications but I am determined. I will buy a new raft for the pool and I can make a frozen fruity drink.
  16. So many people are posting that they are getting price drops on currently booked cruises. Could it be to encourage people to cruise or for RC to have to give back less in FCC?
  17. I've flown to Australia and it's a long flight. I would have to decline if the were enforcing you to wear a mask.
  18. I'm hoping it sails in November because we are booked and ready to go!
  19. We are on Oasis in November too, hopefully.
  20. I have one booked for 2020 and another for 2021. Same ship, same cabin and almost the exact same week. 2020 has always been cheaper but both have gone up in price since I booked them. Both were booked when sailings were released. I've never understood why 2021 was cheaper but I didn't question it.
  21. We did not get points for our cancelled March 26 cruise
  22. My hairdresser called me yesterday. She said that the got the tentative ok to open on May 1st but it could change. I booked an appointment for the 1st and I'm hoping for the best. If the opening date is postponed they are providing custom touch up root kits, with directions, so clients can do it themselves and they are delivering them. Best phone call I've gotten in a long time!
  23. Bain Capital owns the majority of Virgin Voyages.
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