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  1. My role call for Nov 2021 is fairly active.
  2. We have a short cruise booked for February 2021 and just got my third price adjustment. Do you think they are lowering the prices to get people to book or are they dropping prices so they have to give less in FCC?
  3. Happy New Year! It's just my husband and me so I have a brisket that's been cooking all day. Your dinner looks delicious!
  4. We rarely get off the ship if we are in the Caribbean so I would love to cruise around without stopping. At this point I don't even care if we leave the home port.
  5. 1. Mariner Feb 21 2. Harmony Dec 21 3. Not getting excited about our Feb 21 but will be disappointed if Harmony is cancelled. It will be so long since we have cruised and it's Star Class.
  6. We were on the 11.15.20 Oasis too. I'm more relieved than disappointed since we were able to L&S to Harmony.
  7. Unfortunately where he lives most things are closed. He does walk his dog a lot. As for watching the news, he stopped that long ago but gets daily reports from work. He can't avoid that because he is working as much as possible for fear of losing his job. He works in the cruise industry.
  8. I have 3 kids in that age range. One lives in Broward county and is terrified to leave his house right now. My others live in areas not as affected, both in healthcare, so they have no choice but to go to work. They both have social lives but only with co workers.
  9. I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be Christmas. There would only be one week left of 2020 and 2021 has to be better, right?
  10. We have had a Genie in Star Class too but never a butler in any suite. We have been in a lot of different suites since 2001, including the Presidential Suite, and our butler must have gotten lost with yours!
  11. We might have enjoyed the concierge lounge if it wasn't standing room only. Any time of day we went it was packed. We did love the Diamond lounge and could always find a seat.
  12. Both of my daughters work in healthcare and know that they will be guinea pigs with the vaccine. Neither are happy about it and are actually nervous, but don't have a choice with their jobs.
  13. We were on the 11.15 sailing on Oasis but I got too nervous and L&S to Harmony 12.5.21. I really hope that you get to cruise!
  14. Now that the kids are grown we use different bathrooms. We each have room to spread out and when my husband gets up much earlier than me he can quietly go to the other side of the house and not wake me. He does the same on a cruise with the second bathroom.
  15. My vote is for the CLS. Deck 17 is so quiet and just has a peaceful feeling to it. We also love the 2 bathrooms. The stairs were a problem for my husband one night due to Chefs Table, so he just slept on the sofa.
  16. I think cabin and suite attendants deserve every penny they get plus more. We have always received excellent service so we tip extra. Just pointing out to others that may not have known that suite do pay a little more. As for spending more time cleaning, I don't think suites necessarily take more time. It depends on the occupants. Some people are just slobs and expect others to clean up after them regardless of their cabin choice.
  17. It's not a lot more but suites do pay higher gratuities.
  18. I want to spend as little as possible on the cabin/suite that I book. I don't want to spend as little as possible and be in an inside cabin.
  19. Bain Capital has a lot invested so hopefully they can keep it afloat.
  20. We had a male Genie and he was much better looking than Barbara Eden!
  21. There were a few nights that my husband slept on the sofa.
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