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  1. Bain Capital has a lot invested so hopefully they can keep it afloat.
  2. We had a male Genie and he was much better looking than Barbara Eden!
  3. There were a few nights that my husband slept on the sofa.
  4. We have one booked for the end of February and as much as I want to cruise, I'm trying to be realistic. I don't think it will happen.
  5. I give the same answer or I'm a stay at home dog mom
  6. Didn't need to see his card as he was wearing a pinnacle pin. But that would have been a great response.
  7. He was a guest and he caught me off guard the first time he asked. After that we told him it was none of his business but that didn't stop him from asking.
  8. We were targeted by someone on our last cruise. We were in a suite and every time we walked in the lounge he asked to see our cards. When we were being escorted off the ship the last day he asked to see them again to make sure we were in the right place. He was lucky I was able to ignore him. Once we were off the ship and our Uber arrived he and his wife jumped right in. I quickly pointed out the problem to the Uber driver and they had to get out. He very nicely asked me if they could share the Uber and drop them at the airport. His whole attitude changed once he was off the ship. My answer was a firm no. Maybe if we were going in that direction and our car wasn't full I could have been guilted into it but it was sweet revenge.
  9. I was commenting on the UDP and the DP. If those perks are made available to all suite guests it would be near impossible for others to get into the specialty restaurants. Would coastal kitchen only be available to suites and not pinnacles? Too many possibilities so I'm glad that I don't have to make the decision because there will be upset people.
  10. We own our own business so it is hard to take a lot of time off work and finding an acceptable dog sitter is near impossible so we splurge on a suite. If the ship is our destination I love spending time in our room and the extra space is wonderful.
  11. Thanks for the info! Hopefully we can try it soon.
  12. Have you cruised in Star Class on RC? Just wondering what the difference is.
  13. We had 3 booked that were price protected when we L&S. We went from Oasis to Symphony and Harmony. The price difference between the ships is a lot. I think we got a deal.
  14. My son was very generous in the arcade with his new friends. It was long before we could check our account balance on the tv so we were shocked upon departure.
  15. Maybe the Diamond lounge can be by reservation only. 30 minute limit. Someone can invent a timer that shocks your seat after 30 minutes and then sanitizes it when you get up. You can only go once during your cruise to ensure other have an opportunity to enjoy. So much speculation!
  16. It would be worse for the person wearing a mask but I don't want to see someones clear shield covered in droplets of snot.
  17. I must be the only one that is envisioning how gross the clear shield will be when someone sneezes while wearing it.
  18. Even within the same class it works well. I went from Oasis to Harmony and Oasis to Symphony and the current price is almost double of what my price protection is.
  19. I L&S yesterday. I went from Oasis to Symphony and Eastern to Western Caribbean. Same category cabin and within the 8 week time frame allowed.
  20. I had one FCC and applied it to an already booked cruise. I also asked if that cruise was cancelled if I would be able to use both FCC towards the next booked cruise and was told yes.
  21. We moved our FCC from one cruise to another. I had to get approval from a resolutions manager.
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