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  1. I should have also said that you can play a $6 hand and skip the lucky ladies bet.
  2. We were booked on a 5 night Navigator comp earlier this month and had an opportunity to bid on an OS. We got the upgrade for just over $500. It was very enjoyable and included the Suite Lounge, Concierge, daily private breakfast in Chops, semi-private area on the upper pool deck and several other items including theater seating, officer lunch, behind the scenes tours, etc.
  3. It's a $5 bet on the hand and $1 side bet on the Lucky Ladies. Some days they will also have $2 Mimosas for those who don't get comped drinks (Prime or above rating) or have a drink package. Some ships maintain a $5 minimum on blackjack and three card poker for most or all of the cruise. Craps and roulette minimums are also $5 on many of the ships.
  4. We toured with Blexie in early April and had lunch at a great paladar that was about 20 minutes or outside the central city. I've posted a couple of photos of the entrance and the bar with a couple of the staff. The food was excellent and they were busy. Because the restaurant is outside of the downtown area, you would never find it on your own. Our tour was about 3 hours walking the old city and then about 3 hours including lunch in the 59 Ford and touring sights around the city that were too far for walking. I'm sure they will accept USD but the problem with USD is they have to convert them at a bank or other government controlled location and according to our guide, if they have too much $$ they can be questioned as to where and how they got the money. We used CUC's everywhere except the government run rum and cigar store where they took my USD.
  5. You can do both. I took CAD with us to save the 10% tax on USD. I bought my CAD at my local bank for about a 2.5% fee, well less than the 10% fee for USD in Cuba. We do live fairly close to the Canadian border so obtaining CAD is quite easy for us.
  6. If you are referencing a free cruise certificate that you received onboard, you have 30 days to book and the booked cruise has to be within one year of the certificate issuance date. The free cruise certificates are only good for the cruises listed on the back of the certificate or for the alternate trade-in cash value off of any other cruise within the same redemption window.
  7. We had booked Blexie for April 4th when we were in Havana for the day. I found our guide, Laura, by chance in the park across from the terminal as she was trying to flash the paper with our name on it without being obvious. Fortunately, I was standing about five feet from her when I saw her pull our name from her bag. It turns out that two or three of her fellow guides were detained by the police that morning in the same park as the government is trying to squash the independent guides. The government tries to control everything and the only guides they sanction are the government licensed guides that you will see on the ship 's shore excursions. We felt bad for the guides that were detained as well as the passengers who thought they were "stood up". Fortunately, with Blexie's guides, you pay them at the end of the day. Our guide Laura was marvelous. We waked the old city for about 2 1/2 - 3 hours and then met up with our driver and his 59 Ford Customline which was in beautiful condition. It even had air conditioning which was fairly unusual for cars in that era. We drove to numerous sights and went to a paladar for a great lunch. The little family restaurant was about 20 minutes out from the center of the city in a quiet "suburban" style neighborhood of smaller homes. Laura was happy to inform us that the detained guides were released later that afternoon. She said that Blexie was working on a new meeting location as noted in other posts above. I can't say enough about Laura and Blexie's operation. I have our guide's contact information (email) for future referrals. She speaks three languages and teaches German as her regular social service government job. (Women have to serve two years in a social service and men two years in the Army if no college or one year if they go to the university.) I certainly hope the new meeting location works out for Blexie as his guides are top notch and they are worth every penny in tour fee and tips.
  8. Yes, my new Prime offer was on my offer listing this evening.
  9. The revamped Navigator sounds great. We board her on April 7th - just a week away and we are really looking forward to exploring the "new" ship.
  10. I just received an Oceanview certificate on March 1st and the last cruise listed was an Oasis 7 night cruise departing December 1st. I received a balcony certificate in early February and the latest sailing on that certificate was the Rhapsody on November 30 for a 7 night western from Tampa.
  11. I witnessed a lady hit a $10,000 plus jackpot on the Rhapsody on February 27th. Photo is below.
  12. I was on the Serenade in early February (not an inaugural) and they delivered 18 new slots to the ship the day we boarded (inaugural cruise for the new machines). It took the crew two to three days to have them all set up and operational.. It seemed that they were fairly loose as there were numerous wins in the $200 - $1000 range that I noticed and my wife experienced during our 10 night cruise.
  13. Thank you both for your responses. They were right in line with what I was thinking. I am Prime on Royal so I can get anything I want at the casino bar. I haven't cruised with Celebrity although I have an open reservation with them for Alaska this summer. The internet isn't that much of a problem as we get two free days as Diamond Plus on Royal and whatever Elite gets on Celebrity. Prime and above also are to receive a 30% discount on their internet. Not sure if that has to be purchased online in advance or onboard.
  14. Two questions for anyone out there. 1. When you accept a Royal Caribbean cruise offer from URC, who is the booking with? Are they acting as a TA or is the booking with RCL and can the booking be transferred to your own TA? 2. If anyone has accepted a Celebrity offer, are any of their typical perks (OBC, Grats, Drink Pkg, Internet) included or is the cruise just the base cruise only?
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