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  1. The changes I am referring to @rochelle_s / @syesmar are post-July 05th. Exception to quarantine and day 8 testing requires proof of fully vaxxed (Pfizer / Moderna / OAZ / JJ-Janssen only) at least 14 days before arrival AND a negative molecular test no greater than 72 hours before arrival to Canada. Source: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/covid-vaccinated-travellers-entering-canada Scott.
  2. Also the type of testing is important. For re-entry to Canada, and to avoid quarantine, one currently needs a valid molecular (not rapid antigen) test -- irrespective of one's vaccination status. Scott. Source: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/flying-canada-checklist/covid-19-testing-travellers-coming-into-canada#getting-tested
  3. Odd perquisite where its promise doesn't match its price mark-up? Probably the only 'useful' feature is that if you are a gym goer, there is a staircase starboard forward in the block of spa cabins that takes you down to Lido deck and the gym. When this cabin class launched they also included a 'water feature' (a rock thingie on a tray w/ a perpetual fountain) that took up about a third of the desk. Juliet balcony is about half the depth of a standard. Pretty much the only way to sit on a chair there, is if it is turned perpendicular to the railing. The balconies can in theory be opened (ie they are keyed) but with the size of the balcony and furniture there, there is no where to swing the balcony 'gate'. Cabin size is standard. The ipod dock is actually a Bose Soundlink Mini II portable speaker w/ bluetooth -- it may have made it up onto the sky deck on sea days. Was upgraded into this cabin -- net net, I would never voluntarily pay for it. Scott.
  4. Doubtful? It is quite a haul from Alexandria or Port Said to Giza or Djoser -- 230+ kms each way. Assuming this is a Med-based itin versus a Suez transit, you have sail time / fuel burn to get there, plus additional port dwell to accommodate shorex. If itin changes can be pre-planned, I would be thinking something proximal ? Limassol CY? Mersin or Antalya TK? So many things to consider -- fuel burn, port fees, shorex avail, pax load (ie other ships in port). If they are cancelled on the fly for something emergent, you might get sea days and a potential re-ordering of your remaining ports ... but, net net, all of this is conjecture. Scott.
  5. We have done two eastern Med itineraries -- Egypt during Arab spring (for which Ashdod IL and Larnaca CY were substitutes), and Israel (Haifa and Ashdod) for which we were able to disembark. For Egypt, the substitutes were communicated well in advance, so other than missing Port Said and Alexandria, we were very satisfied w/ the port swaps. 2022 is a long way off. Situation in Israel is always fluid, and with that said, no cruise line is going to risk endangering pax or their asset. Ashdod is easily in rocket range from Gaza, where as Haifa is in range from southern Lebanon. Counter to that, there are protracted periods of relative calm where it's okay to tour. Security in Israel is both visible and invisible, and omnipresent. You will be interviewed prior to disembarkation at the port for example. You will be profiled. But, if you're waiting for 'green flag' conditions, I would suggest you'll be waiting a lifetime -- so it really comes down to what your personal risk acceptance levels are. I'm a bit on the adventurous side, last time to Ashdod we took the Egged 448 to Jerusalem, like locals. Sunset sabich and Goldstars outside the Jaffa Gate is worth the trip alone. Scott.
  6. It varies by browser, but basically the path will be settings > privacy and security > clear browsing data > clear cached images and files. Here it is in Chrome below. Scott.
  7. Remember, we print warnings on coffee cups warning consumers that contents may be hot. 🙂 Scott.
  8. You and I both know this -- however, go through the UX flow to purchase a cruise today, and it isn't disclosed to the customer (or that there may be any number of attenuating conditions) which seems rather odd, almost bordering on bait and switch ? Scott.
  9. Source? (not that I am doubtful, but I can get all the way to making a payment on a Seattle Alaskan itin directly w/ HAL, w/ no up-front vax requirement disclosure, which I think would be pretty material to making a purchase commitment?) Scott.
  10. I would start here: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/worry-free-promise/travel-well.html, but to warn, it still does not get to either testing or vax requirements. Scott.
  11. If all else fails try w/ a different browser ? Scott.
  12. Contract language is generic versus itinerary specific. The relevant sections that you want to read are 1 and 6, which can be found here: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/legal-privacy/cruise-contract.html Scott. S. 1 makes reference that the website in all cases prevails... "In addition, in the event of a conflict between the Carrier’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”) policies and procedures (hereinafter “COVID-19 Guest Protocols”) as described in Section 6, below, and as described on the Carrier’s website, the policies and procedures on the website control. " Further reinforced at S 6. "In case of any conflict between the COVID-19 Guest Protocols described herein or on the Carrier’s website, the website controls and Your agreement to abide by said website constitutes an integral part of this Cruise Contract." S. 6. references re-embarkation and in-cruise testing (but not pax provided pre-cruise testing) (c) You acknowledge that the Carrier’s COVID-19 Guest Protocols may or will include (but are not be limited to):( 2) pre-embarkation and/or periodic testing and temperature checks of each Guest followed by a period of isolation until test results are available; and, re vax, (11) on specified itineraries, vaccination of guests with documentary proof satisfactory to Carrier, according to the criteria set forth in the COVID-19 Guest Protocols in effect at the time of sailing. And finally S. 6(b) references that itin-specific requirements will be communicated directly to you, and avail on the the carrier's website. (Sorry. their caps -- I am too lazy to retype.) 🙂 YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE TO COMPLY NOT ONLY WITH THE COVID-19 GUEST PROTOCOLS AS THEY ARE DESCRIBED HEREIN, BUT ALSO AS THEY ARE SET FORTH IN MATERIALS DISTRIBUTED BY CARRIER AND ON THE CARRIER’S WEBSITE, AT ALL TIMES INCLUDING PRE-EMBARKATION, WHILE ON BOARD, DURING PORT CALLS AND SHORE EXCURSIONS, AND/OR DURING FINAL DISEMBARKATION.
  13. I expect you're loading a cached page - clear that and you hopefully should be good to go ?
  14. HAL has advised the TA community that the 14th was the cutover date. Scott. source: https://gohal.com/app/uploads/2021/05/FAQ-HAL-Online-Check-In-Flow-Changes_042121.docx Contract text (all 14,276 words of it) here: https://gohal.com/app/uploads/2021/05/HAL-Cruise-Contract-Domestic-Restart-15APR2021.docx
  15. These were pushed out to trade on 27 May. Scott. (1) COVID risk acceptance text source: https://gohal.com/app/uploads/2021/05/HAL-COVID-19-Risk-Acceptance-15APR2021.docx (2) Contract / OLCI flow FAQ. FAQ-HAL-Online-Check-In-Flow-Changes_042121 (1).pdf source: https://gohal.com/app/uploads/2021/05/FAQ-HAL-Online-Check-In-Flow-Changes_042121.docx
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