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  1. Mainly because he likes to leave from a warmer climate right from the get-go! Also, the waters of the North Atlantic can be a little rougher, but the captains usually know how to navigate that. I have many friends that have sailed out of Bayonne and they love it. My very first cruise was to Bermuda many years ago and I don't remember an issues either.
  2. yes, it is pretty.. have sailed under those bridges many times, going on Seastreak to Yankee games (when they used to do that). My husband likes to start vacation in a warmer climate, although I am working on him to reconsider. It would be a lot easier to drive to the port than to fly and have to stay at hotels! My very first cruise many years ago, was to Bermuda from NYC. I remember that it was awesome.
  3. We have done November once, maybe we will check it out for later this year..
  4. Just got the email last night that our 5/10/20 Southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan has been cancelled. Can't say that I'm surprised, but we still are so sad! Things are pretty surreal and scary here in NJ. Our state with the most people per square foot, has been hit hard. We are second to NY at this time in cases. We have been working from home this week, while our daughter that works in NYC just started her 3rd week working from home. Now, we try to reschedule this cruise to a better date. We have only ever cruised in the spring, with the exception of June once and November once. Trying to avoid hurricane season is always in the back of our minds. Any suggestions on good times, good ports? We have done Eastern and Western and Southern Caribbean out of Florida, Galveston and Puerto Rico. I have done Bermuda out of NYC, but my husband doesn't want to sail from NY or Bayonne. Also, wondering how long this pandemic will be around. Stay home and stay safe everyone!!
  5. yes we ALL need something to look forward to. Right now, I think it's the end of this virus..then we'll go from there. Stay well!!
  6. two thing that I like about your post... 1. we are booked on the 5/10/20 cruise out of San Juan and I know that won't be happening, so I'm happy that you got to experience the "new ship" anyway. 2. I see you're from Blacksburg VA. Both of our kids graduated ('15 and '16) from Virginia Tech.. Loved Blacksburg and miss it so much!!
  7. thanks! I'm so sad that this is happening now. As I'm sure we all are!
  8. thanks. I may be stupid, but how does the 125% work? Is it 125% of the amount we paid? For example, if we paid $2000, would the credit be for $2500? I was thinking same cruise next year as well. Because only God knows when this will be over.
  9. this is making me sad because I'm sure that the way things stand now, our 5/10/20 cruise isn't going to happen. We've been sailing in May for the past few years and are trying to figure out other options, if we decide to do the FCC. Hurricane season always scares us away from the summer months.
  10. did this ship sail out of PR? I thought that I read that a ship that was supposed to dock there was refused and sent to Miami. Is this true?
  11. people lose all common sense in panic situations, as evidenced by the empty grocery shelves. If everyone just shopped as normal and didn't "hoard" everything, there'd be plenty to go around.
  12. awe you must be so disappointed, but they say everything happens for a reason.. Maybe this is best for now. I do feel for you though. We are scheduled to leave PR on FOS on 5/10 and fear that it won't happen too!
  13. are you still planning on going if RC doesn't cancel? We are booked on the Freedom for 5/10 and really want to go, but this COVID19 is daunting!
  14. Do you think RC will follow Princess and Viking and cancel trips? Ours in on the Freedom in 58 days. I'm worried now that it's going to get much worse before it gets better...
  15. are you still planning on going? We have a trip in 58 days on the FOS and I'm starting to get a little nervous. I really want/need this trip, but....
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