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  1. Thanks Ann. Enjoyed following along with you on your cruises. Do you know if Danny is still onboard for the crossing? Looking forward to seeing you and Charles again soon. Holly
  2. I have a Celebrity Visa card and I use the points every time I sail on Azamara for onboard credit. It works across all three brands.
  3. Odd, you had my favorite waiter in Aqualina, Virgilio! He never stops smiling.
  4. Spent most of the afternoon trying to figure this out. I am booked solo on the 10/10 Journey b2b with the 10/3. Have a friend who wants to join me, but when I tried to add her in, saw the itinerary had changed. Worse, it is different in two different places on the Azamara website. Worse still, I have Le Club Voyage benefits of free nights applied to this cruise, which I will probably lose if I cancel. And I really loved the Greece itinerary. What a mess.
  5. I was locked out after the third question, I believe, the one about occupation. I am a travel advisor, but I am also Discoverer Plus, and have always paid full fare on every cruise. Guess I should have chosen a different category of employment, like business owner or entrepreneur. Apparently, my opinion as a very loyal customer does not count because of my profession. Annoying.
  6. Welcome to the Azamara family Lois! I am also sailing on the NY-Bermuda-Charleston cruise. I am single, but traveling with another single friend. We’ll look forward to meeting you! Holly
  7. I am currently on the Journey’s transatlantic cruise. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are going to try to go live on Facebook with the show on Monday, November 5 at 9:45 pm Eastern time. The show is called Showstoppers and stars cruise director Eric De Gray and the cast. To view, go to Eric’s Facebook page: EDG Productions. Hope you can join the fun.
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