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  1. I booked a 12 night Penthouse Suite on the Summit, via Celebrity's website. The website asked for a $900. deposit. When I called with a question on my booking, I was told that I had to pay another $900 in deposit, because of the class of room. Strange the website didn't have me do this when I booked. Anyone else have this issue? TIA
  2. Got the same thing! I have lots and lots of screenshots, with "retreat" all over them all the way through my booking. Best of luck and I'll continue to share any info I get.
  3. I agree and I called. They assure me I will get the Retreat because I have booked a suite. I have someone calling me back tomorrow. Something is going on, I just hope they honor what was advertised. I'll keep you posted.
  4. I agree. A suite of that size should have at least 1, if not 2 areas. Where do you dry your hair and put make-up on. Do you have to bring your own hairdryer?
  5. Is there a vanity area, with blowdryer and make-up mirror? Seems to be a questions that was left unanswered.
  6. Thank you. This answers a lot!
  7. I took a screenshot the booking page for the exact cruise that say "the retreat, all included".
  8. Interesting. I don't see the OBC. I read in the Q&A, all retreat guest receive the indulge package. There was no mentioning of exceptions.
  9. Just booked Summit Penthouse 6148 for a 12 night Boston to Miami...not until 10/2022. Any info/tips about room I should know? TIA
  10. Looking for opinions on aft, regular and large balcony cabins. Some appear to be cavernous.
  11. She's only in for a couple of weeks, so I'm guess the latter.
  12. Watched her come in today. Bittersweet for sure.
  13. If I book an Inside cabin and upgrade using points to a Balcony cabin do I get all the "free at sea" benefits that come with the Balcony category?
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