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  1. Absolutely love your reviews, writing style, humor and you are lovely too! W is a lucky man! Hope you enjoy your next adventure and can't wait to read about it.
  2. Really enjoyed your review. Our Harmony cruise isn't untilNov 2020 but it's great to read and plan while I work overtime to pay for our cruises! Can't wait to read your other reviews.Have our first Carnival cruise in 10 years on Elation in nov of this year.
  3. Does the Cheers package ever go on sale?
  4. When we book an excursion it has to be paid upfront right? It's not added to the bill at the end of the cruise?
  5. I sailed on Navigator for my first cruise during her inaugural year. I absolutely loved her. We sailed again on a 5 nite cruise when the kids were younger and she was showing some wear in 2008. My sister asked me to plan a cruise for just the two of us without kids or dhs on a small budget and I was shopping carnival due to price. I saw a great deal which was pretty much the same price as the carnival cruise I was considering for Navigator- just a longer drive to Miami vs port canaveral but I booked it and can't wait! I look forward to sharing my first cruise experience with her and it's pretty cool that her first cruise will be on Navigator too! Got the great deluxe beverage deal for $18 to make it even more amazing. I've shared your pictures with her and she's amazed that we get to experience this together. She's so excited she also booked Harmony of the seas for the cruise my DH and I planned for Nov 2020- will be cool to cruise with her and her DH on our first Oasis class too.
  6. Hope you have a great flight! I am so enjoying your reviews. I read the Navigator review but can't seem to find any others. Is there a link you can post to bring me to other reviews on cruise critic? My sister and I are sailing on Navigator in Feb just the two of us and on Harmony in Nov 2020 with our DHs. So I love your perspective on both!
  7. The last time I went on a Royal cruise was about 4 maybe 5 years ago and they had two drink packages- DH got one for beer and I had the deluxe. His cost about $22.99 and the deluxe was in the high $30's - we were there with a large group so that's the only reason we got it. For 2020 I have two cruises scheduled my sister and I for a 4 nite cruise and DH and I for a 7 nite. Had no plans to buy the package - 2 bottles of wine that we bring with us and the occaissonal umbrella drink or bucket of beer by the pool would have sufficed. I am new to the cruise planner and seeing the constant changes to dining packages and excursion prices is what had me checking prices. So yes I grabbed it- for both cruises. I even checked CC and saw where they thought it was a mistake - but had already bought it. It will add a little more enjoyment but considering my previous end of cruise invoice never went above $150 beyond gratuities I dont feel guilty that I got this great deal. I am glad RCI is honoring the price. I will happily tip bartenders and honestly they are probably making money off me for both cruises regardless because none of us are heavy drinkers and they just got paid over $500 that I wouldn't have spent. But this thread surely has been entertaining!
  8. Loving this! My sister and I are going on Navigator in Feb- will be my 3rd cruise on her but my sister's first cruise ever! Great to see a really recent review!
  9. Thrilled to book it for my feb and nov 2020 cruises! That's an amazing sale!
  10. Thank you! I am paying for the cruise- DH has to pay for the alcohol package since we will be partying with his softball buddies
  11. Can we use the gift cards to pay for excursions or the alcohol package? Apparently I have over 6500 points not sure how...
  12. Following...my daughters are graduates of Hills County...so I know your vacations are well deserved! We are on Harmony in about a year and a half but I love the planning!
  13. I booked the galley brunch for my sister and I for our 4 night Navigator cruise in Feb.and was also looking at that vs the ship tour for my husband and i on HOTS in 11/2020. Now there is a huge difference in price between the two- $119 for the ship tour vs $32 for the galley tour and brunch. They both indicate 2 hours. If it were only $20 difference or so I'd do the ship tour but that's a big difference. Has anyone done both and care to comment opinions on each?
  14. Did anyone else notice a price increase on unlimited dining? It was $175 now $199
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